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So, to give you some ideas for the Fractal. I just created a patch that I think sounds fantastic (I am a Marshall fan and aim for Syn's Marshall tones) However, the chain runs as
Amp : (Brit Pre) Bass/Middle/Treble at 6. Presence at 8.5...Gain at 4 w/ tube screamer, or gain at 8.. Master Vol 4. Level (adjust loudness off this)
Cab : 4x12 TV MIX C1 (ML)'s Legacy #58... I also have a direct Tonematch from Syn Fractal Demo that i'm not using, but it's in my channel as a sprinkle when I want it.
Some basic Reverb.
Adjust the Noise Gate in the Input block to your preference. Mine is at -67db.ish

The guitar matters as well... my Gibson Les Paul Classic with Classic 57's has a lot more clarity over my Schecter C-1 FR with Invaders. The invaders sounds fizzy on this channel and the Gibson is just beautiful on it.

The most important part however is... practice Syn's technique and solos about 2-4x as much as you are right now. 90% of the sound is the techniques with the bends, the picking style (economy picking).. all the little nuances. Of course, it will sound different because it's getting filtered through your mind and hands, but that's the beauty of art.
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Breaking my non-posting streak with this riff from scream I learned here tonight. I was messing with some AX8 tones and Drop D flat tuning and this happened! Life’s been busy lately with work and house renovations! Reno’s are done, but work doesn’t slow down. Regardless, I’m thinking about scheduling a stream very soon. Possibly with changing the strings on my Syn Custom in this video. Going with a heavier gauge so it should be fun

Introducing me and my A7X signed guitar from 2007 :)

Thought I would introduce myself into the group and share my A7X signed guitar.

I'm Aaron. I've been a fan of Avenged Sevenfold since sometime of City of Evil time frame, my father got this guitar signed by all of the guys in 2007 (he only got a photo of Matt signing it though). It stays tucked away in my guitar closet :) I've been playing guitar for something close to 20 years now.


Is it worth?

The cab pack is just his cabinets, but they're done incredibly well. I've tried a lot of add-on packs from a lot of different vendors and all of them had some artifacting or something else that made me not like them. Syn's cab pack is the only one I truly love.

That said, I was never going for "sound like Syn." I have my own tone and know what I like, which certainly has a lot of similarities to what Syn likes, but I've always just preferred to find my OWN happy place, tone-wise. For me, it was worth it, and I haven't found anyone who's bought them that didn't like and use them.

Wanna share something

Even though I haven't met any of you in person, I feel like you're all family. I know I haven't been around here much, as I've been focusing on some more basic guitar stuff and been working on my mental health issues. I didn't want to share this on my socials but I wanted to tell someone and I like the anonymity here. So I've been clean from self harm for 1 year now!!! I almost relapsed a few times, and everyday is still a struggle, but I made it a year and I'm so proud of myself.


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