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Roadie Job?

So I absolutely love music, and I love metal most of all. I eventually want to make it big with a band, but not sure where to start, lol. So I was thinking, “What if I somehow got a job as a roadie for a band?” I think it would be a good way to get a little experience in the industry I want to be in, but at the same time, it kinda feels like a bit of a ridiculous idea.
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Two Fancy Dudes #1

Weekend is here folks! Hope you had a great week.

My boy @Jamie London and I wanted to start a new show for Syntv. We're still figuring out the kinks but in essence, we just wanna come and talk about some of the news that interest us and just have a nice chill conversation.

Our first show will be tomorrow at 13h PST/16h EST/22h CET/. We will be talking about superhero movies, Warner Bros cancellations and much more so without further ado, we hope to see you tomorrow for the first edition of TWO FANCY DUDES!!!

Link: https://live.audent.io/syntv/channels/rad-synner/streams/fcd7f33b-976e-4382-815a-4a7f50d8f321


Should i be proud of this critical acclaim singing?

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I am very tentative of calling myself a singer to new people, with my own songs I'm great but m.shadows is a different breed. M.shadows was partly the reason I didnt know I had potential to sing. Because his singing is very good etc and hard. I hope I'm turning a new leaf in my singing.
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Anyone ever heard of sammy boller on here?

I met this guy Sammy boller last year when my band opened up for him in New Hampshire. He is a phenomenal guitar player and was super nice. We exchanged cds and tshirts. He has a solo project where all his music is instrumental and he also has another band that I can't remember the name of at the moment. Anyways He came out with a new single today and I thought it sounded really cool. Give it a listen.
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Putting the fun back into playing and breaking harmful mindsets

Hi guys, as many of you know over the past few months, I have been practicing my technique heavily and I am finally getting to the point where for the first time I am happy with my playing. It has come after a long time of frustration, triumphs and many ups and downs and I am so pleased that it has all paid off.

That being said, I feel it has come at a price.

I have been so hard on myself for pretty much the entire time I have been playing guitar. Always mentally putting myself down for not knowing any music theory, not being creative, only being able to play in 1 position of the major and minor scale etc. It has taken a toll and has made me think that despite the progress I have made in my technique, that I will never get to a place where I can say that I am the player I want to be.

I no longer feel like playing guitar is fun but more of a chore because I do it to get better at playing, not for enjoyment and I cant seem to break that mindset because I feel as though I still have far too much to learn on to be messing around and having fun. Its a really bad mindset and I honestly don't know how to break out of it so any advice would be greatly appreciated :)

Im done with this unfruitful pursuit. Goodbye shredding for now.

Whaddup synners, been a while.

I have been soul searching for a while lately.
Things have stopped making sense.

I soon will have played guitar for six years.
Ever since encountered this site, my mind was obsessed with shredding( since most of the songs I like have sick shredding solos, that of course did not help).

I spent a good while on learning how to shred, but has it actually made me a better musician? Fuck no!

My end goal was always to learn how to express myself with music...so what have I done for that? Waste time attempting to shred...getting frustrated and making guitar a choir and less fun.

So I forfeit for now. I fist got to properly learn how to walk and then how to fly.

I want to have fun again. And that is where I will spend for now my time on.

That's all.

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Mr Bungle in The Stage - B Side

Several fans have FILLED THE PATIENCE of the guys over the new album. 🫠 This insistence annoys me so much!
Man, when this album is done, this shit is done! It just like that.
Some are impatient and I honestly still haven't gotten over The Stage B side! 🤘😩✨
Seriously, how many times did you heard “Dose”? or Retrovertigo?! 🤯🥵 Bro, Mr Bungle is my favorite band, and my ANOTHER FAVORITE BAND recording one of their songs, it made me like AAAAAAAAA you know? 🥹🤏
And Runaway? Man, how I wish Zacky Vengeance would do vocals in the band again! 😩
What's your favorite The Stage - B Side?

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Best metalcore album

Out of these 4 albums what is the best one?

