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Barre chords for 7 string guitar?

Pretty much as the question is asked. I've gotten my E shape barre chord down with no problem on a standard 6 string. But I normally play and practice on my 7 string (tuned to Drop A so I have E standard on the top 6 strings). How do I properly do a barre chord? Do I fret across the 6 and mute the 7th with the tip of my finger, or do I reach my index finger over the 7th and mute it? There aren't a lot of resources out there haha

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Guitar Bat country solo help

I can play most of the solo, but am currently struggling (and have been for about 3 or so months now) to do the part right before the duet, the part where it's a fast up then back down on the frets kind of thing, does anyone have any tips, or advice, on how I should go about doing it, or any exercises that could help? Right now I've just been trying to do it slowly then speed it up but I'm not making any progress doing it this way.

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Lead Guitar

I’ve been trying to practice my lead guitar skills so I go on a backing track to do that and… I have no idea what to do. I’m even questioning what lead guitar is. I look up on the internet for help and I couldn’t find my answer but maybe I did, I have no idea. Is lead guitar just soloing over the rhythm because that is what all the sources on the internet were saying. What is lead guitar?

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Anxiety while… choosing music?

So this has been something on my mind for a long time. Lately I haven’t been able to truly expand my listening habits. I’m worried I’m “listening to the wrong thing” to get to be the best guitarist/musician I can be, so I default to albums I know and love but never find new music. It has led to me being undereducated even if I have a music degree. Has anyone had this? How did you get out of it?

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Temporary alternatives while videos are down?

Hi All,

Hope all's well! I was wondering if the community is using any alternative resources while the videos for the School are being sorted out.

To follow the roadmap of the lessons would you recommend I just search each respective class on Google or YouTube (eg. Major Scale)?

Just looking to follow some structure until the videos come back up.



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Guitar CAGED question

I was practicing the CAGED chord shapes again last night and focus trying to repeat them but starting with different shapes to get a better grasp.
It was fine when I started with open C but when I started with the F chord ( E shape barred ) and moved to the D then tried the C again, it didn't work.
My guitar wasn't tuned well and didn't spend more time on it. Later I'll try it again but was wondering if I'm doing something wrong.
I thought about going in reverse, I think it was EDGAC, do I do that?

Any tips or things too add is also welcome for sure.

Thanks in advance!

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theory behind syn's solos

hello everyone i ve been playing live gigs as solo guitarist for a not really long while as a self taught, i can apply the most main guitar theory basics-inters to my improv or written solos live but i dont really have a great knowladge of the really advanced guitar theory material and i want to apply fast shred licks like syn's iconic licks. i dont have any problem with the speed i can practice for 2-3 days max and play his solos as long as i have tabs but i want to apply these mostly to my improv solos and i cant figure out the theory behind his overall solos or licks with my analysis alone like what scales he use and what type of chord progressions behind it makes them sound perfect. Can anyone with a good grasp on these matters help me out with the example of Scream solo ?

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Rebuilding old skills?

So I've played guitar for a little over a year and a half but for the past month I've been really sick and haven't been able to do anything. As I've been recovering I've just gotten to the point of being able to pick up my guitar again and I noticed I'm having a hardtime playing things I used to be able to play perfectly and I found that if I stick with the same riff for a bit then switch to one I used to be able to play, I can play it like I never took a break from guitar. What are some ways you guys practice after taking a break for a while?
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hail to the king solo

Hey schooool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. I was wondering if u guys have any tips on how to practice the 1st sweeping part of h.t.t.k?
also im wondering how and why just why syn is so fucking good at guitar and why such a beauty like the H.T.T.K solo is so hard to play:p:p:p.(to me at least)
It sucks cause im studying for A/L and can't practice as much :((((
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