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Golden Goddess Guitar Leaderboard

Song Lessons

Would anyone else like to maybe see a section of videos for lessons on how to play various Avenged songs? Also maybe a section where you can video chat with someone (maybe in the messages) so you can see what someone is doing/talking about. It would help people learn off of each other I think personally in case they didn’t understand the video.

Schecter Guitar Forum

Hey you guys!
So excited that the school is finally open.
As many of you may know, Syn uses Schecter guitars. I, among others, help administrate and am part of a facebook page called Schecter Guitar Forum. Basically, we discuss Schecter products, talk about gear, share pictures & videos, and all around aim to have a good time. We sometimes even get to see some prototypes and inside looks at the factory.
I’d love to have you onboard!
We can be found through Schecter’s official facebook page
Best regards,
John Tosado


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