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Guitar is just nothing but frustration 24/7

Over the years I have been playing guitar I have become very aware of the problems I have when playing guitar but no matter how hard I try or how many hours I put into watching YouTube videos on the issues nothing seems to get better. It's getting to the point where I dont want to play because its just a constant loop of "wake up, try to play something, fumble around because my technique is horse sh*t and then go to sleep feeling like im making no progress and wasting my time"

I do have a personal guitar teacher which has helped a lot but outside of lessons it can be difficult to maintain progress

The issues I find are:

When I get to the E and A strings when trying to pick lead lines my wrist is practically at a 90 degree angle to my arm and there is a lot of tension in my shoulder as there is no support for my arm as the strings are so close to my body. I have had some success with moving my arm instead of relying on my wrist for all the movement as the natural curvature of the wrist motion is what creates the awkward angles on higher strings.

When I am picking, the strings seem to be immovable, with every stroke it feels as though the pick is having to work unnecessarily hard to push through as apposed to a gliding motion that I see people like syn possess.

Following on from the gliding motion, I find with my picking that the motion of picking in general (because of the reason above) is very jerky. Going across strings foes not feel like a smooth movement, instead every string feels like its disconnected from each other and there are large jumps required to get to each string.

I constantly change picking positions and styles based on what strings I am playing due to discomfort and its difficult to find one that works across all strings

Lastly, I find that my fingers tend to uncurl themselves or move about when playing which is less than Ideal

Does anyone have any tips because it feels as though Im wasting my time trying to learn as I have made as I haven't made any more progress in the 10 years I have been playing than the first 3.

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Triad Chord Theory and Chords in A Key

I know that papa gates uploaded lessons on the circle of fifths where syn mentions key signatures, where are the lessons on key signatures and chords in a key. The intermediate lessons cover a variety of theory but I can’t find lessons on key theory. Lastly, I understand building chords lessons covers triads but are there more lessons that go into triad chord theory? Please link the lessons I can’t find them in the school.

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Any1 know any artists that sound from the 80s era?

Hey, I'm looking for recommendations. I hoping to find some hidden gems I really like in the 80s era. I will list some examples.

Cutting Crew - (I Just) Died in your arms, Heart - Alone, Aha - Take on me, Michael Sembello - Maniac, Bryan Adams - Summer of 69, Simple minds - Don't you (forget about me), The Buggles - Video killed the radio star, UB40 - Red red wine, Eric Carmen - Hungry eyes, Billy idol - White wedding, Boy meets girl - Waiting for a star to fall.

Just some examples of songs I like from this era. I do watch a lot of Rick Beato he bashes music nowadays pop music nowadays, But he doesn't seem to analyze any let's say indie, underground artists that make music like these 80s eras. I just really wanted to see if there is an artist like the 80s era out now, today. I really hope there's something out here now.
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Synyster Gates master class solo 8 finger tapping section help

Does anybody have any tabs or video tutorials on how to play the 8 finger tapping section from the synyster gates masterclass solo.(preferably second part since there’s already a tutorial for the first part on YouTube). It’d be a huge help for me to crack this solo cause there’s no proper tabs nor tutorials of this anywhere on the internet. Login to view embedded media

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saya tidak dapat memutar video tutorial

kenapa saya tidak dapat memutar video di semua latihan ?
apakah perlu melakukan donasi sebelumnya ? apakah browser saya yang bermasalah ?

Why can't I play videos in all the exercises?
Do I need to make a donation beforehand? Is my browser in trouble? sorry my English is very lacking (this is the result translated)
thank you

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Payment Method

My name is Rob from Holland (Europe).
I found out about this website when it released about 3 years ago.
I've never found the time to really look into it.
Now i do have the time and saw a few good reviews, so thought i might give it a try!

Now i'm stumbling upon a little problem; I don't own a credit card!

Is there an alternative payment method, and can anoyone help me with this?

Thanks :)
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Any Ministry fans? (Free guitar pick)

Is anyone on here a big fan of the band Ministry? I have no clue how or when I got it, but I found that I have a guitar pick from Sin Quirin from Ministry that was used when he was playing with his supergroup side band The Great Americon. Anybody want it? I'd prefer not to ship out of the US mostly because I never really shipped internationally, but we'll see. This $10 value (according to eBay) could be yours for FREE.

IMG_3568.JPG IMG_9436.JPG

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Why am I finding it hard to come up with a catchy vocal melody for this?

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I think I did ok with the guitar but with the voice, I am so unsure. Is it because my chord progression is too complex I thought this would make the song easier to be more catchy and perhaps unique. Perhaps I'm getting too "arrogant" or confident and getting deluded in my ability. The songs demo has just had 2, 1-hour sessions of recording.

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What's going on here?

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@Syn Gates To your best memory (being 40 and all), what scales/scale modes are you playing through in this video? I'm inclined to say Melodic Minor stuff, being dark and dope sounding, of course, but I felt like asking instead of conducting scientific research to decipher wtf is happening. If it is Melodic Minor, then how are you modulating any/all changes/scales?

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Am i sweeping right?

Hey there!
I started learning sweep picking pretty recently and I think I don't do it right.
Here is a video of me playing a bit from Sweep Picking II
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Please pay attention to my picking hand, I feel like it's moving to much in comparison to syn.
Am I doing it right? I would appreciate the help.

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floyd rose going out of tune

i was learning for the love of god by steve vai and theres this part after the bridge where he does this whole step bend and pulls up on his whammy bar at the same time.when i used to do that it used to be alright now my a stting keeps going out of tune.i can do some crazy divebombs and shit and it wont go outta tune but that just puts it outta tune.floyd rose special btw

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Cottontail Functionanalysis

Hey everyone,
I have problems with the function and stage analysis of the piece Cottontail by Duke Ellington. I know all of the chords from the scale and the Bb-7, which should be the double dominant parallel. I hope you understand what I mean because I have translated all the technical terms. I hope someone can help me with the analysis.
Best regards from Hamburg
Cotton Tail.JPG

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Problem with Cable Jack

Hi, I've got this problem where the sound keeps shutting off, it seems loose.
I have a solder machine, not confidant with it but I'm willing to try.

