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Issuing a challenge

Long time no see, $ynners! I have made a goal for myself and I also want to create a goal and challenge for each of YOU, as well. I've just posted THIS video with details, but I thought it'd be fun to create a thread and really get some fun going again.

What I want YOU to do is as follows: No matter what skill level you are, learn and practice a song for a week. Then upload a video at the end of the week of your progress or playthrough the whole song. I don't want perfect. I want RAW and UNEDITED. Leave your mistakes in as I have in the part I have trouble with in the included video. The one RULE I have... YOU HAVE TO HAVE FUN. I don't care about the mistakes, but I better see you having a blast and jamming like you're having a mini-concert in your shower! (You know we all do it...Don't even try it.) Then please post your video here, so we can all see and interact with you! And don't worry, we will only leave kind comments and improvements and give you lots of love.

So here is what I'm doing. I put off this song for the longest time... (I hurt my hand...been depressed, and have been working full time...blah blah blah) but I know I can do it now. A Ray of Light is my goal song for the week. I will play through it completely and upload my video next Sunday. See ya shortly! ❤️

Kemper Profiler "Almost Easy" Tone

For those with Kemper Profilers (all 3 of us):

Yesterday, Kemper released their 4th Legends Tribute Collection pack (for FREE) that recreates tones from tons of legendary songs and artists. In this fourth installment, they recreated the tone from "Almost Easy". All the tones were created by tone chaser Thomas Dill who used factory profiles created by Bert Meulendijk, Michael Britt, Lars Lüttge, and The Amp Factory to make these tones.

The tone is named "TD - Syn Gat - 2023-03-13 10-49-36.krig" in the pack.

Download the pack here.

syn gat2.jpg

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Trying to work out the intro to a song, kinda lost

Hey, sorry to double post in the same week. There's a song I'm trying to transcribe on guitar and I'm totally lost on how the guitarist is able to play the intro so quickly.
Here's the song for reference and there's no tabs online, so I'm trying to play it by ear.

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Is he utilizing finger rolls and legato or am I just overthinking it? Should I slow it way down and try to just go for it?


Hey guys!

I've been thinking about an experience I had recently while on Holiday in Germany and thought I could get great advice here.

I suffer from a rare phobia known as Casadastraphobia, which is (hillariously) a fear of falling upwards, into the sky. (Trust me I know 😂)

Any time I'm in a city with massive buildings or large structures, the second my eye catches them, I get a feeling of intense panic, my feet don't feel rooted to the ground, and I feel the need to grab something to hold onto or I need to get inside somewhere ASAP.
This also happens in large open sky places like parks, and places with very high ceilings - it's like my brain tricks my mind into thinking that I'm going to fall into the sky.

This happened recently while in Germany - and it's the worst episode I've ever experienced - I ended up having to leave a large gathering at a huge park and to get an uber back to our Air Bnb, because I was convinced that I was in real danger.
Its so strange because I know, logically (even during an episode) that the outcome of my fear can never happen, but I can't shake the feelings in the moment. I've even had it happen at Download Festival in the arena, where I had to stick my head under my fiancé's deck chair just to feel like I was under something 😂

I would love to know if anyone else here suffers from this or if anyone has any stories/advice on how they beat a bad phobia?

Thanks in advance and I swear I am a sane individual 👌

Hey everyone, new here!

Hey guys,
I'm a long time player but been slacking over the last 22 years I've owned a guitar 🤣. Pick it up for a few weeks then put it down for whatever I get distracted with in life. Been a fan of A7X since the beginning and syn and papa gates are huge a inspiration in the rock world in my eyes. Been hesitant on joining up because I feel like I'll just get distracted again but decided to finally pull the trigger.

I was one of the kids who just wanted to pick up a guitar and learn how to play the cool songs back in the late 90s/early 2000s and never learned the actual notes, chords, how to pick well, posture, or any of the above 😰 lol.

I'd like to get back into it, learn from the best. Start from the very beginning and learn everything I missed out on from the start.

