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"The world isn't just going to hand it to you, You want something, You'll have to crawl across the floor, Use your damn teeth if you have to"
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Just listened to Lux Aeterna the new Metallica song. I think it was really good. I haven’t listened to much of Metallica’s new stuff mainly the older albums like Master of Puppets or The Black so it definitely sounded like a different Metallica than the one I’m used to. Everything was really good, it was catchy, the chorus was amazing, the solo was a little weird at one part with the different sound effects the Kirk was trying to make but I think this song is a definite 8 out of 10. I recommend it and I would be more than happy to listen to it 100 more times.
Ciao Papà Gates, innanzitutto voglio davvero ringraziare te e Syn per averci dato la possibilità di migliorare ogni giorno con questo incredibile sito. Fortunatamente la maggior parte dei video funziona di nuovo, ma alcuni continuano a non funzionare, ad esempio quelli sulla tua Masterclass di blues o alcuni su Syn'etudes e molti altri. Comunque grazie ancora e stai al sicuro.
Hello Papa Gates, firstly i wanna really thank you and Syn for giving us the chance to improve every day with this incredible site. Fortunately most videos work again but some of them still don't work, for istance those about your blues Masterclass or some about Syn'etudes and many others. Anyway thank you again and stay safe.
Hello guys, Good day! I miss you all so much. i wasn't able online here, it's because I've been very busy in life, and i played guitar sometimes due to my schedules in school especially as a marine student. i have lots of obligations need to faced. And thank you so much sensei syn and all of you guys.🥺 I luv u all! 😊
Ed Seith
You know the door is always open and the light is always on. Come by when you can. We’ll be here. Best of luck.
So, I found Asking Alexandria about 7 months ago. Now I can’t stop listening to the Stand Up and Scream album. Also my gallops sound a bit off when I play around 170 bpm, is there any way to really know if your gallops or sixteenths are spot on 170 to 200 bpm. Just random thoughts I thought I’d post on my profile.
Sounds really fast, I think a way is to upload your video to YouTube and slow it down. Maybe on your video maker app/software there's an option to not have the pitch change/distort on different speeds
I’m the worst I said I’d be back but I didn’t come back lol I’ve had no time to record videos or even play guitar cuz I’ve been busy during the day and can’t play at night cuz I live in a condo. I’m gonna try my best to come back now!
Radu-Cristian Perde
no worries, this place is always gonna be here for you! You're welcome here anytime!
Alicia Willis
Even you’re not posting videos there’s still a place for you girl ! Always love your insight and thoughts on discussions ! 😊


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