This weekend I plan to hit up another song I have planned. I'm still debating on what song that may be. Brutality has so many harsh grinding riffs that it's pinpoint a good acoustic riff without picking a song that was cleanly played. I'm thinking maybe famous lie. But even that song has clean parts everywhere.
Did anyone else see or hear that synyster gates delivered a guitar to a fans house and signed it for him, this is the kind of stuff that makes gates my idle!
I saw that on Johnny Christ's youtube yesterday. That was super rad, kid held himself together much much better than I would have!
Gabby Heafy
Yeah i saw!!! totally awesome!! he is the best!
Fcuk off. Hahaha. Ooops sorry my French.🤭Really? Woah…. Lucky Fan and seriously humble guitar player.! 😊🤘✊🐰🐇🐇🐇🐰
Both legend to be influence on even if u playing metal or rock genre. Those Chromatic movement, phrasing, leading tone and tension notes are part and pieces that can change a whole new vision be it in Metal, Rock and etc Brothers and Ladies of SYNNER Community. Hope whoever hearing dig it too. 🐰🐇🐇🐇🐰🤘✊

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Update on my project:

Spent 2 hours getting the guitar down for the first song. I also have noticed my truss rod needs a little loosening due to the cold weather hitting. May do a video about that adjustment before I continue. I've also given some thought of the other songs I plan to do.
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Thank you to everyone who popped into my Mario stream tonight! It was a blast to go thru some of my favourite tracks from that game and give em a try on guitar! I'll try to write out the tabs for them if anyone is interested! (Note they may not be 100% spot on, and also, what site/app is best to do this???)

Also also, if anyone would like to request some video game themes for me to try, lemme know and I shall add them to the list for a future stream! Cheers! 🤘 💀 🤘
William B.

There's this, what scale is this? It's like 1 second
missed the stream, maybe it's possible to have some sort of highlight that someone'll be streaming later
right now it's when it starts ( I don't have any ideas )
Quickie Question- How many of you watches any solo of whoever on the fretboard or on the pick technique. As of me i always watch the picking, shredding technique more than what they play on the fretboard.
William B.
I watch both, sometimes I'm thinking " heh wtf!? "
Hey Guyz/Ladies.. a quickie question. As this always happened to me. What do ppl called a musician who can plays cover but preferred to create their own songs and creativity from their inner state of mind and soul in place more often than playing covers. No doubt playing covers is fun!! But what do we called such musicians who love creating songs and when u jammed with ur band mates or others they don’t get you. Feeling Confused! 😅🙏🏼🐰🐇🐇🐇🐰🤘✊
Musicians/ artists instead of guitarist/bassist etc
Aite peepz this might soung alil coo coo for theory questions; but it’s important for me to know as a Freelance Musician/ Sessionist. Hope u guYz/Ladies can help me out here. Basically i recently enrolled myself learning only theory for my ABRSM Grade 1. 🤣 thou i do know my shit quite well as i thought i did.., i just realised certain questions came in to me in the dark. Hope anyone who knows the answers can explain to me.

Fill in the blank.
Question -

A Dotted Minim lasts as long as Crochet.

A Dotted Semibreve last as long as _____ Crochet

A Dotted Semibreve lasts as long as _____ Minim

A Dotted Minim last as long as ____ Quaver

A Dotted Crochet last as long as ____ Quaver

Question 2 - What is the full meaning of 3/4?
Why can't it just say whole notes and half notes? 😂
I have to translate this but I know the answers
I found this while looking for the meaning of those words. Seems like this channel has a few videos in this playlist you might like.

Thanks for the simple but direct explanation. Much appreciate! Thats what i Love abt this SYNNER Community! 🤘✊🐇🐰🐰🐰🐇
Just wondering.. I’ve ordered Syn gates lanyard and cap. Wonder how long does the merchandise shipping takes be to Ship to 🇸🇬 Singapore 🇸🇬 🤔
I'd like to ask. Do the notes on each fretboard or the notes on each scale have to be memorized?
Yes, but you'll find your way through it.
Alright looks like I have to focus on one chord to memorize the notes, thanks for the answer😅👍🏻
I would say the notes if the scales would be good enough unless u playing Jazz or bebop or fusion where keys started with More flat or sharps. ☺️🤘✊🐰🐇🐇🐇🐰🤘✊
Bros and BroDettes, i cant sleep.

Do any of you guys wanna see people comment on riffs videos in depth? Such as provide a thoughtful response more often and leave feedback besides the usual fare of "sounds good!" or " Im Liking it!" Like...why? why do you like it? need answers lol

I love discussing the creative processes people use to create riffs.
Serious question guys. Especially you seasoned players out there.

Do you ever feel like youre not that good even though youve been playing for years? However, to reassure yourself, you listen to those who have heard you play who say youre a great guitar player?

I feel like this sometimes

I dont think im alone either.

Share your thoughts in the comments below if youve experienced this and how you deal with it?
im curious
Every great and even decent player has a
certain sized bag of tricks that they pull
from. When it comes to soloing or lead
guitar, we transcribe licks either from our
own creation or from other players we
want to sound like. It's important however,
if you take from other players, to change
up their licks a little bit and make them
"your own". Good players sound like other
players but GREAT players sound like
themselves and I promise that even they
work diligently on this. Be sure to record
these on a phone or recording device
because I PROMISE YOU, if you do not take
the time to do this, you WILL forget them.
Rexxavier Mcgee
100% agree dude. I know that if an A7X fan listened to our ep chrysalis, specifically the song waiting in the shadows...theres a very Syn influenced bridge solo section that i wrote just by jamming in the studio during guitar tracking. No warning, just go kinda moment. Of course at the time i wasnt thinking "ok time to play a a7x soundalike bridge solo section" or anything. I just wanted something with melody and harmony. And i love the outcome.

Dont get too discouraged if you think your playing is too similar to another artist. Really. It just robs you of the opportunity to hone in on your skills.
I wish theres a Syn gates Guitar for Asian Singaporean like my size. Hahaha. I will Definitely buy 1! Ive been trying at my Guitar shops but sadly its just too big for me. Looks funny and weird. Like a small kid playing a massive guitar. As i know American, European, South America and me mates bck home in Downunder are naturally born with big size and height. 😅🙌🙏🏼


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