What are some of your goals for the week??
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Alicia Willis
Guitar goals: finish up learning “Renegade” by Styx

Life goals: Don’t be a dick and enjoy the little things 👍🏻

What are yours ?
calm my nerves, rehabilitate my injuries, also not be a dick and enjoy the little things as well
music goal right now is make my left hand back up to speed/strength and sync, feels like 50% is gone
Adding locrian bass notes sound greaseyyyyy.
stride means like opposing, maybe if your interested watch a stride piano video just to know what it is
To be honest im not really trying to learn piano techniques right now.. im more just learning chords and scales and getting used to using my left hand in the opposite way I normally use it. Its gonna take a dew months to get used to it. It takes a lot of takes to get something down. The video i posted i barely moved my fingers and i didnt do many off beat notes unless it was safe to. When i switch between chords its a lot harder cause my fingers are almost as big as the keys.
it's almost the same idea like guitar cause you have one hand that strums and one hand making the sounds, like helps to separate and control
like working in stride, keyboard also helps with makiung the fingers indepandent
What are some of your current favorite songs?
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Jamie London
Look at you jamming all the 🔥🔥🔥! 👏👏

Actually a lot of Lil Wayne as well. The new Kanye album, the new G-Eazy single, and as usual a shit ton of The Beach Boys 😂
Alicia Willis
I most definitely appreciate the variety there sir !!!! ❤️ Good tastes !
Jamie London
Right back atcha home girl!!
Writing has been pretty ok so far. About eight songs completed. Some aren't gonna be used and need to be looked at again. But got some neat ideas in there. Some similar some new.
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Happy Friday everyone! Hope y'all had a great week!

A friendly reminder that there's 6 days left to participate to the 6 Magic note contest!
I am already delighted to see already so many participants and, of course, to see new faces! The contest will end next Wednesday at midnight (EST) so be sure to submit it by then.

Other than that, hope y'all listened to Syn's AOTM and left your thoughts on it! If not, well take some time this weekend to do so ;) (And to participate to the contest if you haven't of course).

Enjoy this weekend! :syngates::rock-hand:
I think i have some time still but i'm burned out, waiting till the last minute again. I practiced some since the announcement but didn't write anything. I was going to try to write but going to improv
going to the place again and maybe when i get back i can do it. factor=tired atm, trying to keep going
What have you been practicing this week??
I'm still on Nightmare-A7X, trying to build up speed 😂
I was practicing Spanish Romance, Intro from Dead - My Chemical Romance and the other day I was obsessing over Face Value - The Story So Far. I keep over doing doing things so today no guitar again. I can play the intro from Dead at 80% and Face Value I was trying to sing the chorus and play it at the same time. Having a hard time getting my voice to go high as I haven't been trying to do anything vocally for the past month or so. It's also fast and I of run out of breathe. Spanish Romance I have no idea what the normal speed is. I saw it's written in ABA format or something
What's practice? :unsure::ROFLMAO:

But I did play new songs, that counts too
I just want to say that I am so fuckin thrilled to see that many people participating to the contest. You guys are absolutely amazing and I can't wait to see all the entries (I am waiting until the end of the contest to see them so they can all be fresh in my mind and to be as fair as I can be).

All said and done, there is still plenty of time to participate!!!
I'm holding off not watching any yet but I happened to see Calvins cause it was in the media section XD
The deadline was the 8th was it not?
Radu-Cristian Perde
Indeed my friend, you still have time!
Drop the album Kanye 😡
Alicia Willis
😂 I swear, all I’ve seen lately are Kanye memes saying this. Lol. Hope you get your album soon !
Alicia Willis
Jamie London
This man has given 3 (sorry, now 4) different release date with each listening party. The date of the event comes, event happens, and then no album. Aaaaand last night was no different. Fuckin Kanye 🥲
Hey guys, I need your help!

My band just dropped our new single 'SILENT DISCO' and we're trying to get loads of streams on Spotify on day one to make the algorithm tick in our favor. If you like catchy indie with a breakdown then this tune is for you ;)

You can give the track a spin here: https://spoti.fi/3BgRhzF

Also here's the Music Video:
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Really nice!!! 🙌
Chris Johnston
Hey, it's been a while! I spent some time without playing guitar regularly because of work and because I was feeling sick some weeks ago, but now I'm back on track! I'm currently trying to learn "Weight Of The World" from Evanescence, and some other songs here and there. Gonna keep practicing so I can start posting videos here 💪
I hope you're all doing fine! I'm glad to be back to the family 🤘
Alicia Willis
:D Happy to have you back ! Can't wait to see your first video upload !
Gabby Heafy
Welcome Back! :)
Welcome back! Can't wait for you to post your progress 😁
So... it's exam results day here in the UK...

+ Distinction* in Music Performance (highest you can get for BTEC)!
+ A in my Music Technology A Level!

So thrilled right now!! This course taught me a lot about performing and learning to record! Hopefully I'll be able to share something again soon, but for now... I'm just over the moon! Thank you to everyone who gave me support when I was stressing about college, you guys are amazing ❤️
Alicia Willis
Hell yeah ! Congratulations Millie! So freaking proud of you dude !
Ids Schiere
yay! congrats Millie! 🥳 🥂
I SHOULD stop being lazy and upload something new to the Riffs section 🤪
Radu-Cristian Perde
Yes you should and you will! As your community leader, such is my will!!!

Do it.
Jamie London
YES SIR!… As soon as you upload a bass cover of ‘Squeeze Me Macaroni“ by Mr. Bungle 😏
Radu-Cristian Perde
Aaaaah I am usually all in for a good challenge but I have already too much on my plate at the moment. :(
Today officially marks the one year anniversary of my mum's passing. I don't say it for sympathy though, not at all. Rather, I say it here because it was this community that helped me through the darkness and managed to bring a wonderful light back to my life. And I wanna thank every single one of you, both staff and students, synners and systers alike, on behalf of myself and my fam for all the love and support you showed, and all the strength you guys gave us since that day. I'm so grateful for every single one of you, and I love you all dearly. Keep shredding and keep being fucking amazing, everyone!

🤘 ❤️ 🤘
Gabby Heafy
sending a lot of love to you!! ❤️ ❤️
Sending love 💚💙💚💙
Alicia Willis
We love you Millie !!!! 💛
So I've been at my new job for a little over a month now, andddd because they pay for your education, I just applied to attend Arizona State University online. :rock-hand: Digital Photography BFA here I come (hopefully)!
Ooooh congrats! I hope you enjoy your new journey! 👏 🖤🤩
This is so cool, congrats Gemma! 🤩👏🏼
Gemma G.S.


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