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It surely has been a long time

Hello everyone. I know it has been a while since I have been online. My daughter was born Sept 18th so it's been a busy couple of months. I do have some good news though. I am going to start playing again in my free time. I ordered some new headphones so I can play quietly lol. Also I have a couple of new guitars as well. The first is an Ibanez gio my girlfriend got me as an early Christmas present. The second should be here on Friday. It's an Omen Elite-7 multiscale. I'm excited for that to arrive. As you can see I clearly have a thing for blue guitars lol

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Anxiety while… choosing music?

So this has been something on my mind for a long time. Lately I haven’t been able to truly expand my listening habits. I’m worried I’m “listening to the wrong thing” to get to be the best guitarist/musician I can be, so I default to albums I know and love but never find new music. It has led to me being undereducated even if I have a music degree. Has anyone had this? How did you get out of it?

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Lessons Updates

Hey everyone, we've got an update on lessons! We're currently in the process of adding back the videos and many of them should already be viewable. Will continue to add the rest of them and also sync them up with the sheet music so that you can follow along. Really appreciate everyone's patience with this and I'll update when the process is done :)

Guitar New to forum- Trying to get motivated

Hey guys! Just signed up today, mainly because I was watching YouTube videos of people playing avenged songs and I remember Syn had a site. So, here we are!

I have been playing off and on (lots of off times lol) for 15 years and I never seem to be able to keep it up all year round.

I used to have a guitar teacher and that helped me with motivation but I never got anywhere close to where I want to be.

I started off wanting to play fast, learn solos and impress people. But I would always get stuck on something I couldn't figure out then give up and try again in a few months. Things like arpeggios, bends, weird chords would be something I would practice but wouldn't keep it up long enough to nail the song.

So basically I am a semi decent shredder but when there is something too technical or cord based, I tend to lose interest or find it too hard. It may not even be fast. Like the bends in bat country were harder for me than the shreddy parts. Seize the day bends too.... like the acoustic part to fade to black pisses me off, yet I was playing the solos easy. I learnt the hard parts, but I suck at some of the easy stuff like barre cords etc.

Anyway. Just joined up to try the courses and relearn some stuff I may have forgotten and take another crack at this guitar stuff. I need to try learn what I should be learning instead of just shredding or making my own solos up.

I run a social media agency and am very busy, so I need to try make time for this stuff.

I don't want to be a rockstar or be in a band. I just want to play songs I love and make some cool songs.

Pleasure to meet you guys!

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Guitar Bat country solo help

I can play most of the solo, but am currently struggling (and have been for about 3 or so months now) to do the part right before the duet, the part where it's a fast up then back down on the frets kind of thing, does anyone have any tips, or advice, on how I should go about doing it, or any exercises that could help? Right now I've just been trying to do it slowly then speed it up but I'm not making any progress doing it this way.

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Barre chords for 7 string guitar?

Pretty much as the question is asked. I've gotten my E shape barre chord down with no problem on a standard 6 string. But I normally play and practice on my 7 string (tuned to Drop A so I have E standard on the top 6 strings). How do I properly do a barre chord? Do I fret across the 6 and mute the 7th with the tip of my finger, or do I reach my index finger over the 7th and mute it? There aren't a lot of resources out there haha

Guitar legends

Hey guys hope y'all are doing well.
I just wanted to ask, we all know eddi van halen Right? He created his own unique way of playing, introduced new techniques and all, and we all consider him a legend.
But now, there are players like tim henson and scottie lepage who have created such unique playing styles but they don't get as famous or recognized like the old greats. Why is that?
Is it because, at this age, instrument based musc doesn't hve a place like it did back then?

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Guitar What songs to play for intermediate player?

Heyyy everyone I'm kinda new in here but I'm really excited to be a part of this, I have been playing guitar for a little less than an year and I've always wondered what A7X songs are best for intermediate players, I have played Nightmare, Hail to the King except the last few seconds of the solo, Bat Country, Unholy Confessions, Scream except for the start of the solo, Seize the Day very recently , Afterlife except end of the solo and that's about it. Any ideas for more songs except these ones? Let me know what you think :)

Rhythm Combinations

So I was sitting in class one day and struggling to think of a good rhythm combination. So I thought hey why don’t I try all of them. If one beat has 16 different variations, one measure shouldn’t be that bad right, and boy was I wrong. I calculate everything for one measure and I got 64. Now you probably are thinking, “Well okay it is a bit tough but spend some time with it and you can find something good”. Heh heh, well that is just going down to the eighth subdivision. The amount of combinations of sixteenth subdivisions for one measure is 256! Crazy right? Really says to how infinite music is.

''Let's talk about Synner'' Stream

Hey everyone!

So in order to start the new year on the right foot, us mods decided that it would be cool to jump on stream and talk a little bit with you about the year that Synner had, what happened, what's new and where we're going forward!

More precisely, I said back when we did the town hall meeting that I would answer best I could all inquiries through a video or something else. Now of course, I'm a man of my word and so I figured, let's take advantage of SynTv and do it live with y'all beautiful people!

So the stream will be tomorrow Sunday January 2nd at 16h EST which we figured will also be a decent time for our european friends and not too early for those reside on the West Coast!

So yeah, come and join the fun!

- Rad Synner! :rock-hand:

I'm Not Happy With Some Things Here

I don't want the mods to come at me or anything. I'm just vocalizing my frustration and I know some of the mods may even have the same feeling as I do.

I am not happy on this site. It's not even about the lessons being down because that can't be helped.

But the social aspect has completely flat-lined. Posting stuff on here usually just gets the support and interaction from the Mod team, which I'm very grateful for to have that.

But I tried to get involved in the discord side of things and I swear to God all they talk about is gear and post a7x covers.

One student on discord got fired up about finding out I use to do contests and everyone ignored that conversation. I tried to get people pumped up about something other than gear talk and the messages are completely ignored.

So many senior students have left the site. All of my closest friends are gone and aren't active anymore. And that's okay, as I understand even i left for a while but I just miss it.

I'm not trying to come from a place of malice or hate. I love the fact that those who are here are still keeping the place up and going. I just hate that discord channel.

The social aspect here was so fun. I just miss it.
I don't mean to press anyone's buttons I just had to vocalize my frustrations as a student.

I would love to see this school making money for Syn and to keep the school funded but I don't see the purpose of anyone buying memberships when streams are limited and the social aspect has been directed to discord.

Another school I signed up for has its own discord with a bunch of sub categories that makes it super helpful to not have to read about other people's guitars all day. Maybe Synner could do that?

Is there anything I can do to help?


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