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CAGED system

Recently finish the lesson of the CAGED system part 1, and at the end it is indicated that the same can be done with shapes A, G, E, D

I have 2 questions

1. To continue I must learn the pentatonic and major scales of each one?

2. To make the pentatonic and major scales, is it the same? in terms of frets, that is,will it depend on the shapes I touch(C, A, G, E, D? Higher or Lower

My English is not very good so I hope you can understand me and can help me

Note: I can say that for the C form, I have learned the pentatonic and major scales

Thank you

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Picks shapes and sizes

Yes, I'm spamming the site today. No, I'm not sorry. 😂

There are no musicstores around here so I'm looking online for guitar picks, but it's hard to find the sizes. (Length and width)
I did find this image and figured out the picks I'm looking to get are 26mm (Dunlop jazz iii)
Are the sizes and shapes roughly the same for all brands? And can someome confirm these shapes are in scale with each other?


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Caged; what are the modes?

I never learned the scale shapes with the Caged system, just the chord shapes but I decided to learn the belonging chord with them according to CAGED.
Basically the Caged scales shapes are Lydian, Aeolian, Locrian, Dorian, and Phrygian? I feel like it's missing the original major scale.

Edit: I'm referring to modes as the shapes, not to different scales.


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App Feedback Thread

I was almost asleep when an idea struck me and i had to post it. First off, looooove the app. Its so much fun to learn how to use it (its very intuitively designed, like a better,far more streamlined, and far less genocide provoking version of FB haha)and interact with all the SYNNERS out there. Anyway back to the main subject of this thread.

Perhaps there should be a thread dedicated to community feedback on their interactions with the app, and possible upgrades/updates in the future could be discussed as well.

One such idea: What if, while using the MEDIA tab and posting riffs, we could just record a video on our mobile?

It would then be uploaded to the app as an mp4 or other local video source. in addition to what we have to do currently. Having to post to our instas or youtube or whatever online media source you like to post, and copy that link and then paste into the field desinated for that link, and waiting for the link to clear to post it.

Im sure there are justified, totally valid reasons for why this isnt a thing. just a thought.

Also, another idea. Unless this is already a thing and i just dont remember seeing it.

A tutorial for navigating the app? like a Synner clippy. haha

Okay im gonna try and sleep (Play Halo for an hour before bed and its currently 3:10 am)

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Is this guitar related or something bigger

There have been a few issues I have been struggling with for a while and I have thought for a while that there could be a bigger reason for it.

They are mainly to do with posture, tension and rigidity.

One of the issues is to do with posture. I cant help feeling like its to do with arm strength in general because when I try and put it into position, whether it be in the classical or regular position. I find my arm gets fatigued very easily.

This does two things, makes moving my arm to create fluid movements very difficult and it also makes me anchor my arm on the edge of the body and makes it immovable whilst playing unless I take my arm off and put it back again.

One thing I have also notice is sometimes when I try and relax my picking arm, my right shoulder slumps forwards which causes pain very quickly.

the last thing that I find is that when playing lead and sometimes (but rarely rhythm) that my hand and arm can be quite rigid as more precision is needed than when strumming chords.

I was thinking maybe there is tension in my body that isn't necessarily caused by guitar related stuff and maybe it's something that needs to be looked at on a more general level.

If you guys have any ideas or advice on whether it could be down to bad technique, posture etc instead please feel free to lmk!

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Economy Picking Confidence

So I've been learning Avenged Sevenfold songs for a few months now as I'm beginning to feel my guitar theory is at a good enough level that I can, however slowly, perform the techniques in these solos. But something that seems to be a problem for me recently is going into any economy picking run that starts on a note and then instantly goes to the next string (thinking Nightmare and Shepherd of Fire). I can economy pick, and once I get into it I can really pick up some speed, but I have so start slow otherwise I hesitate and play the note over and over before going into the run. If anyone has experienced this or has any sort of tips for trying to get rid of this it would be much appreciated 🤘🤘

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Help! My guitar keeps slipping out of tune!

So i just got a new Schecter Omen Elite 6 for Christmas, and i tried tuning to D# to learn some Alice in Chains songs and ill get each string to perfect tune then about 30 seconds later if i play the string again its out of tune like almost a half step... i have a floyd rose and its still slipping out of tune even with the tuning nuts. Can anyone help me figure out how to fix this? Is this something i can fix on my own or should i take it to Guitar Center to have it checked out?
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Staying in time with metronome

I don't know much about rhythm and timing on guitar. I recently learnt about subdivisions like quarter notes and etc. I was practicing the exercises in the 3rd episode from the Introduction to Alternate Picking lesson which had an exercise with triplets so I started counting as I played 1 tri-plet 2 tri-plet and so on and I started playing with the metronome but I didn't know how to practice with a metronome. How do you know if you're playing in time with the metronome? Do you have to count notes? I tried counting but it's very confusing at high tempos. Help;-;

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Switching between chords

Hi all, I just started playing guitar, and when practicing playing chords, I struggle with rapidly switching between them. I have to pause and look at where I'm placing my fingers on the fretboard to make sure they're correct before playing the next chord. Is there anything that could help me memorize where my fingers need to go, or is this just something that comes with practice?

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Guitar Guitar strings hard to press?

Hi, Synners! I'm an absolute BABY in the guitar world. I started wanting to learn guitar because of syn and well, i bought a beginners one (low budget) cuz alot of reviews said it was a good guitar to start with.

But im having trouble with pressing the strings. I have to put alot, ALOT of pressure.

My boyfriend also just started guitar but he went and tried to play mine to compare mine with his guitar. He said one or two strings feel too "stiff" and are hard to press. He doesn't know whats the cause of this cuz he's new to this too. The shop i got it at is closed because of lockdown.

I will put some pictures and i hope someone can help me! ❤



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How about creating some progress videos for next year? : )

Hey everybody, would you be interested making some progress videos for next year? Pick any etude or etudes, record yourself playing it in the bpm you are able to, upload it, practice it through the year and the end of 2022 (or anytime you want) upload a new one showing how much better you become... so we can all clap and be jealous of each other : D

Any thoughts? : )

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Play A Song 100 Times?

Hey everyone! I was just curious if any of you have heard of the "play a song 100 times to get it performance ready" idea. I have found it really helpful that instead of bouncing around from song to song, and trying to learn 10 songs at once, I focus on one song, learn it, and play it 100 times before I move on to the next one. It's really allowed me to calm myself down, feel the beat of the song, truly sit in it and get comfortable, and improve my technique.

For example, I'm learning Enter Sandman right now, and I played it pretty well about 15 times, but it wasn't until the 22nd time that I was like "Wait, I HEAR something now I'm leaving out! I'm gonna go back, delve into it, and learn it!"

Right now I'm working it up to 50 times sitting down, and then I'm gonna play it 50 times standing up.

Have you tried this before? It really has helped me not have to think about the song, and my muscles know what to do automatically, and I also don't have to worry about how long I've actually practiced it.

PS: I'm making molasses cookies for @megalizzie 's performance tonight. :)


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