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New fan for Synyster Gates's birthday

Hi, I know it's been a while I didn't come here, I got a lot of stuffs in life but I am back with a new fan art of Synyster Gates in non pixel art chibi version

Happy birthday to one of the best and my favourite guitarist Synyster Gates, thank you so much for creating this school. I had amazing moments with this community and this amazing school. Thank you for being an awesome person 🥳🥳😊

I hope you enjoy the draw

Emma aka Saphyra



a little over a couple months ago, I was assigned to learn Bat Country for my band’s School of Rock (from tustin area :DD). i had heard of A7X but being a little immmature in my musical style and inspiration, i never listened to them at all. for four years i thought A7X was one of those overrated bands that was actually fine. i think I internally fainted after i heard the solo for the first time, and i instantly fell in love with the band. i grinded two hours of practice every day, just to get the solo perfect (the first week the band couldn’t get past the breakdown section), and then the final performance came. i wasn’t sure I was gonna have as much fun as I was going to have, as I had practiced the night before until 1 in the morning, until my hands were red. but alas, all things came to a close, now @Syn Gates is one of the reasons I play guitar in the first place, happy fuckin birthday :DDD
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So recently ive been looking at how my arm is for my fretting hand and its very hard to explain but I don’t think in the right posture or position of my arm I know it takes a lot of time to get it used to but like when I stand up to play I can’t get my fingers to hit the right strings without hitting another string It’s bugging me because I’m learning a song and I struggle to get my fingers spread enough from the first fret to the third and then the fifth fret and then I look at my thumb and I end up pressing against the back of the fret board. 😩😮💨
There is more but like it irrelevant. Help meeeeeeee how do you guys play and stuff, I mean I don’t want to end up being in a bad habit way

A Cautionary Tale

Hey everyone, so I started playing guitar in 2010 when I was 10 but didn't start taking it seriously until 2019, started actually practicing different techniques and improving all around. Got to the point where I was miles better than I used to be. Could actually play some very hard stuff pretty well. Even got the scream solo down at one point and even most of paradigm.

However, I made a fatal mistake. One day I decide to start learning a piece of In the Name of God by Dream Theater. Stopped practicing my usual routine and pretty much just focused on that. Found that I wasn't getting better and eventually noticed that when I tried playing old stuff I was very proficient at I couldn't. It was as if all the years of practice never happened. To make it worse my fretting hand felt very off and I was actually worse than before I had even started practicing. My hand felt as if something was wrong with it

But my theory is I practiced the DT song with bad habits for so long that it messed up my fretting hand.

It was pretty devastating and at some points I even felt like just giving up and not even trying to get good again. I tried seeking advice from some pretty good guitarists but unfortunately none could really help.Its hard to describe just how bad it feels to go from being able to play a lot of syns stuff to barely being able to play the simplest stuff but it's something I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy.

At this point I've gotten back to my routine and am playing everything at like around 30 bpm (I was able to play most stuff at around 220 bpm before)

Hopefully I'll be able to get my skill back but it'll take awhile tbh , probably a couple years it feels like.

Whole point of me posting this is to advise anyone out there with a routine to keep at it. And most definitely make sure you're playing with proper technique! Would hate for what happened to me to happen to anyone else :/

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LIBAD Guitar...

Hey all,

Kind of a niche question, but does anyone know if/when this guitar will release? I saw Avenged live at MSG and I can't stop thinking about this guitar, but I also couldn't find anything online about it. I know it's a shot in the dark but I'm wondering if anyone knows about this guitar lol.



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Hey so I’ve been practicing a lot recently (I usually aim for bout 12 hours if not minimum of 10) but since I’ve completed all my assignments and shit I don’t really know what to do besides keep repeating the same things over and over and I don’t feel like that’s the best way to grow any tips or things to practice/ideas?

Guitar Nobody Synth - Fractal Preset

I made a preset for Syn’s synth guitar on Nobody :). It’s for Fractal products like the Axe FX. Read the thread linked below for the preset and more info.

You could totally make this sound in your DAW too, or anything that can do saw synth waves.

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any news on when lessons videos will be functional again?

as a couple of people have posted about, the tab / sheet music does not follow along with what pap gates or syn are explaining in lessons, and any threads i've found about it have been answered "will be fixed soon", but this has been said since january. Is now july, apologies for beating the dead horse but any ETA on when we can learn again?
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Getting used to drop tunings

Yesterday, an Amazon order arrived with my first pedals, a Donner noise gate and the Digitech Drop—a huge thank you to those who chimed in on the thread here, by the way. Had a very fun time trying out the Drop for songs in Drop C# and Drop C, such as playing rhythm to "Hail to the King" without pitch-shifting the recording—so much fun! But what tripped me up was finding notes for some other songs I'm still working on, like one that could be played in Drop D (which I was doing), but is technically in Drop C#.

