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SSP Daily Practice Schedule

I've seen recently a lot of people talking about how they feel like they aren't making progress and are becoming unmovtivated to play. I've been there and I know it sucks, but personally whenever I see that I am making progress whether during practice or even another day and have those "wow I couldn't do that before!" moments, it makes me really happy and I show all my friends even if they don't know wth i'm talking about it just makes it worth it to me haha. It wasn't always like this for me though I did a lot of research and learned to "practice, with the intent to get better", having that in my mind made all the difference for me so please save yourself years of frustration and think about that next time you get your guitar and start to practice and see how much faster you improve.

It's good to just have fun and improvise but if you're really trying to get better you need to dedicate time to that specifically, ideally every day, and not make the mistake of just noodling around and not pushing your limits, or you will just be noodling at that same level for ever, which is why I decided to make this 1 hour practice schedule and pass this knowledge that helped me on to all of you who read this and hopefully can help you to become a better player and make better use of this amazing resource we have here.

Try to do this or even your own variation of this everyday with the intent to get better

PART 1 - WARM UPS (Ideally warm ups that get you better as well as you're doing them)
5 minutes - Left hand warm up (legato phrases are great for this as they help you get better as well as warm up your left hand)
5 minutes - Right hand warm up (alternate picking phrases/scales/chord shapes for the same reason as above or even just chromatic runs ie. 1-2-3-4 up and down)

PART 2 - VOCABULARY BUILDING (To learn neck and epic shred licks)
15 minutes - Go learn and memorize a lesson/phrase from the course
15 minutes - Practice scales and arpeggios you already know, even if what you just learned is the all you know, start at BPM you're comfortable with, make sure you can play it clean 5 times at least, then increase metronome anywhere from 1-5 BPM and if you can't play it clean within a couple tries it would be smart to lower BPM a few to get it cleaner and start from there

20 minutes - The fun part! Apply what you've learned and jam over the backing tracks to really lock in what you learn. If you select recordings on the lessons there are backing tracks to play over, or you can even use that to figure out the key of what you're looking for and look up backing tracks on youtube, there are so many cool ones in different styles, bpm, etc. This will eventually allow you to shred and bust out these techiques you are learning on the fly.

Train your brain to WANT to practice more

Usually after I do this routine I end up jamming/writing for a while or maybe if i'm really into it that day i'll keep practicing for even longer, maybe the same thing again or change it up a bit, and sometimes it's all I do that day, but it's okay because I know that I spent that hour improving mah skills.

Hope this helps someone that needs it, good luck as me anything.
I have some warm ups that helped me a lot i do pretty much every day that personally I think are worth gold that i'll try to get around to uploading for you guys too.

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Guitar is just nothing but frustration 24/7

Over the years I have been playing guitar I have become very aware of the problems I have when playing guitar but no matter how hard I try or how many hours I put into watching YouTube videos on the issues nothing seems to get better. It's getting to the point where I dont want to play because its just a constant loop of "wake up, try to play something, fumble around because my technique is horse sh*t and then go to sleep feeling like im making no progress and wasting my time"

I do have a personal guitar teacher which has helped a lot but outside of lessons it can be difficult to maintain progress

The issues I find are:

When I get to the E and A strings when trying to pick lead lines my wrist is practically at a 90 degree angle to my arm and there is a lot of tension in my shoulder as there is no support for my arm as the strings are so close to my body. I have had some success with moving my arm instead of relying on my wrist for all the movement as the natural curvature of the wrist motion is what creates the awkward angles on higher strings.

When I am picking, the strings seem to be immovable, with every stroke it feels as though the pick is having to work unnecessarily hard to push through as apposed to a gliding motion that I see people like syn possess.

Following on from the gliding motion, I find with my picking that the motion of picking in general (because of the reason above) is very jerky. Going across strings foes not feel like a smooth movement, instead every string feels like its disconnected from each other and there are large jumps required to get to each string.

I constantly change picking positions and styles based on what strings I am playing due to discomfort and its difficult to find one that works across all strings

Lastly, I find that my fingers tend to uncurl themselves or move about when playing which is less than Ideal

Does anyone have any tips because it feels as though Im wasting my time trying to learn as I have made as I haven't made any more progress in the 10 years I have been playing than the first 3.

It's good to be back!

