Introducing me and my A7X signed guitar from 2007 :)

Thought I would introduce myself into the group and share my A7X signed guitar.

I'm Aaron. I've been a fan of Avenged Sevenfold since sometime of City of Evil time frame, my father got this guitar signed by all of the guys in 2007 (he only got a photo of Matt signing it though). It stays tucked away in my guitar closet :) I've been playing guitar for something close to 20 years now.


Fractal Users & Ideas / Favorites

Hey all! Not sure if this is currently being done under another thread, but I know we all have a significant appreciation for our tone. I have noticed a good deal of Syn fans on Youtube, IG, etc. using Fractal Audio products that have created some killer tones. I myself have an ax8 and like to think I am pretty creative in building tones similar to Syn's (off what my own ear perceives) but I would love to have some open dialogue and maybe share some tips/tricks amongst this awesome community to help us all achieve better tones. I'm assuming most of us have purchased the cab packs on the website and they are INCREDIBLE. Where I think a unique opportunity lies is that most of us probably have similar setups (invader pickups or Syn's signature) which would be beneficial in trying to achieve specific tones. I would love to share some ideas and metrics that have worked for me as well as hear what works for you guys. For example, in Axe-Edit (what amp are you modeling? I use the 5153Red for most of my lead tones with a compressor before it with some high attack. Hopefully this gets the ball rolling and I look forward to sharing ideas with everyone :)
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Wanna share something

Even though I haven't met any of you in person, I feel like you're all family. I know I haven't been around here much, as I've been focusing on some more basic guitar stuff and been working on my mental health issues. I didn't want to share this on my socials but I wanted to tell someone and I like the anonymity here. So I've been clean from self harm for 1 year now!!! I almost relapsed a few times, and everyday is still a struggle, but I made it a year and I'm so proud of myself.

Happy birthday Radu!!!

Yesterday was the day of birth for our very own bearded ray of sunshine, our phenomenal community leader, the one and only @Radu-Cristian Perde!!! 🎉🎁🎈🎂

We love you and appreciate everything you do for this community brother! Hopefully you had a great day! Live it up for the rest of the month (the next 2 days), just no birthday suit please 😂

Cheers to you my friend 🥂


''Hail to the King'' and what I actually do in life

Hello again everyone!

So for those who were at my workshop, I mentioned that one of my jobs is technical director in a high school. Now I have been very busy in that department of my life as i'm working on different projects with those kids (teenagers but what's the difference :p). Anyways, I want to tell you a story and give you a glimpse of what I do outside the school and my other other projects! (@Alicia Willis you will love this story)

So, I actually started at this job in September 2019 and it was weird at first because I didn't have much experience. But I continued and learned to really love this job. So I met this kid called Steven in my music classes. He was wearing a motley cure shirt blasting some megadeth and he was noodling around his guitar. Cool kid I thought. So as the year goes on, I start to prepare for that year's talent show and Steven comes to me bugging me to play some metallica songs with him for the talent show.

Of course, I then reply: ''Nah kid. I'm probably too expansive and you can't afford my amazing musical skills.''

He then replies: '' Dude, the school pays you to do this. You are contractually obligated to do what is best for the student's interest.''

Well turns out that this little bugger was right. So I agreed. Also because I really wanted to blast some heavy metal in the other kids face who have never seen a metal show. So we decided to go with ''For whom the bell tolls and nothing else matters'' (You have to start slow, can't just go straight with blackened).

Unfortunately, 2 weeks before the talent show, the world went to shit and everything closed down because of a virus that we can't even see with our own eyes. (Oh but of course we keep thinking that we are the superior specie and that we are smart and shit...right. Anyways.) So that was it. Then my life went even more to hell but that's another story for another time (maybe).... and plus I came back stronger and better and I became the supreme hairless being that y'all came to be annoyed by yet most of you still came to my workshop. Uhm.

So anyways, I got my job back at the school last February. My task, amongst many others, was to do a virtual video talent show to encourage student who are musician/dancer/artistic to have arts at school and to be active.

See, and I speak from first hand experience, the people that no one really talks about are the young high schoolers who already don't like to go to school (i mean who does between the age of 12-17) and who are then told that there shall be no activities just their classes and that's it. And during their free time, they can't go out to see their friends or do anything except spend entire days in front of a screen. They are all depressed. All of them. Things will go back to normal but still, this will leave a trace.

Anyhow, while I can't do anything for every student individually, What I could do is for those interested to perform is to film/record them and do an edit so it can be shown or whatever which is exactly what i have been doing for the past months.

And so Steven hears about this and came to see me and asks me: ''Can we do a song together?''

I said: ''Yeah, what do you want to play?''

''Hail to the King''

Hail to the king it is.

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(Please, keep in mind that he's a teenager who's having fun.)

Behind the Lens - Photography Thread!

Sup Synners!

