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Figuring out a guitar part by ear, having trouble

This song has no live recording, music video, guitar tab or guitar cover online, so I've been relying solely on my ear to figure it out.

There's a part that the Guitarist (named you) plays that has completely stumped me. Here's the part for reference:

Login to view embedded media (around 1:01-1:04)

This guy is also one of the top 10 best guitarists in Japan so I'm not exactly beating myself up for not being able to play it, haha. Can someone help me figure out how he plays this?

A returning synner..


I don’t know if any of you really remember me 😅 It definitely has been a while, 3 years to be exact. I’ve been playing but not very often as life got in the way. I started singing, usually in my car while I’m driving to work because no one can hear me then 😂

Because of the singing I was finally able to learn gunslinger and danger line solos by ear in a martter of hours! I didn’t even have the ability to play those solos couple months ago. So stoked the progress!

Now I’m stuck with the fast part of hail to the king solo. I somewhat got it but not quite there. I feel like there’s maybe something wrong with my technique. ..So I decided to ask for help and any tips from you!

Ps. This forum has changed a lot! So I apologize if I’m doing something wrong here. I feel like I don’t know how to use this forum 😅

Anyways. Here’s the link to my recording: Login to view embedded media

New Guy here.

Hey All. New to the site, been around guitar for a great many years, but consider myself top be a Begintermediate. I have learned tings through the years and have some knowledge, but have not always applied those things to physical playing/technique. There was a time about 35 years ago that I practiced a loy (nearly 8 hours a day) because I wanted to be a pro musician (Steve Lukather was my role model). I was set to audition to study at the Wiscionsin Conservartory of Music Diploma program and 2 weeks before my audition I ran my fretboard hand into a Band Saw blade at work. After that I gave up the idea of playing, I placed my guitar in its case and it was stored for nearly 10 years. I became an Electronics tech. I have buiolt and repaired tube amps, built effects and even tried my hand at building a guitar from scratch, had a nasty skin reaction to the dust from teh Bolivian Rosewood that I was making the neck from and ended up going with maple. Anyway these days I am a Husband and a dad to a kid that lives his life with extreme autism and I don't necessarily have a lot of time for practice, but I know that having a guitar (or 5) in my life makes things better. I currently practice through an all digital rig with a Line 6 Helix Floor and Seymour Duncan Powerstage 700 at its heart. Being as that I was a kid in the 70's and today I listen to bands like AX7 my musical taste varies and covers Classical, Rock, Jazz, Metal, Country, R&B, Varius forms of International Cultural music. Looking foward to taking some information from the site to walk away with and give me something to work on. I guess that is enough about me.


Sooo, I am not going to be on much and I would have to convince my mom to let me have discord. But I am going to start college soon and with my mental health of being able to multitask which I can’t do that at all. Even though I live on a farm I have been having struggles between farm chores and house chores and keeping up with them and being able to do things I like and keeping things at a decent medium I guess, found a mass in my good testicle and I don’t go back for scans till like the end of the year I think. But if I get discord I will gladly join but until then I will be on my way!!

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Hey everyone!

It’s been a while since we last made an update on things and there are good reasons for it. In the past year, Syn and the team have been thinking about the evolution of Synner and today we are ready to announce the first phase of this new chapter.

The first change is that the forums will drastically be reduced and will be used for questions about the lessons content (lessons content only) for the moment.

We invite you all to join the Official Avenged Sevenfold Discord as all the community aspects of Synner will happen on there from now on.

The second change is about the lessons. You all know by now that we had a little incident last year with our lessons. We are still working hard to recover and re-sync them all and while we made a lot of progress, it will take time before it’s all back up to normal.

More importantly, the lessons will migrate to SynTv which is where the focus of our attention will be in the next phase. Their transfer will begin shortly, in the next couple days/week.

I know that this will come as bad news for some of you. But know that all those decisions were taken after much consideration following the vision that Syn has for Synner. This is the start of something new as we aim to have the most modern experience with the best technology for everyone. And while the form changes, Synner is here to stay!

If you have any question, we will be happy to answer them below.

Thank you everyone!

Coming Back And Wanting To Catch Up

Hey everyone, how have you all been?

I know it's been like, over a month since I've posted. @Christian Schulze and I had done a few of the Worlds Collide chats and we're going to continue to do them, but man I needed a break for a while. I've been really sorting my life out. It's weird what happens when things kind of finally start falling into place. I haven't played guitar much at all because I've been so busy working on my book, among other personal things. But I've noticed that there are a LOT of new faces here, and still some old ones!

So I just wanted to ask the newer students to introduce themselves, and also seeing what the alumnis have been up to here.

Much love everyone!

A great music theory primer

I know that some people find music theory and standard notation to be nigh-impenetrable, so I'd like to share a resource that, based on a quick search, doesn't seem to have ever been mentioned in the SGS.

Keep in mind I'm no researcher—just another dude on the internet, so everything I say is purely based on my limited observation and is in no way meant to belittle anyone, because music theory is hard.

