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So, Im thinking about buying a synyster standard.

as the title says, im thinking about buying a standard, its a used 2012 but its a really good deal, little over 430 dollars with a case awell. But i dont like the fretboard cause its rosewood i think and i prefer the look of the ebony fretboards and it has the hb108 detonators instead of the invaders and im not sure if theres that much of a difference, and also its got a floyd rose special which i think all standards do and ive watched some reviews and looked around and it seems alot of people dont like them cause after a while they get bad from wear and tear and ive heard that the whammy bar gets loose eventually. but ive also seen some few good reviews so im really not sure if i should wait and see if i can find a custom/custom s, i kind of want a sustaniac cause im a really big fan of so far away and i would love to be able to learn the solo. any opinions would be greatly appreciated.

New Album Discussion/FirstVS.Changing Impressions/Easter eggs/Favorite song from LIBAD?

Hey everyone, I have been listening to LIBAD a lot since it came out. The album continues to grow on me more and more each day. I thought it would be cool if people shared their initial impressions, and if their opinion of the album has changed after multiple listens. To kick start the discussion, maybe share which songs stand out to you and why, let us know if you have a favorite too! Maybe you discovered something new about the album that you didn't notice initially?

As most of us here are guitar players, we probably all had a moment where we realized the album isn't going to be an hour long master class in how to be an amazing guitar player. Granted, Syn still manages to showcase incredible skill throughout LIBAD. For me, this was a shock to the system. But, I've always praised A7X for keeping each album fresh. No two albums are identical, and they always knock it out of the park. So I didn't want to sleep on LIBAD or write it off for being different.

Here's why I'm in to the album.
I found that after a several listens the album became less strange to me. What was initially bizarre just seemed commonplace, it simply made sense and felt natural. I often find myself waking up first thing in the morning and one of the songs is stuck in my head. I love waking up like this. I feel truly inspired, and I'm picking up my guitar more than I had been lately.
By extension, I've always dreamt of a collab between Buckethead and Daft Punk... I've said for the longest time if those two artists did a show together, that would be the ultimate thing for me. LIBAD clearly pays homage to Daft Punk amongst other artists, and while not going for a Buckethead style song, LIBAD is avant-guard to the point that I could draw comparisons to Bucket's work (namely Syn using synthesizer-like effects through his guitar, or things like whaling on the whammy bar in Game Over with a similar fashion to how Buckethead utilizes his kill-switch). Anyway, the album does something I've always imagined, combining the styles of artists that would otherwise never be associated with each other. It doesn't take shape in exactly the same way I'd imagine Buckethead and Daft Punk collaborating, but the elements of ostensibly different artists are brought together in an eclectic master piece.
Furthermore, I think that there's a lot of deep thought that went in to this album, some of which is initially clear, and some of which might go over our heads. On my first listen to Mattel, hearing the lyrics, "Good afternoon, good evening, and goodnight" made me raise an eye brow and ask myself if that was a reference to Truman Show. Matt has since confirmed it was. I think it's cool that this music album references important works of art from other mediums such as film. The album apparently takes inspiration form the novel The Stranger by Albert Camus, which I read in high school and thoroughly enjoyed. But get this, LIBAD doesn't just reference movies and literature, it also draws upon the magic of commercials.
I was just listening to Game Over today, and I noticed there's a Folger's Coffee easter egg thing that I didn't catch until today. Everyone knows the line, "The best part of waking up is Folger's in your cup." Leave it to A7X to turn a stupid commercial in to a cool-whacky line from a song in the form of, "The bestest part of waking up (mundane ideation), this dark roast got me (so fucked up)." I can help but simultaneously laugh and rock out to that line. Fucking brilliant!

One final note before I open the floor, my favorite song is (O)rdinary and here's why. It's a Daft Punk song that tells the story of a robot coming to life. After all, who here doesn't feel their heart strings pulled at the end of Terminator 2 when the T-800 says, "I know now why you cry." That's why this is the best song on the LIBAD!

Laguna guitars

Okay, so I finally found what my original guitar is, it’s a Laguna LE50, matte black. And then my Cortez is a “lawsuit era” Strat. Anyone used a Laguna at all??
also the Cortez when I plugged it into the amp, I don’t crank the master volume up because I play in the early mornings and we have a neighbor on our left, but when I was turning up the volume it wouldn’t like turn on until I turned it to 8 and then it kinda cuts up so what do I need to to do to fix that??

My First Performance Using a Guitar Strap

Hey guyss, I am so happy. Yesterday I got an audition for Prambanan Jazz, it's a quite big event here. The preparation time is short, so I played the comfiest song for me, which is Hail to The King. I've played this hundreds times, but the real challenge is the strap. LOL, I'm so weak. :ROFLMAO:
I use my lightest guitar, my Axion Ibanez (thanks @Ed Seith for the guitar recommendation), but still heavy but thankfully save until the song ended. LOL
Next month I'll be on the next round and performing on the event. I'll be performing For The Love of God on my Reaper. Wish me luck and stronger.💪

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Any Guitarists that play Live, How long does it take to feel comfortable on stage?

So I started a small band with some of my friends and obviously we chose to play in our small school's talent show. The unfortunate part of going to a small school is they don't tend to do things "by the books" so we were rushed in at the very end to set up without a soundcheck and resulted in a pretty shitty performance, but it could have gone so much worse. I am honestly not disappointed with how it turned out but I feel my nervousness contributed to a bunch of mistakes. So my question to any guitarists that have more experience on stage, how long does it take for "stage fright" to go away or at least die down some?
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Deathbats Club

So I recently started looking into the Deathbats Club and was wondering if theres anyone here who has experience with NFTs that can maybe help me better understand the concept and what I could use it for....aside from the cool perks that come with some of the deathbats...what is the personal advantage?...and what could I use my deathbat for if I had one? Shoot me a message if you'd like to discuss. :)
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Trying to diagnose the buzz/hum/ground noise

Hey i gotta slight buzz/hum coming from my Dean ml dimebag tribute guitar. i just put a seymour duncan dimebucker pickup in the bridge. all my grounds and solder joints look fine and i have continuity all over the guitar... when i touch the metal on the toggle switch, the jack input, the bridge and strings and the neck pickup the buzz/hum goes away.. i replaced the pot and resoldered it again for that pick up and still get buzz.. any ideas? I have tested my 2 other guitars on the same amp and patch chord to make sure they arent the issue aswell.. Im kinda stumped now lol. any help is greatly appreciated
should add that the noise does get louder when i touch the pickup i installed or if i touch the height adjustment screws for the pickup but it gets quieter if i touch the height adjustment screws on the neck pickup (stock i didnt change neck pickup the stock pickup has a metal baseplate but the new dimebucker the screws go into a plastic baseplate) but if i touch the strings the noise goes away then i can touch the pick up i get no noise... ive taped any piece of wire that cud possibly touch anything to ground out aswell. im stumped lol
the hum/buzz/noise disapears when you turn the volume pot to zero or when you turn the tone down to zero...
Any ideas anyone? :D lol thanks in advance

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Suggestion Accurate Interactive tabs for Avenged songs.

Hello I'd like to start the discussion about accurate interactive tabs for many Avenged Sevenfold songs. As many of you know alot of these songs are very technical, not having a proper tab only adds to the stress of learning a song.
Interactive/Pro tabs also relive some of the stress of learning songs I think I would be a great feature.


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