So, as a few of you might know, when I'm not playing a guitar or working on art, I'm often found glued to my camera. Because of this, I figured that I would make a thread to share some of my own shots and encourage you all to do the same, if you feel so inclined! Sure, it's fun to be in front of the camera as many musicians and artists want to be, but behind behind the lens is, in my opinion, just as fun if not more!

To kick off, I thought I would share two shots from my most recent gig on May 24th, featuring Defects and Bullet For My Valentine. I'll tell you a little bit about what I did, where I was, all that fun stuff! I will add, this was the first time I'd shot a "big" band, and probably the third or forth time capturing a live gig like this, so I've definitely got a long way to go, but it's the journey that matters.


So first off, we have Defects! Technical details first - I use a Nikon D3200 with the most basic 18-55mm auto kit lens you can find, and this will most likely be the case for a while until I get an upgrade :ROFLMAO:. For this shot, I had 1/125s shutter speed (fast enough to get mostly clear shots without removing too much light), ISO 800 (makes dark photos brighter but oh dear lord the grain, as you may have seen) and an aperture of F4.5 (I would've much preferred around 2.8 but gotta make do - Lower is better in dark situations, from my experience). Finally, I edited in Lightroom and ended up making a whole bunch of presets for this gig that I'll most likely never use again :ROFLMAO:. I didn't have a photo pass, rather I waited all day to make sure I got barrier, and shot from the crowd. There wasn't too much shoving this early on into the set, so I was able to get plenty of shots and most came out nice and clear-ish. The red and blue lighting was a bit tricky to adjust to at first, as it tended to remove a lot of the detail on the faces and arms compared to the clearer, white lights. However in some circumstances like this one, it did lead to my favourite contrast ever (if you've seen my IG... you know what I mean). Overall, these guys were fantastic!


And finally, we have what is currently my favourite shot from BFMV! Technical stuff - Same camera, same lens, slightly faster shutter speed of 1/160s (their lighting was slightly better overall as they used the bright lights much more often, so I could increase the speed and still get clear shots), same ISO of 800 (this did vary between 400 and 800 throughout the night, depending on song/lighting), and same aperture of F4.5 (I didn't touch this during the gig.) Taking photos during Bullet's set was much more of a challenge. Between the moshers crushing the barrier, crowdsurfers coming in overhead and security standing in *just* the wrong place (no disrespect, they were all fantastic at their jobs, just unfortunate on my part) I had to try time everything the best I could. This shot was just after their first or second song, so before all the chaos took place, and the lights just happened to go up right at the perfect time for a clear shot of Matt Tuck. Later on, I'd end up being whisked out of the crowd due to a neck injury, but all is well and it was worth it!

So yeah, that's what I have to share for now! I'd love to hear any feedback or comments, and even more so, I'd love to see you all share your own photos, whether they're taken on your phone or on a camera (OR, if you're absolutely mad, on a 3DS. I've seen you people out there and I respect you 👀). They don't have to be gig related either - Just any nice photos you'd like to share and talk about! I'd love to just share some appreciation of photography with everyone because it truly is a wonderful art and I feel sometimes it can get a little overlooked despite how often we consume this kind of media!

Finally, I plan to do a SynTV stream at some point in the near future where I edit a few photos with you all! I don't have a date set for this yet, but once I do, I will let you know!

Cheers everyone! 🤘 💀🤘

Recording a Cover

So I’ve finally got a decent workspace set up to start recording. The only issue is that this will be my first time doing something like this on my own and I’m wondering if there’s anyone who would be willing to let me send some of my test videos to them to get some feedback about sound quality. I probably don’t have the best equipment but I want my equipment to run the best it can. Please send me a private message if you’re interested. I plan on making some videos in the morning once my son is finished with breakfast.

AOTM : Fortitude by Gojira

Alright I am going to talk about one of my AOTM : Fortitude by Gojira

This album is only 1 year and two months and I think it would be one of their most unforgettable album that their have ever did
Personally this album is my second favourite (the first is L' enfant sauvage) and I know why I love this album 😄

They kept, of course, their death metal genre but they took also a prog metal way, that gives a beautiful mix between the brutal and the melodic sound that is totally different from what they did before

If I have to pick some songs to introduce someone to Fortitude album or even to Gojira it would be :

Born for one thing : the introduction is a rise of power (not power metal way 😂) made by an amazing drums skills of Mario Duplantier and then when the voice and the guitars begin to play, the blast starts like it is born of a new music

Amazonia : They got inspired by the traditional music of amazonian tribes. This song has really a heavy sound by the guitars like they want to riot, to scream their hopeless
And it's because the song talks about the destroying of Amazonia forest and the disapearing of amazonian culture.
I love how metal and traditonal culture or instruments are mixed for making a song that we feel anger and pain the music has when Amazonia is destroyed

Another world : A great song with a great animated clip with an great end that remains a little bit Planet of the Ape but unlike the movie there are not apes 😂
But anyways, the song has incredible riffs and the end is perfect with the end of the clip : a tragic melodic end that is diminished slowly
We all prefered to be in another world

