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Trying to work out the intro to a song, kinda lost

Hey, sorry to double post in the same week. There's a song I'm trying to transcribe on guitar and I'm totally lost on how the guitarist is able to play the intro so quickly.
Here's the song for reference and there's no tabs online, so I'm trying to play it by ear.

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Is he utilizing finger rolls and legato or am I just overthinking it? Should I slow it way down and try to just go for it?

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Drop Tuning Thumb Placement

So, I've looked at tons of videos and I can't seem to find any information on this, it may be something that other players assume should be general knowledge, so here we go:

What is the correct thumb placement for playing drop chords on the first three frets that will minimize tension for playing and hammer-ons? Can someone show me a picture or video example so I can get this right? Thanks!
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Custom-S sustainiac issue

I bought a second hand custom-s which was barely used and in good condition. Everything works apart from the sustainiac. I have replaced the battery with a new duracell one but it was only working in the lower strings. I raised the height and it worked on the b string also now but it still keeps cutting out on the high e string. The only setting that kinda works is the feedback setting in the middle, the sustain and harmonic keep cutting out. Could anyone help?

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Impedance and Wattage

Hey Everyone! I got a bit of a different question to put out there.

So very recently I managed to purchase a Hellwin! Exciting. The difficult part is that it is from the UK and requires a 240v power supply, where here in North America we use 120V. This is fine as I have a work around via a little transformer that converts the power to 240v. Ive been using it with the Slant Hellwin cab it came with no issues, and it sounds fantastic!

Leading up to my question, I also own a 5150 Iconic Head and Cab. Its a straight cab with a 16ohm impedance (which is also the same as the hellwin slant cab I have).
SO, my question is, am I able to use the 5150 Cab along with the Hellwin Head and Cab to form a full stack? And what impedance selection should I set it to on the Hellwin head (8 ohms or 16 ohms?), but would the wattage requirement difference affect anything?

Pictures of the back of each cab for reference:

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How to go about legato?

One of my guitar goals was to play Vinai T's Move the Sky. Of course, I understand that it will take a lot of practice. However, as I skim to players who covered it, I was wondering whether the phrase played at about 2:00 - 2:04 in Login to view embedded media , is considered legato? How do I go about practicing that and which lesson in the school should I focus on? I really have issues when trying to descend when practicing legato. As for my level, at the moment I have played almost 2 years and can comfortably play Neil Zaza's I'm Alright at 100 bpm ( slow, but getting there :). I also need advice on how to reach the alternate pickspeed in 2:27-2:30. Will any alternate picking exercise do and what speed should I start practicing and how much should i bump the speed every week? Thanks in advance!

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"Nobody" Playthough

Syn, if you're really out there watching over us- please, for the love of G(O)(D), do a playthrough video of "Nobody", or at least the solo! And if you're feeling extra generous, breakdown the solo and thought process behind it.

It would be great guitar content for the great guitar school we are all currently occupying.

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How would pick this?

Screen Shot 2023-03-08 at 10.42.54 PM.png

Hey all! I've ran into this note pattern a couple times now in a few different songs, and I'm wondering if there is a proper way to pick it? I struggle with this one more than others! I've messed around with it a little, such as trying to alternate pick it and just down pick it, but it just doesn't feel right.

Any input is greatly appreciated!

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A Few Glitches

I didn't know how to do the "BUG" prefix because it wasn't showing up on three topics I tried to post this under. When I try to utilize the lesson videos, I no longer can click and drag to highlight an area to put on repeat to practice. And even when I click on the area and hit "play", it starts at the beginning. I try to click on a different section further in, but it doesn't take me further. This was experienced on the CAGED Lesson C Shape.

Also, I clicked to post this on General School Questions but when I looked at my prefixes I can choose from it's for the category "Instruments, Hardware and Setup & Troubleshooting."

Thanks team!

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Guitar Songs for drop D tuning

Wussup everyone!

So I have a floyd rose bridge guitar, meaning I married to the drop D tuning.

And it's hard sometimes because a lot of metal music is in standard tuning; I was able to transcribe some songs like the trooper so I could play along with a D tuning version from Youtube
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But this method don't work for me for a lot of songs, so I am wondering if there are any people who can relate to this and maybe recommend some songs to learn using this method?
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Changing the way I hold my pick

I have been playing guitar for roughly 15 years now. Might I add on and off but I’ve recently noticed that my thumb, holding the pick, is curved in an awkward bend position. It allows me to tremolo pick pretty fast/pinch harmonics are no issue, however the pick becomes less stable and moves quite a bit compared to what I am practicing with the “correct” way to hold a pick now. In your opinion is it worth to even start from scratch or should I just continue on playing this way?


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