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can't play learning videos

what’s wrong with my account from a long time ago until now I haven’t seen Papa Gates and Synyster teaching. The video doesn’t work here at all. I think this is related to the verification problem, where before getting verification, of course I can’t play the video but not now I’ve got verification but why can’t the video play and the link I show the problem https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QG7ED0JYlR0

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Paul Gilbert talking about guitar players he really likes

I always like to hear guitar players I like talk about guitar players they like and what makes them as great as they are to them and I just found this article of Paul Gilbert doing exactly that
If you happen to know articles similar to this one please share!


I know a lot of people have Vimeo for a reason. But it has continuously given me a headache trying to download your videos so that I can comprise them into something to be shared. There have been numerous students that have wanted to participate in a project but because of Vimeo’s weird laws, I never can download the videos. If you are planning in partaking in a project like the Syn Birthday video or the homework assignments, please consider getting a YouTube channel. I have a backway I can take on my phone but it takes a long time and a lot of file transferring and it’s just a lot of work. For example, I can record my screen on my phone but then for those who have like 20 minute videos, it bogs a lot of my memory down and I have to let my phone sit there and record for 20 minutes. Then i have to transfer the files to my computer and even by USB cable, WiFi Direct or Bluetooth it takes a long time.
Thank you guys so much for reading this 🙂 If you choose not to , no worries. I just won’t be able to share your work 🙁

Building a Guitar !

Hello everyone!
I hope everyone had good Christmas and new year celebrations!
I haven’t been very active on the school because I have been doing a lot of things with my family and friends in the past month.
I am currently in Italy! My parents have been living here for 4 years now and every year or two I visit them.
Keep in mind that we are from Brazil.
I am having a great time! Missing the guitar though haha.
But anyways!
In the 7th of January it is my 22nd birthday and a really good friend of mine is building a guitar for me as a gift.
Here are some pictures of the current progress;
View post on imgur.com

View post on imgur.com

View post on imgur.com

I am really excited about it because I wanted a Strat for so long now! And this is kinda special to me because i get to design it as I want!
Don’t get me wrong! I still love my fender tele and my Synyster custom haha.
This is the design I am seeking! Very vintage, but cool nevertheless.
View post on imgur.com

If you read until here, thank you !
I just wanted to share with you guys my happiness about doing something like this! I am genuinely excited !
Hope you guys liked the design haha.
Have a good start of the year everyone !!

Paradise Guitar Cover

Hello Everyone!
How are you doing?
I did my best on trying to cover Syn’s Paradise with my own equipment at my place.
I really like the textures and feeling of this song.
Bear in mind that I have very little knowledge about recording, so it is not thaaat great. But I think you can recognize the song at least haha.
I have been listening to this song for 2 weeks in order to try to replicate the drums and bass patterns on my midi keyboard.
So everything on this track it is made by me.
The thing that i had the most difficulty was the fuzzy sound. I do not know if Syn uses fractal to record his own songs, or used pedals.
I once read an article saying that he had a Big muff pi on his pedalboard, but i do not know if this is accurate.
I used:
– Synyster custom (2010 model)
– Fender Telecaster Standard 2013 american
– EHX Big Muff Pi, MXR Carbon Copy, Maxon OD808, MXR Phase 90.
– Scarlett Focusrite
– Logic Pro
I hope you guys Liked it! It is not a proffessional recording, but it is the best that I can do at my house. Not much time to learn new skills.
Oh! And by the way, I confess that I did try to sing it ( with and without Autotune) but I failed miserably hahahhaa.

Syn, congrats again for this tune, it is amazing. And I am sure a lot of people felt inspired as I did.

Take care guys!!
**All the rights to Synyster Gates and Saint Owen**
just a cover from a Fan!

Floyd rose set-up

Hello my fellow synners.I am having some technical difficulties with my schecter synyster custom. I got my guitar almost 2 months ago and everything was great, until I changed my string gauge to 10-52. At the moment I didin’t know anything about the changes this could make. After a while, the action raised(at least that’s wjat I think) and I am starting to have some fret buzz. I tried adjusting the truss rod and the action, but I might have just made the truss rod worse, As I didn’t really know if I needed to tighten it or loosen it. Could you please help me learn how to fix my floyd rose and maintain it this way? I am open to anything, from a piece of advice to a video call or something. Thank you in advance

Synyster Custom S pin stripe vs Satin Burst

I recently got the gold satin burst guitar after having the black and gold custom S for 6 months and wanted to share my thoughts on the two of them.
The main reason I got another one was so I could keep one in E standard and one in drop D tuning. That way I can use my gold pinstripe one to play syn’s etudes and other songs in E tuning while using the gold satin burst to play drop D stuff.
The Satin finish is much preferred for me personally since it makes sliding so much easier especially in afterlife and the stage. Also the 14 inch fret radius does make a noticeable difference if you play while standing up.
The gloss black and gold one does look a little bit more solid and feels almost heavier and higher quality, but I do like the satin one more for playing since it is easier and I personally like the look better.
I often wondered if there was really much of a difference between the two and after playing both of them daily I know 🙂
If anyone has any questions about the two of them feel free to ask!
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Fret hand wrist pain (de quervain's tenosynovitis)

Has anyone else experienced wrist pain from playing? This most likely won’t apply to the majority of the community here because most of you are young and bullet proof, but for someone who receives regular mailings from AARP wanting to recruit another member I think I developed de quervain’s tenosynovitis and it sucks. Wearing a brace to isolate thumb and wrist but not healing very fast. Just wondering if anyone has had it and what did you do for it. Thanks in advance.

Hellwin Kemper profile

Hello everyone! This is a question more for synyster gates or papa gates or actually anyone who would have authority over this.
So I just bought a Kemper profiling amp and I have an Hellwin head and Cab that I’m going to analyze and use as profiles in my Kemper.
My question is: would it bother anyone for me to release the profiles online? Let me know as I do not want to upset anyone!

The Heart From Your Hate on a 6 string guitar

Hello everyone! i would like to learn THFYH by Trivium on a 6 string guitar but i’m not sure how to do it. The original song is in B flat so on a 6 string i must tune my guitar to A# standard right? https://www.songsterr.com/a/wsa/trivium-the-heart-from-your-hate-tab-s436515t1 i’ve found this tab but before i start learning i want to check if it’s right 😀

Song Lessons

Would anyone else like to maybe see a section of videos for lessons on how to play various Avenged songs? Also maybe a section where you can video chat with someone (maybe in the messages) so you can see what someone is doing/talking about. It would help people learn off of each other I think personally in case they didn’t understand the video.

Schecter Guitar Forum

Hey you guys!
So excited that the school is finally open.
As many of you may know, Syn uses Schecter guitars. I, among others, help administrate and am part of a facebook page called Schecter Guitar Forum. Basically, we discuss Schecter products, talk about gear, share pictures & videos, and all around aim to have a good time. We sometimes even get to see some prototypes and inside looks at the factory.
I’d love to have you onboard!
We can be found through Schecter’s official facebook page
Best regards,
John Tosado


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