Fortitude + The Chant : My favourite song of the album and yes Fortitude and The Chant are actually one and same song. The first part has percussions instruments not really common in general with the diminished choirs like people can't speak and sing loud and when the second part starts, the voices and the music is free
And in addition, the voice of Joe Duplantier is more melodic and beautiful
And I think they did the second part like it has something to be spoke because the song talks about a child from Tibet who has to run away from his hometown after the chinese army came to invade Tibet and make disapear their culture
But at the end of the song, they say to not give up and like they said : Wake up to the sound of doom. Don't let your voice being quiet by the fear
Ah and I forget : the solo is one of my favorite from the album, mauve even from the whole of their career.

This is my first AOTM thread so maybe I was bad in reviewing an album but thank you to all who read it :)

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Guitar Got an interface and an amp sim... What do I do about the latency?

Soo I got a Scarlet 3rd Gen solo, hooked my guitar Up and play through a neural amp sim.
Now my Goal was to use a Bluetooth Headset to Jam without disturbing anyone. Maybe I underestimated the latency with this but right now it's unplayable. With Bluetooth Headset almost a second, directly from the PC speakers still 1/2s it seems.

Was I just naive to think it would work like that or is there something I'm Missing? I know you can use the "direct Monitor" function of the focusrite, but I can't Plug in my PC Soundsystem or the Headset there.
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Advanced CHORDS THEORY - Lesson 27 - Minor 9th and Minor 9th flat five chords

So how many colleges do I have to attend in order to understand these chords?
  1. Topics of discussion
  2. Minor 9th chords
  3. Minor 9th flat five chords
1. Topics of discussion

In this tutorial, we continue our 9th chords journey by discussing minor 9th and minor 9th flat five chords. Be warned, you will be doing some serious stretches. So, let's have some fun.

2. Minor 9th chords

Minor 9th chords are formed by adding the 9th note on top of a minor 7th chord. Thus, the formula for these chords is 1 ♭3 5 ♭7 9.

The Cm9 chord consists of the C E♭ G B♭ D notes. Here is the most common way to play it. You can view it as a C form:


And here it is played back.

And...this is quite possibly the place where the CAGED system reaches its limit and usefulness in playing chords. There are simply too many notes and too few fingers in order for you to be physically able to play these chords using the forms from the CAGED system.

That's not to say you cannot play minor 9th chords in other places. Some other ways in which you can play a Cm9 chord are the following:


And here it is played back.


And here it is played back.


And here it is played back.

3. Minor 9th flat five chords

And finally, we arrive at minor 9th flat five chords, notated as m9(♭5). These chords are formed by adding the 9th note on top of an m7(♭5) chord. Thus, the formula for them is 1 ♭3 ♭5 ♭7 9. Also worth noting is that the CAGED system can't really be applied for these chords either.

The notes for the Cm9(♭5) chord, therefore, are C E♭ G♭ B♭ D. Here are some ways to play it:


And here it is played back.


And here it is played back.

That about covers it for this tutorial. In the next one, we are going to add another note in the mix when we talk about 11th chords. See you then.

A new step

Well, this thursday, for the first time since like 4 or 5 years, I will do a piano performance.
And why I say that is a new step for me ? Actually since a few years, my stress has increased a lot, and it got worse especially between the end of 2019 and 2020 due to my studies and the lockdown. And then I had many periods while I was making a point of my skills on piano and music in general and started to have some doubts of my real skills
I felt that even after almost 12 years, I am still bad at piano and I was too scared of showing my skills on piano and I stopped to do performance.
And even nowadays, here I didn't show my piano skills yet and I feel really guilty and sorry for that
I still feel stress today but for the love of music, I decided to play piano in front of lot of people and I hope it will make me in a good day to feel better about this.
For now, I decided to not make promise to myself anymore, it caused too disapointment.

Thank you for your support. I love you Synner fam 😊

My First Gig

Hello, this is my very first gig. This is graduation party of my school Sekolah Rumah Citta. I played Big Sur Moon by Buckethead and played along Mars Slankers by Slank.
I have a lot of FUN with my friends, playing football and so many funny things happened.
Mars Slankers is so good, I like it a lot. Slank is the best rock band in Indonesia. Big Sur Moon made by Buckethead is a very good song, but a bit tricky on the arpeggios part. I hope you like it guys. Thanks!!:):)

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Guitar Synyster custom s issue

What's up fam?
I got this beauty and the beast back in January, super happy with the guitar.

Last couple of weeks I noticed this issue that happen sometimes when I switch pickup.
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It sound...dead like with no sound.
Flicking the switch back and forth sometimes fix it.

Does anyone know what's seems to be the problem, and should I take the guitar to the shop, or is it something that I can fix at home.

Thanks to everyone in advance! :)
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