Hope everyone is well. Rock on! 🤘

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Impedance and Wattage

Hey Everyone! I got a bit of a different question to put out there.

So very recently I managed to purchase a Hellwin! Exciting. The difficult part is that it is from the UK and requires a 240v power supply, where here in North America we use 120V. This is fine as I have a work around via a little transformer that converts the power to 240v. Ive been using it with the Slant Hellwin cab it came with no issues, and it sounds fantastic!

Leading up to my question, I also own a 5150 Iconic Head and Cab. Its a straight cab with a 16ohm impedance (which is also the same as the hellwin slant cab I have).
SO, my question is, am I able to use the 5150 Cab along with the Hellwin Head and Cab to form a full stack? And what impedance selection should I set it to on the Hellwin head (8 ohms or 16 ohms?), but would the wattage requirement difference affect anything?

Pictures of the back of each cab for reference:

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Drop Tuning Thumb Placement

So, I've looked at tons of videos and I can't seem to find any information on this, it may be something that other players assume should be general knowledge, so here we go:

What is the correct thumb placement for playing drop chords on the first three frets that will minimize tension for playing and hammer-ons? Can someone show me a picture or video example so I can get this right? Thanks!
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Floyd rose 1500 issues

Hey all, I have a Synyster gates custom S with the FR1500 bridge on it. It’s the first Floyd I’ve owned, and lately the trem bar has felt too loose. When I went to go tighten it up, it seems that where there should be an adjustment hole, there is something missing on my guitar, like it is out of alignment…. the piece also seems loose.

Anybody have more experience with this specific bridge that can point me in the direction of how to fix this issue?

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Custom-S sustainiac issue

I bought a second hand custom-s which was barely used and in good condition. Everything works apart from the sustainiac. I have replaced the battery with a new duracell one but it was only working in the lower strings. I raised the height and it worked on the b string also now but it still keeps cutting out on the high e string. The only setting that kinda works is the feedback setting in the middle, the sustain and harmonic keep cutting out. Could anyone help?

Something I wanted to share with everyone :)

I thought I’d share this story in hopes of helping others or give a different view on situation’s like this.

So for almost half a year I stoped playing guitar or didn’t play much at all cuz I wasn’t happy with where I was at, sad I couldn’t shred or do crazy solos and thought that rhythm guitar is nothing special.

Not trying to brag at all but I have always been super happy with my rhythm guitar skills until I thought I wouldn’t been seen or wasn’t good enough since I wasn’t shredding like crazy and felt I should have been better since I’ve been playing for almost ten years.

during this break I took time to think and reflect. I came to the conclusion that I do actually really enjoy playing rhythm and I’m happy with how far I’ve come. the only reason I wanted to shred so bad was because that’s what others expected of me and I was stuck on listening to toxic guitarists saying that you have to shred to be good.

rhythm guitar 100% takes skills and time to learn just like lead. Only you can decide how you want to play don’t let others make you think your not good enough!

take time and reflect on how you want to play and what styles of playing make you most happy. Just take a moment to congratulate yourself on how far you’ve come :)

"Nobody" from the new album "Life is but a Dream"

All I can say is HOLY SHIT! This song is so dark and epic. And Syn's solo is FUCKING WILD. The craziest thing I've ever heard him play. This song just lit a fire inside of me to start playing again. As soon as I have time today, I'm learning this song.

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Hello! My name is Sam!

I am new here I am from South Carolina and I am 17 I turn 18 in August. I want to say I am very stoked about being able to be part of this community and being able to learn from to me THE greatest guitar player in my world, when I was 14 so three years ago, A7x was the first band I listened to and over the past three years I slowly filled my music library with their albums. I wanted to play guitar when I was younger but I never really was interested my mom paid for lessons and she did them with me I just didn’t care for it much I was extremely obsessed with doing other stuff than practicing. When I started listening more to bands like A7x, It made me want to try and play guitar and I had been putting it off due to my cancer treatments that lasted from June to November 25 of 2020, and the side effects was neuropathy and since then my fingers are better. And I am ready to begin my journey!


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