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My Girl, Regular Strumming

I really enjoyed playing the strong. Need to work on my clarity especially not hitting all the string when it's C, Am or D7, but this was fun.

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Okay, so you've got a Floyd Rose floating bridge.

There are three places a string can typically go out of tune - the bridge, the nut, and the tuning peg.

A Floyd Rose tries to eliminate them all. It eliminates the bridge by making the player cut the ball-end off the string and uses a pressure block to hold the string tight. This is so the end can't spin and change position.

It eliminates the tuning peg by using a locking nut. If the string is never slackened, the winds on the post won't matter. The tension between the nut and the peg never changes once the nut is locked.

It eliminates the nut itself by, again, locking it down, eliminating the friction of string gliding across nut.

So, if you have a string going flat consistently, it's usually one of two things:

1. It's a newer string and it wasn't stretched properly when it was installed
2. The clamp screw on the locking nut isn't tight.

Anxiety while… choosing music?

Or you could get metal, lounge music, light jazz, ragtime, and several other genres all in one song if you listen to Twelve Foot Ninja.

Weird that i come across this! I just got into listening to Twelve Foot Ninja last night. Showed up on my Spotify playlist after listening to Great Old Ones by Pathways.
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TTT : Holdin' me back

"There's nothing better than live music. It's raw energy, and raw energy feeds the soul". Playing our original song Holdin' me back

"The world isn't just going to hand it to you, You want something, You'll have to crawl across the floor, Use your damn teeth if you have to"
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Guitar New to forum- Trying to get motivated

Hey, welcome! ♥️
To be honest, I don't play the guitar, but I know how it feels like losing motivation doing something you really want and it's so frustrating... It happened to me a hundred of times, but what I can tell you is that you should keep on trying, you have to be constant, but with something like learning how to play some stuff with the guitar I'm sure that you have to do it little by little and with a lot of patience, you can practise when you have free tiime and I'm sure you're gonna make it!
Here we have a lot of amazing people who will help you without hesitation! And, of course, the course is an amazing option for you, too.

Good luck! 🍀
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