I think Postys new album might be my album of the year, unless the boys release their new record then that will probably take the title.
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I’m going to be posting some more avenged covers today they’re not going to be anywhere near perfect as I can’t really sweep and play really fast bits but I will still give it a go as some of the songs I can play all off but have to switch to rhythm on solo bits I can’t play 🙏
I did a little experiment today, while tuning my guitar.. I tuned the whole guitar with the tuner but my tuner somehow stopped working while I reached the low e string.. [I tune from high e to low e].. so I tuned the low e by my ear... and that thing sounded heavy 😍.. I recorded it. And played a few songs.. but a little later when my tuner started working again.. I came to know that the low e string was not in perfect tune.. it was a bit down.. so I tuned it back up... although now it was in perfect tune, but it didn't sounded heavy like before.
We are nearly at the weekend again so how is everyone's week going so far?
I mean these are the biggest political decisions that need to be taken with serious consideration 😂
William B.
Tired, got a routine going that revolves around drumming. I need to group stuff and add time for rest. It's getting into my other stuff
like guitar playing but hopefully after some longer I won't get tired.
Your's good too?
Jeremy Healey
I’m working a lot of hours at work lately, then coming home and working at my home Reno’s 😰 haven’t had a lot of time for music lately, and I’ve been very slowing getting ready for my next SynTV stream. After things cool down a bit I will post a time!


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