What's up my friends? Haven't been on here in a while... But for a good reason. Decided to get a job over the summer and finally get myself a proper guitar that will have everything I need. So I present you... My Jackson RX10D Rhoads. It's everything I've always wanted. Plays so fucking well. Now is the time to practice, practice, practice. It's good to be back. 😎

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Triad Chord Theory and Chords in A Key

I know that papa gates uploaded lessons on the circle of fifths where syn mentions key signatures, where are the lessons on key signatures and chords in a key. The intermediate lessons cover a variety of theory but I can’t find lessons on key theory. Lastly, I understand building chords lessons covers triads but are there more lessons that go into triad chord theory? Please link the lessons I can’t find them in the school.

On Single-Pickup Guitars

What's up everyone! It's definitely been a while since I've posted, but I thought I would share something interesting I've been thinking about lately, and maybe get peoples' opinions as well.

Recently, I picked up a guitar with a single bridge pickup, and it's been an interesting experience in a really good way. At first it seems like something that would be really limiting, but with very little break-in period it feels really normal. That aside, it also forces you to get creative beyond your equipment to achieve a certain tone. You focus less on your gear and more on your technique and playing to get to the end result. "Tie one hand behind your back, and you get doubly skilled with the other"-type deal, if you will.

I figured I'd write down my thoughts, and maybe hear input from other people!

Please help me identify this Schecter Synyster Custom-S guitar

Hey everyone:

I need your help to identify this guitar that I just got from music store inventory sale today.
I thought it's a legit Schecter Synyster Custom-S guitar but I realized there are some noticeable differences.
First of all, the toggle switch are in different spots than normal custom-s models.
Mine are placed parallel to the stripes but normally they should be slanted.
Also, the knobs have same pictures as the headstock on top of it, which I've never seen on other Synyster Gates models.
I'm not sure it's limited edition or just aftermarket replacements?
And the backplate and control cavity design, I've searched online about how it supposed to look like, and mine looks totally different than the others...

Normally I would thought it's a fake and bring it back to store for refund.
However, I've tested t the guitar, it feels exactly like my old Synyster Gates Custom (white body gold stripes)
The Sustainiac and Seymour Duncan Invader sounds exactly like what they supposed to sound like.
The hardwares look and feel legit, I've owned many Floyd Rose bridge guitar so I know how it suppose to look and feel like.
The fret work, and craftmanship and the feel of the guitar is just like my other Schecter (I've owned a White Synyter Gates Custom, a Hellraiser C1 FR, a PT Hybrid and a Hellraiser C-8 Hybrid in the past)
I do believe this guitar is genuine.
It has hard case and sustainiac manual and wiring diagram included as well.

The problem is, I've search online for the whole day but I couldn't find anyone else has the same spec as mine.
Is it possible a prototype? a limited edition? or a factory leaked model? or something else?
I really hope it's not a high quality replica/fake.
If anyone knows about this guitar please let me know, thanks!


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New Guitar Day!

So with Covid and all, things have been all sorts of fucked up. Plagued with delays and lack of production in everything. From my career side in the automotive world to my passion in music.
I ordered this beauty about 5 months ago and today is finally the day! New guitar day!
introducing my new Schecter E-1 Special Edition:rock-hand::rock-hand::rock-hand:

Hello Community

I play for a bunch of years, got back to it and was looking for lessons and this was recommended.
Looking to learn some more of guitar, my current goal is to get some more chops and play the "Shepherd of fire" solo,
I like the forum format better
The contests look fun as well

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cool cool alright (y)peace s

Captain Ed's AOTM - September: Def Leppard - On Through the Night

Anyone who knows me knows that I've been a Def Leppard fan for DECADES, and I still jam on plenty of their classic tracks. I really don't care for their new stuff, and a lot of the radio single fluff (Pour Some Sugar on Me, for example) I really don't like much at all, but if you listen to most Def Leppard albums, even the recent ones, there are a handful of tunes that you'll never hear on the radio, and they'll never play live. They're not radio songs. No singles. No drippity dippity stupid lyrics. Deep tracks. Tracks that hint at the band they used to be. The band that just wrote what they liked and performed it full of piss and vinegar. The band that modern Def Leppard has all but disowned.

Back in 1979/80, drummer Rick Allen still had both arms, bassist Rick Savage's face wasn't sagging on one side from a degenerative disease, singer Joe Elliot had a horrific perm on his dark brown hair, Steve Clark was alive, and wore his Les Paul below his fucking knees, while trying to keep pint-sized alcoholic firebrand Pete Willis sober enough to play a solid set. Phil Collen, long before he was cut up like aging beefcake, was off in lipstick and eye shadow playing for a glam band called Girl. Before they met Mutt Lange and refined their sound for American audiences.

That's the band that made On Through the Night. The band that lived up to their genre - NWOBHM. The New Wave of British Heavy Metal. THAT band was spoken in the same sentences with Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, and others, and they weren't doing it ironically or with a wink.