I'm going to guess I'm going to have to re-learn the fretboard to some extent for each tuning. Any tips, aside from going through the process for learning it the first time in E Standard? I really want to stick to standard notation as much as possible and stay away from simply using tab as a crutch.

Anyone in Dayton Ohio who does jam sessions or plays?

Hey I’m from Dayton and I was wondering if anyone knows where and or already does jam sessions and doesn’t mind me tagging with them I’m a pretty shy person and I’m also wanting to boost my confidence and people skills as well as have a fun time with some musicians that love music I can play a lot of styles of music but I’m strongest in funk and metal

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Guitar Best way to clean your fretboard?

Hey all, I haven't been active on this website for a while and I have a question that seemingly everyone around me has a different opinion on. It's really simple, I just need to learn how to clean my fretboard, but yet I've gotten all sorts of different answers and I want to make sure I take extra care of my guitar. The fretboards are very dirty, as I had stopped playing for a while due to personal circumstances. Over the hiatus the fretboards for my guitars are caked in oil and soot and I want to get them looking brand new again. I initially spent about an hour or so rubbing off some of the more obvious dirt with a guitar pick, as to not scratch the wood, but there is still a considerable amount of residue left over. I heard to use steel wool, or lemon oil to get it out, but I don't want to damage the guitar. The frets are also not as shiny anymore, any recommendations on how to properly clean and take care of my guitars?

Thanks for the help!


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Putting a right foot forward

Hi Everyone, just wanted to say a huge thank you for all the support on my last post and for helping me to realise that my practicing was all over the place. I have tried to narrow my focus to the things that are my weakest areas and areas which I am most interested in and thats theory.

Besides 1st position of the major scale and the minor pentatonic my theory knowledge was practically non-existent, even down to the notes on each fret. Thats all changing.

I have recently been trying to learn theory in digestible chunks which I think was the biggest issue in my approach to theory.

I have managed to slowly start learning the fretboard and as stupid as it sounds came uo with the idea to use spinners to reel of a note and string to help with recall.

The other thing I started to work on were the major scale shapes. I already knew the first 2 however I have been able to get 5 out of the seven so far and I am currently working on getting more confident recalling any position in any key.

The end goal is to hopefully start doing more improv and composition as I have been more and more interested in jazz and players like Guthrie Govan and Plini. Currently my melodies sound like ass but ss always, one step at a time.

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Help working out a song by ear?

Honestly, this song might be a bit above my skill level, but I'm still trying it anyway. I'm having a bit of difficulty working out the chords being played along with figuring out the tuning the song is played in.

The band usually plays in Drop G# (7 string) and this song seems to be on clean guitar + acoustic mix. Are they using jazz voicings for this? Is it a four-note chord? Maybe someone can help shed some light for me.

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Raw material

Hi everyone! Hope you are all doing great!
Is there any source of raw material of A7X songs (like Almost Easy, etc.), Everything separated into different tracks/files? I would really like to learn mixing and mastering on A7X songs, but I don't want to use tools to separate guitars, vocals, etc. because it would really ruin the sound of everything. Thank you everyone!

Sam (Possessed Sinner)

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Guitar Help a dude with his first pedal setup?

Currently, I have a Schecter Omen Extreme-6 going into an Orange Crush 20 (not the RT version). The only accessory I have for the setup is an Orange footswitch to change between the amp's clean and dirty channels, and honestly, it stays on the dirty setting except when tuning.
I really want to get a noise gate to deal with the extra noise that comes with high gain. For that, I'm thinking the Donner Noise Killer would work. I'd also like to get a Digitech Drop to play in more tunings without extra setup or gear.
Two questions:
  1. All the videos I've seen suggest putting both those effects before distortion. If the amp is handling the distortion internally, that counts as coming after the effects, right? My logic is that it's guitar → pedal → pedal → amp (with distortion circuitry), but maybe I'm way off. Total noob here.
  2. Second, any recommendations for the pitch shifter? I know the Drop is good, but it isn't cheap. I'm not looking for an octave pedal, nor a vibrato-ish pedal—just semitones. I'll buy the Drop if that's really the best option, but if I can save money, obviously that's preferable.
Thanks in advance for the input!

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Learning songs by ear

Hello, so this is my first time asking for help so I’m sorry if this question is confusing but I’ve recently been trying to learn songs by ear (for the past few months) I’ve gotten a few songs down by humming the song then playing it but I feel like there’s a better way are there any tips on how to do it? I also don’t have perfect pitch so I don’t know how to get “the next best thing”
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