Here are some pictures, maybe someone can see the problem?


It's happened before and someone fixed it for me, I don't know what he did .

Thanks in advance!

Ps. Someone gave me the sticker, I thought it looked cool. Wasn't their band either

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How do I keep what I learned, and apply it?

So here's the Thing. Guitar is a Hobby for me, I don't practice hours and hours a day. I know that for some Things guitar you just have to put the time and effort in. I am talking about learning the fretboard, your scale(s) and that Kind of stuff.

So that's alright, with a little Bit every day you can do it. At least that's what I thought. But I don't have any way to directly apply it so by the time I move on to learn something different, I forget what I learned.

That makes it hard for me to sit down and practice all the learning stuff because it's nothing that Sticks with me.

How did some of you overcome this? Do you know what I am talking about?

IMAGES AND WORDS by Dream Theatre

:syngates:Yo Family! For June’s #AOTM we are going with one of my fav records of all time and certainly my fav prog record of all time in Images and Words by the great Dream Theatre.

This was another band introduced to me by Jimmy. He used to sneak a Walkman(look it up kids) to school and play me ridiculous shit in the bathroom. This one stood out as having the most incredible musicianship I had ever heard. I was 13 when he played this record for me and it changed the way I looked at guitar. I had no idea that what I was hearing could be accomplished on the instrument I had already spent years working on.

Dream Theatre is a progressive rock band that formed in 1985 in the halls of Berklee School of Music in Boston. There have been multiple lineups but the Images and Words cast comprise Mike Portnoy on drums, John Petrucci on guitar, James LaBrie on vocals, John Myung on bass, and Kevin Moore on keyboards.

John Petrucci has been one of my favorite guitarists rotating in my top 3 since the very day I heard this light show of a record way back in middle school. He certainly epitomizes my way of approaching the guitar more than any other player besides maybe my father - with an endless pursuit of technique and harmony only to facilitate a melody and composition first approach to solos and songwriting.

This motif and melody first approach has yielded some of my favorite solos of all time and couple that with the pyrotechnics weaving in and around these flawless melodies and motifs make for a perfect combination of music and cinema.

As a student of percussion as well, I was moved by how Mike Portnoy seamlessly and so fluidly supported all of these incredible riffs and time signatures in such a musical and cinematic way. And as smooth as this cat could play, he still managed to make the music heavy as fuck. Listen to Under a Glass Moon for one of the greatest grooves of all time. The entire record is a clinic on how a drummer can steal the show at no cost to his co stars and director.

If there was a dude that I would’ve done unspeakable things to sing like, it would be James LaBrie. The range, the soul, the technique, the texture, the everything. This dudes got it in spades. It’s such a slippery slope to not take these songs and turn them into overly dramatic novelty uber dramas. James does no such thing. Flawless victory.

John Myung is as gifted as the aforementioned. He doesn’t just support the band, he comes bearing gifts. I’ve transcribed thousands of difficult musical passages in my life and I still have no clue wtf he’s doing in Metropolis, part 1 at 5:40:explode-skull:

And last but certainly not least, Kevin Moore on keys. Total stud and one of my favorite songwriters of all time. He wrote a lot of my favorite songs on this record. They’re all great songwriters but Kevin speaks to me on this record.

Lastly, some or many of you know that Mike helped us out when Jimmy passed in late ‘09. We were putting the final touches on Nightmare when our world was shattered. For a couple of weeks we had decided to not move forward as it wouldn’t be right without Jimmy. Two main components quickly changed our minds. The first was The Sullivan’s. Jimmy’s parents and sisters were like our parents and sisters. We grew up with them. We love them dearly. They told us we had no choice in the matter because Jimmy would’ve demanded that we continue on. The second was Mike Portnoy. I’m sure somebody spoke of it before me but I know that the choice was clear to everyone when the decision was made to move forward. We needed one of Jimmy’s favorites to lift us up and realize the dream of putting out Jimmy’s final work.

Much like Petrucci is the influence that speaks the loudest on my sleeve, Mike is arguably that for Jimmy and certainly the best contender to have executed Jimmy’s unique and brilliant vision for the record. Mike walked in, hung is ego at the door and spent countless hours copying meticulous kick patterns and fills without complaint.

Of all musical elements, style is by far the most difficult to emulate. He hung in there and didn’t stop until we were all beyond satisfied with the performance. Of course we had him do his thing across many of Jimmy’s unfinished drum demos and then fully unleashed the beast on the closer, Save Me. Mike absolutely shines on that track, to say the least.

Well I hope that you enjoy this record even a fraction of the amount that I do, it would be enough to change your life.

A runner up and probably Shadows’ favorite Dream Theatre record is Metropolis Part 2. It’s definitely very cinematic and has a touch of Elfman throughout.:rainbow-mushroom:

Lemme know your thoughts in the comments, can’t wait to connect with you all on this beast


All my love,

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Picking problem

I prefer to pick near the neck (on top of the neck pickup), but whenever I alternate pick fast, my wrist scratches the three lowest strings, creating a muffled sound, where it sounds like I'm playing a muffled open chord while alternative picking at the same time. It feels more natural picking near the neck, than the middle of the bridge, and the bottom of the neck seems to produce a cleaner and more isolated staccato than picking in the middle or bottom of the bridge.

Keep in mind, that I'm not referring to the pickup selector, but my hand placement.