The production is pretty spartan, and it sounds like an album made for little money in 1979, but the brilliant songwriting and arranging was there. The performance was there. Def Leppard were FIRE in 1980. From the opening salvo of Rock Brigade, to the semi-balladry of Sorrow is a Woman, the first hints of epicness in When the Walls Came Tumbling Down - so much energy. So much FIRE. So much talent. Amazing lead guitar work from Willis and Clark.

As we get into side 2, opening with more spitting venom with Wasted and Rocks Off, before wrapping with Answer to the Master and the truly epic closer Overture...

Man, I just love this record.

The first two "heavy" albums I ever had were Quiet Riot's Metal Health and Def Leppard's Pyromania in 1983. I quickly moved past QR, but Def Leppard had some older shit I wanted to mine. Lots of people say High N Dry is their best record - Mutt was in there helping, but he hadn't fully taken over yet. High N Dry is awesome, too, and I love it, but man, when I heard On Through the Night? THAT was my gateway into heavier, proggier stuff like Maiden and that opened a million doors that my ears couldn't get enough of.

Give it a listen, and let me know what you think. Like all albums from that era, it's not long AT ALL by today's standards - probably 40 minutes, tops. It's a totally different Def Leppard than you're used to.

BONUS TRACKS from other albums that rule: Die Hard the Hunter and Billy's got a Gun on Pyromania, Gods of War on Hysteria, White Lightning and Tear it Down on Adrenalize, From the Inside and Ring of Fire on Retro Active, and Paper Sun and Kings of Oblivion on Euphoria.

DIY complete guitar setup with Uncle Ben

Uncle Ben just dropped a new video where he walks you through a set up of a new guitar. Gives a good overview of the stuff you can easily do yourself to get your guitar playing at it's best.

The difference in playability with a well setup guitar is huge, take a deep breath and give it a go!

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Metalcore suggestions

K. So I've been listening to WTF a lot lately. Love Shads vocals. Anyone have any suggestions for metalcore bands that sound similar? I'll admit that WTF is the closest I've ever been to metalcore. Unless you count Linkin Park (Hybrid Theory) but I think they're classed as Nu-Metal. They often come up as suggested videos when searching for A7X on youtube though. Thanks.

Riff challenge (yes again)

Guess what's back back again shaft's back call your friends....oops wrong context but anyways it seemed like fun to bring the riff challenge back for funzies.

Basically, how this works is that you can challenge somebody to play a riff and when they learn it they can post a recording of them playing it (can be first minute, whole song whatever floats your boat really) and after you finished your challenge you can challenge somebody else

You can obviously also just come in here and scream 'CHALLENGE ME' so we can challenge you to learn through the fire and the flames or something

So who's first?


:syngates:Yo Family! This months #AOTM is Kimono My House by a band that has truly flown under the radar, Sparks.

Finally, a band that I introduced to the Rev. There weren’t many, but I’m proud to have this genius collection of UCLA art grads as one of those few. Can’t take all the credit tho, Papa Gates blessed me with this 3rd eye opening collection of music.

Id prefer that you guys went into this knowing nothing. I will share my thoughts and any stories in the comments section.

Can’t wait to hear the effects of this on all of you!

All my love,


Technique and the Modern Guitarist - thoughts after seeing Guns n Roses

So I went to Guns n Roses in Phoenix last night, and overall it was a really good show. Axl's voice is nearly shot - he has trouble enunciating, and his middle register is just... GONE, but still a solid showman. It was a nearly three hour show featuring several extended guitar spotlights among music that already features a lot of guitar. It was excessive and indulgent, which - honestly - fits perfectly with the GnR brand, so - SPOT ON.

However, one of the things I was noticing, and it's something that comes up here a lot, when people are trying to find Syn's tone to sound like him. If you're watching a close-up of Slash's left-hand technique on a 30 foot screen, it looks like someone is randomly slapping four meaty, slightly burnt hot dogs against a fretboard. By all accounts, his left-hand technique would be considered ATROCIOUS.

But THAT is exactly why he ALWAYS sounds like Slash.

The amp and the guitar and the neck pickup, etc, are a tangible part of it (and they are how Slash gets INSPIRED to play his best), but the REAL reason Slash sounds like Slash is that his technique is sloppy, greasy, and ham-handed, and it's fucking glorious.

Keep that in mind when you're trying so hard to play something EXACTLY according to perfect technique - there's a time and place for that, but don't forget that the two biggest parts of sounding like YOU are right down at the end of your arms, and don't try to practice all that originality out of yourself.