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Guitar Got an interface and an amp sim... What do I do about the latency?

Soo I got a Scarlet 3rd Gen solo, hooked my guitar Up and play through a neural amp sim.
Now my Goal was to use a Bluetooth Headset to Jam without disturbing anyone. Maybe I underestimated the latency with this but right now it's unplayable. With Bluetooth Headset almost a second, directly from the PC speakers still 1/2s it seems.

Was I just naive to think it would work like that or is there something I'm Missing? I know you can use the "direct Monitor" function of the focusrite, but I can't Plug in my PC Soundsystem or the Headset there.
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Guitar Recording and amp sims

Hey Friends! It's been a while!
How was yesterdays Stream?? I couldn't make it.

Been pretty busy but slowly starting to play a bit more guitar again.

Now what I am interested in is learning a bit more about Amp sims on your pc, using your pc as an amp and direct recording method. I always made sure that I had an amp with USB Connection to directly Feed the Signal into a daw so I can avoid having to use a mic and an Interface.

I wanted to get into digital recording and making more use of my PC. I know there are amp Packs and Plugins being sold, recently I also Heard about the "one knob Metal amp".
So my question is, what do I need to make use of that stuff? How would I Connect my guitar correctly? (With an Interface I suppose? But how would that work?)

Also, when I got my digital amp, would I Just record that with my DAW? Or would I record a dry Signal and add the "amp" in post? I always thought that's kinda weird to record eg. a Metal Riff without distortion.
Anyway, thanks already for answering a noob in that field :rock-hand:

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Can I buy you boys a beer?

Hey Syn and Papa Gates, I am in Huntington Beach for the next week and a half for NAMM and vacation, and I would love to talk guitar and music with you guys and buy you a beer or a shot of Ardbeg.
If you have time, let me know. I’ll meet you at Johnnys!
Forgive me if I’m overstepping, but you don’t know if you don’t ask!

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Anyone wants to do a Save Me "band cover" ?

Hey, it's been a few months that i'm learning Save Me (i have 2 years guitar experience so i didnt learned the crazy solos) And i was wondering if some of you guys were interessted about doing a "band cover" of this song; if there is a second guitarist, a drummer, a vocalist or anything, just let me know and we'll do it :)

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Practicing each lesson

Hello all,
well I’ve recently come to know this amazing school with very cool environment. However, i have a general question about practicing each session. I mean as the lessons go by we definitely learn more material and more chords etc. so my question is how one should practice them. Like for example should we really master all the chords and switching between them before going to the next lesson? And in case we don’t need to be perfect to go to the next lesson, shall i practice all the previous materials everyday or there’s a better way to practice them.
Thanks in advance for your answers! :)

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Best way to structure practice?

Hi everyone, sorry if this has been asked but does anyone have advice on how to structure my practice sessions? I'm a beginner (like a week into it) and taking the lessons but a little confused on how to take what I'm learning and practice in a meaningful way. Currently, I'm just switching between the scales and chords I'm learning with a focus on picking technique and tone but I feel like I'm not getting the most out of my practice. Thanks in advance!

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Classical Instruments Keyboard/Piano chords

I play keyboard sometimes to switch things up, one of the things I like to do and on my guitar as well is piecing together chords or things I think sound nice.

What kind of chords are these and what do you maybe think of the sound?
I already forgot.... but took pictures of 2 of them this time.



is piano classical?

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