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advise with buying a guitar

I am looking for some cheap good 8 string or 7 string tremolo guitar. I have one tip. It's SubZero Generation 8 Electric Guitar, 8-String, Jet Black. It doesn't look bad, I love these easy black styles. Well, 6000Kč is a standard price for regular "starting" guitars like Cort KX100, which I am using.

I want great heavy sound from the guitar, types of pickups don't matter, but I prefer at least double humbucker and single-coil or double humbucker like on my guitar.
If you have something interesting for me, please let me know. I want something with price 0Kč - 15000Kč (0USD - 700USD)

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Help with a guitar and Amp that I found

Hello guys, I need your help! Well I was cleaning my house and I found this electric guitar some weeks ago, I don’t know the brand it is so it’s a good one? Also it has old strings (and a broken one) so any cheap strings recommendations? Also I remember that my dad bought it like 13 years ago but never used it like a lot so it doesn’t matter that it’s old?hahah sorry, I’m so lost with this.

Also I found this amp in a corner of a room, how do I know if it works? I don’t know when it was bought soooo🤨help me 🥺

If I’m not incorrect I need like a cable to connect the guitar with the amp but I didn’t found it so 😬 what do you suggest?

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Quality Low Budget Acoustic Amp

Hey y’all !
As the title suggests I’m looking for a quality, low budget, acoustic amp. I love my Ovation, but she’s meant to be plugged in and sounds better that way IMO. We used to have a Boss Katana that had an acoustic setting which was wonderful, but we no longer have it. I just want something small I can make minor adjustments with to give her a more robust sound when needed.
Unplugged,Baby (yes…that’s her name lol), sounds a bit too bright for my liking for most of the things I like to play.

Any recommendations?

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Question about blending different amps into one guitar track

Hi guys i was trying to record guitars for my songs, and i've heard about blending different amps into one guitar track but i don't have a clue how is it done. so if some one can enlight me on this would be great.

PD: I would want to do this with Virtual amps like bias fx 2 or Amplitube since i don't have any real amp with me now.

ANNOUNCEMENT: Your Synner Team


We wanted to take a moment to bring all of you up to speed on the Synner site’s leadership after recent changes. First, we’d like to announce the addition of Radu-Cristian Perde to the team. Radu has been an integral part of the school for a long time, and brings a ton of knowledge about guitar, bass, and especially audio and video production, as anyone lucky enough to attend his recent webinar can affirm.

While the majority of the critical decision-making for the school will be made collectively by the five of us, Radu will be the most prominent face and voice of the leadership team, and we’re excited about the energy, direction and fun he will bring to our community.

As Syn and Papa Gates have been saying recently, there are a lot of exciting changes coming to the School, the site and the Synner brand in the near future, and as a leadership team we are committed to bringing it all to you in the best possible way.

Your Leadership Team...

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how to tune octaves

I have a little problem. I heard that if you want to play at high frets, it's better to tune octaves. Well I know that the sound must be the same when you play 12th fret and harmonics at 12th fret. I cleaned my guitar (Cort KX100 BKM) and put new strings. Now, harmonics and 12th fret sounds the same, but I think, that it doesn't have tuned octaves properly. Does someone have any ideas or know some apps, that can help me to tune it properly? Well I can hear little difference when I play a note and band it little bit.
Thanks for every idea and help.
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Amp Settings

Hello guys, I'm Despoina and I'm playing guitar for almost a year. I bought my first electric guitar with an amp a couple of months ago. The amp is the Marshall mg15gfx, But since I got it I couldn't find a sound that I like. Of course my playing is still really bad so that is a factor but I was wondering if I'm doing anything else wrong. So here are the setting that I'm using: For clean warm sound: bass:~8,middle:~5,treble:~3, For bright clean: bass:~3, middle:~5,treble:~8 For rock and metal I use the OD1 channel but I'm really strangling to find the right settings. Currently I'm learning some Metallica songs and the tone it's really bad. I would really appreciate if anyone can help me.
My English isn't really good, so I'm sorry if I made any mistakes :)

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Alternate picking problem.

Hi, I've been playing for almost 10 years. I practice everyday for about 30mins to 1 hour. I was able to play alternate picking at some medium tempo but there used to so much string noises (hitting extra strings while switching), so I changed my picking grip and position. If I were to play on a single string, I can play up to a speed of 150BPM but when I play on multiple strings using alternate picking technique, my picking speed reduces to about 100BPM. Can anyone help me with this? What could be my problem.

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Syn! Any Tips on Whammy Sounds?

I've had my Schecter DS Omen Ex 6 for about a year now, (and since this is the one with the tune-o-matic bride) I'm not able to get those awesome whammy divebombs like Syn. Just wanted to ask if there was any way to mimic or at least replicate that sound in Studio One or something like that. Does anybody have any ideas?

Also wanted to ask in advance if Syn Gates could explain how to best engage the audience with different solo styles, like if basic sweeping or improvisation works best to capture their attention?

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Whammy bar size for Synyster Standard Diamond Series

Hey guys, I've just gotten my brand new Schecter Synyster Standard Diamond Series and I've been looking for what tremolo bar to get that fits it, but I can't find any particular size for the "Floyd Rose Hot Rod Special" bridge that it has. Could anyone link me to a whammy bar that would fit or hint me on the size that I need to get? Thanks!

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Were there guitars with fading pinstripes

Hey guys,
I am currently looking for what guitar to buy, and planned to most likely go for the Syn Custom S, maybe black gold, maybe white black, not sure yet.
I heard something, that there was a model once, I think it was for the black and golden ones, where the pinstripes faded.
Was this a thing, or is it still a thing? OR was it just some people being bad at caring for their instrument.
I really love the paint job and the sound, and want to get the guitar, but I don´t want to get surprised by fading paint.

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Transcribing and translation team

I was wondering if the staff already has a date to gather the volunteers as a team to start the subtitles process. I mean, I got plenty of time in my hands right now and I could utilize this to work with other people to bring this to life ASAP. Even if the subtitles can't be available in the videos for a while, because of website host/platform issues whatsoever, at least the transcribing/translation work could be done already, so this would become a reality sooner. When can we expect the official post for the volunteers team?