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I’m working so hard on this song so I can post it Sunday and be proud of it. 😭 Even though I’m tired and my body is hurting, I’ve been practicing hours after work to get it.
Alicia Willis
No doubt you’re going to nail it ! Just let loose and have fun !
Hey all, first time actually posting in here. I have been playing many of syns solos for some time now and plan on posting some in here eventually. I was working through exist but currently moved on to Nobody solo. Tabbing it out note for note, maybe when im done i can provide and see what you guys think 👍
Back again......

I did a thing:

I took a week off, which explains me being more present on the school instead of only lurking in the shadows XD.
Just wanted to say: respect, sir! You're an amazing human being! Thank you so much for all the time, work and thought you put into all these amazing videos! It's people like you that make me question what I want to leave behind, what is my contribution to this world - and in the process maybe (or not) find some semblance of meaning. Aaaaaaaanyway, I highly respect you and wish you all the best!
I got a difficult time expressing myself often but I also feel so in some ways, Thank you!
Lots of gear updates. I've graduated to a new AxeFX FM9, which I'm getting used to. I decided that for all the years I had the AxeFXIIXL+, I never REALLY dug deep into what it could do, so I signed up for a "master class" with Cooper Carter, the guy who engineered Syn's Cab Pack and also helped him translate his amp tones to AxeFX tones. It's wildly eye-opening, and I still have a long way to go.

I also have a glorious Ernie Ball Music Man JP-15 on the Fedex truck from Sweetwater. It's in the Purple Nebula finish, and I'm very excited to plug that in, and also learn how to dial in an acoustic tone with it, since it has a piezo pickup built in alongside the magnetic pickups.

I will be going live on SynTV with both in the next couple weeks - announcement to follow!
Whaddup Synners! I came out of my cave and made a hopefully helpful video:

Check it out!
Ed Seith
This is great bro, and it's so awesome to see you back here. A smidge of advice for you, though - when you hit a shit note, instead of grimacing and shouting at yourself, articulate it - bend it UP to the next note that works and shake the shit out of it. EVERYONE makes mistakes - learning how to recover from them is the best skill an improviser can have, IMO. Keep it up!!
Christian Schulze
Thank you Captain! I will do my best to consciously lean into it so that I can recover with grace!

This morning I had audition for an Ansemble Music team. It's for Art For Children community in my hometown. I played Smoke on The Water but in acoustic. A little bit hard, acoustic is not my best gear. The other guitarist are classical guutarist or fingerstylist. I'm the only guitarist who use pick and did some bends.😂
I don't know the result yet. I hope I can make to the team.
Javier Wienarjati
Thanks Jak, I'll give the update🥳
Ed Seith
Best of luck, Javier, but always know that just by being up there and auditioning, you've taken a step farther than 99% of all the people of the world. SERIOUSLY! It's brave and you're awesome!
Javier Wienarjati
Wow, thanks Ed, your words means a lot to me. Still no update yet, I will update here ASAP.🤩


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