Teoría is a site that includes both an introduction to music theory as well as exercises to practice ear training, sight singing, and the theory introduced by the tutorials. For understanding a good majority of everyday music, teoría has you covered in the first five modules; the sixth module on musical forms is mostly only useful for those studying classical repertoire—I say mostly because the last section Phrases, Periods, and Motives can be useful if you want to understand why certain song and verse structures work as they do.

I would say my only gripe about the material is that, at the time of writing—though I have just submitted feedback about this via the site's contact form—there seems to be no explicit mention of the fact that, in a traditional seven-note Western scale, whatever it may be, each base letter A–G must appear exactly once, something that explains partially why accidentals matter. It's an implicit convention that's really important for the sanity and consistency of standard notation but that, because it's implicit, is probably overlooked or dismissed—a real pain if you've ever looked at the standard notation for a tab on UG.

I hope this helps someone. And take it slooow. Learning music theory is hard. I picked it up as a young kid through my piano lessons—group lessons by a wonderful teacher whose curriculum placed great emphasis on music theory—and it took several years to get to a reasonably high level. Granted, the pace was intentionally not too fast, likely so as not to overwhelm the students, but as we know, learning becomes harder with age. I would guess six months to a year or even a year and a half is probably the bare minimum for an adult working through this stuff.

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Top three favorite Bands

I have been asked by my sister (at least fifty times) and by people I talk to on the phone and things like that. “What’s your favorite song?”. I do not have a favorite song because (I am very confident in my playlist and selection of music that what I listen to is the best shit ever) the artists/ bands I listen to in my opinion are The Best Of The Best.. and I can’t pick a song from my library. So I want to ask…

What are your top three favorite bands/ artist.

for me it is:

1. Avenged Sevenfold
2. Asking Alexandria
3. Pierce The Veil
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What notation software do you use and why?

What notation software do you use and why?

  • Finale

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Guitar Pro

    Votes: 7 63.6%
  • MuseScore

    Votes: 1 9.1%
  • Sibelius

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Tuxguitar

    Votes: 3 27.3%
  • Other (please specify)

    Votes: 1 9.1%

I'm curious to see what everyone uses and why.

I use, and for a long time have used, MuseScore because it's free and open-source and cross-platform. I've tried Sibelius and Guitar Pro, but I felt neither were worth sticking to.
  • Sibelius: I bought this while I was in high school for the education price, doing amateur orchestral arrangements for my peers. Great workflow—Sibelius keypad my beloved—and obviously very high quality output, but I'd misunderstood that I was paying for a subscription, not a one-time fee, so I never renewed
  • Guitar Pro (demo only): I found it confusing to use, standard notation seems to be a second-class citizen (rhythm and accidentals in GP are so hard to use), and I don't want to pay for a subscription again
Being a general notation program, MuseScore's guitar output isn't great, but it's getting better with time as users chime in, wanting better guitar output

New here, and new to guitar :)

Hey everyone! Just signed up recently after I learned about this site/school, of course I'm a huge Synyster fan, and I can't tell you how grateful I am that something like this exists! I tried self-teaching acoustic a while ago and it didn't go well, but my passion for learning and wanting to make music has never gone away. I'm a CVICU RN, as well as a freelance artist/illustrator. I'm always looking for new creative outlets since the ICU is a tough place and sometimes I need something more to focus my energy on. I'm a total beginner (I can restart your heart if it stops, but I can't play guitar yet to save my own life) so I would appreciate any advice/feedback as I go. I'm managing my expectations, so at this point if I can end up playing a really metal "Mary had a Little Lamb" I'll be happy. I'm looking forward to getting to know some of you!

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Getting down and nerdy 🤓

So, it got me thinking, I want to do college and get a major in like web design, or possibly animation, taking animation in high school was pretty fun, I was thinking about making another video just for the fun of it and all, but I want to start a YOUUUU TUBBEE channel and like post my stop motions on there…but like I haven’t made a YouTube channel yet because I can’t upload anything yet and I want to get better supplies for my stop motion stuff. Other than guitar stop motion seems to be my other hobby, and baby talking to chickens. Other than that I would ask if y’all would subscribe if and when I do get it set up might be a couple of months till then.

(If you want to be a supporter of the farm you can look up my Little sisters YouTube channel and help her get to 100 “describers”)

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MAKING a Guitar

So since I made the Buying a new guitar post I had wondered about MAKING my own guitar from like the start. A block of wood and it gets turned into a guitar, but I just wouldn’t know where to start neither do I have the space to do it. And I wanted to ask here because I am too lazy to type my questions in Google/ safari and have to search. But I figured I would get the best answers and advice and stuff here because it’s fun and I enjoy reading your replies and what not.😊

here are some of my questions:
1. What type of wood would be best for me to use for me to make the base and neck and all the major parts.
2. What tools would I need I’m sure there are tools I have not learned of I know the basic, chop saw, table saw etc. but what else is there that I would need
3. And… so far that’s all I got I’ll probably ask more later on
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Can Anyone Identify This Guitar?

For Context this image was taken from the studio session on the making of “Brompton Cocktail

When searching via image on Google there are far too many options for me to single one out to be for sure. I know it isn’t an Ibanez headstock so that rules that out. A result I found was 2003 Fender Showmaster Custom Shop however I can neither confirm or deny this. If anyone else can figure out please let me know
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