  • Waking the Fallen - Avenged Sevenfold

    Votes: 10 100.0%
  • Reckless and Relentless - Asking Alexandria

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Eye of Providence - The Agonist

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Ascendency - Trivium

    Votes: 0 0.0%

There are a LOT of metalcore albums each one with their own unique sound and I was thinking which one could be considered the best or one of the best metalcore albums ever.
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Custom S UK - can anyone find one?

Hello lovely people of Synner!
I want to buy the Synyster Custom S in black and silver. I have searched my black heart out and cannot find one for love nor money. I'm in the UK. I flirted with the idea of shipping to me or buying second hand but I want a new one I think. Unfortunately I can only find pre orders for next year😢
I'm just wondering if any of you lovely people have come across any whilst guitar browsing? I make chocolates as a hobby if that's an incentive to anyone 🤣 I'm sure I could knock up some deathbat ones as a thank you ha ha 😍
But seriously any help is much appreciated.
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Making of Self-Titled's B-side & Until The End

Heyyaaa all!

After Papa Gates' PG Stream #3 the other day, I kinda had a question in mind after he answered my question on which songs off of Diamonds in the Rough was his favorite, where he answered "Until The End". The question, to @Syn Gates , is whether there was a "Making Of" document-interview done for the B-Sides song as well. We know there's a 'Making of' for the songs that made it on the Self-Titled album, and little webclips and studio tours, but there didn't seem to be any for the B-sides, asides from short clips of Syn and Zacky recording Demons.

Also, a buddy of mine and myself have been discussing for a good hour or two on the arrangement for "Until The End" - in particular from the bridge, until the end(pun intended). Great track! Would be great if @Brian Haner Sr. could share a little behind that track, if memory serves.

Cheers! :rock-hand: :rock-hand:

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Parental Guidance with PG #4

Y'all know the drill by now! This is just to announce the stream so y'all can book the date ;)

This time, we wanted to do the stream on a Saturday to hopefully see more of y'all so note the date, bring your girlfriends/boyfriends/friends/pets to come catch the stream and I will see y'all very soon!

Have a great day!

- Rad

Stray Stream - Part Two on 7th Aug!

Hey everyone! Everyone seemed to really enjoy the first stream of Stray last week, so I'm pleased to announce that I will be playing more of it for you all LIVE on SynTV this Sunday at 8pm GMT / 12pm PT / 2pm CT!

Last time was a roller-coaster of emotions and fun, so please do tune in and enjoy it if you're able to! Of course, if you missed the first part, want a refresher or can't make it this weekend, you can always catch the replay!

Looking forward to seeing you there! 🐱❤️


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How would one go about getting an A7X style to my playing and writing?

I am a new guitar player with a knowledge in theroy(to a degree) and those things from other instruments. I want to have my own style obviously although want to get an A7X'Y feel. IF that makes sense. I dont quite understand how or when one should put certain parts of a song together. I.E I have several riffs that sound fairly Early to mid A7X'x although as soon as I finish playing one Idk what to do. Should I write a verse? If so what makes it not boring. This whole repition is ok to a certain mesure is new to me as before guitar I was and still am a classical musicain. Any help is much apreatciated!!

A7X Song lessons

Hi guys so I've been toying with the idea of starting lesson/tutorial videos on how to play some Avenged songs. With learning a lot of songs completely by ear over the years, I've developed my song transcribing to a point where I pride myself on being able to do it very accurately. Especially with Avenged just cause I've obsessed over the guitar parts since I was like 13. Is this something you guys would like to see? Would you guys prefer to have tabs in the video? I've never created tabs just because I haven't used them to learn songs in years but if it's something you guys feel is necessary I'll be sure to look in to it. Would you guys prefer to see just solo lessons or full songs? Let me know all suggestions welcome.

My first cover video

Finally made my first cover video! My playing is a little sloppy for my first video but what I'm looking for is feedback on the quality of sound and lighting so if anyone has any constructive criticism or advice they'd like to give please share! I'm still learning and trying to figure all of this out on my own while trying to get something together for my first performance at this open mic night :) Login to view embedded media


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