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    Hey Synners! Come join the live Life Is But a Dream... album listening party today at 5pm PT! Excited to hear your thoughts and listen through the album together!

Hey! I’m still getting used to the site, it looks great! When it released, did all of our former riff/posts disappear? Cause I can’t find my video I posted before the new site
  • J

    Jak Angelescu

Hey there Matt! When was the last time you posted a riff on the previous school? I had another student ask this same question but she had posted nearly a year ago and we had had a massive sweep where a majority of the riffs got lost. However this may not be the case for you. Please let me know when it was the last time you posted a riff and I will look into it for you
Matt Wildman
I believe it was like a few days before the new site launched, it wasn’t long ago
Just found out about the new website :love:
I already liked the difference in the videos. You show your hands/fingers and that makes it easier to understand and play while your dad shows up in person which makes it kind of "real". Like sitting right in front of a teacher in real life. That is awesome and I´m a grateful grapefruit for that :giggle:(y)
Alina Peterson
It´s dark and cold in Germany right now. Best opportunity to go through all the lessons.
Have you ever realized all the cool things you can do with bends? Like, for example the solo for Fermi Paradox (one of my favs) the liks with bends that syn uses are fucking next level!! He does not just bend, he 'speaks' with the bends, dont know if you are understanding, but omfg I just love it! Felt in love with that!! Listen to the solo to understand. *John Petrucci does the same*
Ids Schiere
I know exactly what you mean! David Gilmour is a pro in that as well!
Rute Rodrigues
Yeah totally! I'm in love with it! 🎩


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