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Golden Goddess Guitar Leaderboard


Hi everyone! I'm Ali. I teach music, including beginning guitar, although it's not my main instrument and the course is almost exclusively acoustic and classical. I've played at the beginner and intermediate level for about 20 years, and I'm embarrassed to admit that electric guitar (especially lead) intimidates me to no end. So I'm here to get over that fear in an awesome community.

Guitar 7 string now or later on?

I've been playing guitar since last week, and the strat I have is pretty ok and all but my goal is to be one of those cool prog guys playing really weird and heavy shit on an alien looking extended range guitar. At what stage would it make most sense to actually start playing on a 7 string?

I just learned the second position minor pentatonic shape and I realized I might end up having to re-learn a lot of stuff like that. Conversely if I get it now I won't have the slightest idea what to do with all the extra string.

Is there a best way to get to where I want to be?

HELLWIN, Veteran Got Shot, Anyone got one I can try before I die?

Hey everyone!

I'm a veteran who just got shot defending our rights and way of life, life is short, I've been looking everywhere for a Hellwin Amp for years, I have the cabinets. I would love to play on one before I die... I can fly to you even but I'd feel some serious FOMO if I died before I got to play one. Hell I can pay you even... I've got not much to live for as my dreams been crushed but this would mean the world to me! Please inbox or let me know, all love!

Hello everyone

My name is Randy and I live in Colorado's Roaring Fork Valley between Glenwood Springs and Carbondale. I've been playing for many years, but was just introduced to this site from my sales agent at Sweetwater who listed it as his Favorite Music-Related Website. Looking forward to reviewing some of the lessons and getting involved in the Community.

Guitar So far away finger picking section

Login to view embedded media Hey, I'm a beginner and this is my first question here so I'm a little bit excited.
I'm trying to figure out what is the fingering of the 3rd chord that synyster plays in the finger picking part in the video in the link above (I think it's some form of am), does anyone know?
Thank you so much for the help🙏

Hello, newbie here!

Hi everyone, my name is Leonid, and im begginer guitarist. My guitar is Ibanez GRGR131EX-BKF, my amp is Boss Katana Mini. I started playing like frw years ago, but i wasnt really involved, untill i bougth my electric guitar. I got some additional info in my bio, if someone really interested. I hope i will get into synners community, and you guys will help me undestand basics of this art! Also i want to mention that English - isn't my native language, so i may write something strange, or won't understand some specific guitar terms, or slang. Tho, i know some slang words ikr) Thanks everyone, i hope i will find some friends here!

Figuring out a guitar part by ear, having trouble

This song has no live recording, music video, guitar tab or guitar cover online, so I've been relying solely on my ear to figure it out.

There's a part that the Guitarist (named you) plays that has completely stumped me. Here's the part for reference:

Login to view embedded media (around 1:01-1:04)

This guy is also one of the top 10 best guitarists in Japan so I'm not exactly beating myself up for not being able to play it, haha. Can someone help me figure out how he plays this?

A returning synner..


I don’t know if any of you really remember me 😅 It definitely has been a while, 3 years to be exact. I’ve been playing but not very often as life got in the way. I started singing, usually in my car while I’m driving to work because no one can hear me then 😂

Because of the singing I was finally able to learn gunslinger and danger line solos by ear in a martter of hours! I didn’t even have the ability to play those solos couple months ago. So stoked the progress!

Now I’m stuck with the fast part of hail to the king solo. I somewhat got it but not quite there. I feel like there’s maybe something wrong with my technique. ..So I decided to ask for help and any tips from you!

Ps. This forum has changed a lot! So I apologize if I’m doing something wrong here. I feel like I don’t know how to use this forum 😅

Anyways. Here’s the link to my recording: Login to view embedded media

New Guy here.

Hey All. New to the site, been around guitar for a great many years, but consider myself top be a Begintermediate. I have learned tings through the years and have some knowledge, but have not always applied those things to physical playing/technique. There was a time about 35 years ago that I practiced a loy (nearly 8 hours a day) because I wanted to be a pro musician (Steve Lukather was my role model). I was set to audition to study at the Wiscionsin Conservartory of Music Diploma program and 2 weeks before my audition I ran my fretboard hand into a Band Saw blade at work. After that I gave up the idea of playing, I placed my guitar in its case and it was stored for nearly 10 years. I became an Electronics tech. I have buiolt and repaired tube amps, built effects and even tried my hand at building a guitar from scratch, had a nasty skin reaction to the dust from teh Bolivian Rosewood that I was making the neck from and ended up going with maple. Anyway these days I am a Husband and a dad to a kid that lives his life with extreme autism and I don't necessarily have a lot of time for practice, but I know that having a guitar (or 5) in my life makes things better. I currently practice through an all digital rig with a Line 6 Helix Floor and Seymour Duncan Powerstage 700 at its heart. Being as that I was a kid in the 70's and today I listen to bands like AX7 my musical taste varies and covers Classical, Rock, Jazz, Metal, Country, R&B, Varius forms of International Cultural music. Looking foward to taking some information from the site to walk away with and give me something to work on. I guess that is enough about me.


Sooo, I am not going to be on much and I would have to convince my mom to let me have discord. But I am going to start college soon and with my mental health of being able to multitask which I can’t do that at all. Even though I live on a farm I have been having struggles between farm chores and house chores and keeping up with them and being able to do things I like and keeping things at a decent medium I guess, found a mass in my good testicle and I don’t go back for scans till like the end of the year I think. But if I get discord I will gladly join but until then I will be on my way!!

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Hey everyone!

It’s been a while since we last made an update on things and there are good reasons for it. In the past year, Syn and the team have been thinking about the evolution of Synner and today we are ready to announce the first phase of this new chapter.

The first change is that the forums will drastically be reduced and will be used for questions about the lessons content (lessons content only) for the moment.

We invite you all to join the Official Avenged Sevenfold Discord as all the community aspects of Synner will happen on there from now on.

The second change is about the lessons. You all know by now that we had a little incident last year with our lessons. We are still working hard to recover and re-sync them all and while we made a lot of progress, it will take time before it’s all back up to normal.

More importantly, the lessons will migrate to SynTv which is where the focus of our attention will be in the next phase. Their transfer will begin shortly, in the next couple days/week.

I know that this will come as bad news for some of you. But know that all those decisions were taken after much consideration following the vision that Syn has for Synner. This is the start of something new as we aim to have the most modern experience with the best technology for everyone. And while the form changes, Synner is here to stay!

If you have any question, we will be happy to answer them below.

Thank you everyone!


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