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Older guitars

Okay, so after I went and talked to my counselor cause I have pretty stressful situations at home, he informed me that his dad had played guitar but he had to connect a hose or something to the guitar and wait for it to like power up or something but every 15 minutes he would get electrocuted… If anyone has answer what kind of guitars were there back then 😅

From a Skull bat, to a Heritic in Blood.. Life is But a Dream.

Hello everyone, die hard fan since City Also been playing guitar for about that long.. I am absolutely baffled it took me this many Years to realize, Syn and Pops have there own site/class. Anyway. Glad to be here. Syns been my favorite Guitarist ever since I heard his Solo on "Bat Country". City of Evil immediately became my favorite album. After that was Nightmare. It also came out at the perfect time for me to really feel it. (listened to "Buried Alive" for 2 hrs. straight when my Father was Passing Away) I have had a ton of bad stuff happen in my life and some how they have always had a song to help me through.. Between Matts Powerful Vocals and Syns masterful Playing, I have always had a song for a moment. Just glad to share it with other fans alike.

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Backing track for Little Piece Of Heaven?

So, me and my friend are playing Little Piece Of Heaven at our last day of school on guitar I play lead and he plays rythm, but i went on youtube and i couldn't find any good backing tracks that dont have horrible sound quality, is homemade or is for guitars. does anyone know of a backing track for it for guitars? its on tuesday/20.06.23
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Greetings Synners from across the globe, I have a question. If there are other tones from other bands that could be replicated, feel free to comment

Greetings Synners.

I have this AMP and a guiter. esp guitar (EMG pickups) I am not here to flex. I am only here to ask a question. What would be an appropriate tone to use if I were to replicate the Avenged sound of well, you know who. If there are any suggestions please let me know in the comments section down below. This setup is all I have at the moment. I recommend telling me the settings using the template below


Gain: 1-10
High: 1-10
Mid: 1-10
Low: 1-10

I look forward to hearing some of your responses that could potentially help me create this Avenged tone.

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So, Im thinking about buying a synyster standard.

as the title says, im thinking about buying a standard, its a used 2012 but its a really good deal, little over 430 dollars with a case awell. But i dont like the fretboard cause its rosewood i think and i prefer the look of the ebony fretboards and it has the hb108 detonators instead of the invaders and im not sure if theres that much of a difference, and also its got a floyd rose special which i think all standards do and ive watched some reviews and looked around and it seems alot of people dont like them cause after a while they get bad from wear and tear and ive heard that the whammy bar gets loose eventually. but ive also seen some few good reviews so im really not sure if i should wait and see if i can find a custom/custom s, i kind of want a sustaniac cause im a really big fan of so far away and i would love to be able to learn the solo. any opinions would be greatly appreciated.

New Album Discussion/FirstVS.Changing Impressions/Easter eggs/Favorite song from LIBAD?

Hey everyone, I have been listening to LIBAD a lot since it came out. The album continues to grow on me more and more each day. I thought it would be cool if people shared their initial impressions, and if their opinion of the album has changed after multiple listens. To kick start the discussion, maybe share which songs stand out to you and why, let us know if you have a favorite too! Maybe you discovered something new about the album that you didn't notice initially?

As most of us here are guitar players, we probably all had a moment where we realized the album isn't going to be an hour long master class in how to be an amazing guitar player. Granted, Syn still manages to showcase incredible skill throughout LIBAD. For me, this was a shock to the system. But, I've always praised A7X for keeping each album fresh. No two albums are identical, and they always knock it out of the park. So I didn't want to sleep on LIBAD or write it off for being different.

Here's why I'm in to the album.
I found that after a several listens the album became less strange to me. What was initially bizarre just seemed commonplace, it simply made sense and felt natural. I often find myself waking up first thing in the morning and one of the songs is stuck in my head. I love waking up like this. I feel truly inspired, and I'm picking up my guitar more than I had been lately.
By extension, I've always dreamt of a collab between Buckethead and Daft Punk... I've said for the longest time if those two artists did a show together, that would be the ultimate thing for me. LIBAD clearly pays homage to Daft Punk amongst other artists, and while not going for a Buckethead style song, LIBAD is avant-guard to the point that I could draw comparisons to Bucket's work (namely Syn using synthesizer-like effects through his guitar, or things like whaling on the whammy bar in Game Over with a similar fashion to how Buckethead utilizes his kill-switch). Anyway, the album does something I've always imagined, combining the styles of artists that would otherwise never be associated with each other. It doesn't take shape in exactly the same way I'd imagine Buckethead and Daft Punk collaborating, but the elements of ostensibly different artists are brought together in an eclectic master piece.
Furthermore, I think that there's a lot of deep thought that went in to this album, some of which is initially clear, and some of which might go over our heads. On my first listen to Mattel, hearing the lyrics, "Good afternoon, good evening, and goodnight" made me raise an eye brow and ask myself if that was a reference to Truman Show. Matt has since confirmed it was. I think it's cool that this music album references important works of art from other mediums such as film. The album apparently takes inspiration form the novel The Stranger by Albert Camus, which I read in high school and thoroughly enjoyed. But get this, LIBAD doesn't just reference movies and literature, it also draws upon the magic of commercials.
I was just listening to Game Over today, and I noticed there's a Folger's Coffee easter egg thing that I didn't catch until today. Everyone knows the line, "The best part of waking up is Folger's in your cup." Leave it to A7X to turn a stupid commercial in to a cool-whacky line from a song in the form of, "The bestest part of waking up (mundane ideation), this dark roast got me (so fucked up)." I can help but simultaneously laugh and rock out to that line. Fucking brilliant!

One final note before I open the floor, my favorite song is (O)rdinary and here's why. It's a Daft Punk song that tells the story of a robot coming to life. After all, who here doesn't feel their heart strings pulled at the end of Terminator 2 when the T-800 says, "I know now why you cry." That's why this is the best song on the LIBAD!


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