Is it worth it to learn something you know is kinda out of your reach? Asking for a friend....
Radu-Cristian Perde
Yes, have a go at it. There are chances that it might not work out but that doesn't mean you won't gain any experience out of it. Have your first go, see where it leads. Maybe you'll be surprised! Worst case scenario, you will be better prepared for your 2nd go at it and you'll be better prepared to tackle it ;) Good luck :)
Millie Imber
#WhatRaduSaid. Also, it's fun to give yourself a challenge! It's much better to take the "risk" and give it a go, even if it doesn't quite go as planned, than to avoid it and possibly miss out on a lot of progress and experience regardless of what happens. Seize the song!
Jamie London
ive been working on playing Nick Drakes music for a loooong time now and it still seems so unobtainable to me, but I’ve learned a ton just trying that I’ve been able implement in other areas of playing, as well as in my song writing philosophies
Hey Synners!

For those who don't know, I've been posting on my IGTV on extra guitar tips that are not commonly shared from majority of the online lessons be it from a school or YouTube tutorials ;)

These tips are based on questions that I've been asked from my followers, who despite watching the existing lessons and tutorials out there, still don't understand, and wish to have me break it down into simpler terms for them.

Head over to my IG to check'em out!

Cheers! :rock-hand: :rock-hand:
“Press my asshole up against the window, then i spread my cheeks and smile...
Stick my dick right out the fucking window, and I take a piss on mankind”

Gotta say, I love the lyrical changes Bungle made to “Summer Breeze” 😂

Radu-Cristian Perde
Pure poetry if you ask me
Jamie London
That’s what I’m saying!
Hi guys! It's normal to play pitched harmonics when you don't want and when you want to play it, you can't get the best sound.
Btw mby I found the best position for PH. It's right between the neck and neck pickup (on Cort KX100 BMK). Does anyone knows the best position, where I am "supposed" to play PH?
Have a nice day :)
You're not supposed to make those sound when you don't want to. Look into your picking technique to control is better. Maybe you're angling the pick wrong or aren't muting the strings right. The same gpes for learning how to play that. Where you get the best sound is different on each guitar, so try to find your sweet spot.
Been practicing The Unforgiven lately and I'm so happy because I'm actually SEEING my progress on this song 🙀
I'm currently on the intro but it looks like I'm getting Kirk's part faster than James', which is good because I'll probably get stuck on the solo in the future 🤣 so when I get there, I'll have some more time to learn it 🤣 but it's also bad because the intro and the chorus are the same and how the hell am I supposed to play James' parts AND sing it? 😩
Thinking about posting a video soon but my lazy ass never want to take off those pajamas 💀
Thank you @Radu-Cristian Perde! 🤣🍀 I'm definitely fingerpicking it because I really can't do it with a pick, but it's hard with fingers anyway 🤣 so thanks for the advices! 🤩
Hey @Aquamandy you better learn the full song this time because I will! I just don't know if I'll do it til the end of 2021 but one day I swear I will 😎
@redlipsofdeceit Sys 🗣🗣 I'm laughing so much 🤣 I love when you two just randomly start throwing shades at each other you know 🤣
Fixing my editing computer is taking longer then expected, so I won't be able to edit the covers I have been recording. Might be a couple weeks, but I'll try to get some small practice recording out in the coming week :)