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SynTV Guidelines

SynTV Streaming Guidelines

Purpose and Mission

We're all in this together - this wild journey called life. Many of us have found that music brings pure joy and meaning to it. The drive to explore and master guitar may have brought you to this community, but there's so much more to this place that we want you to experience. Wellness and education are key to feeling fulfilled, including when you are making music. It's a journey, not a destination, and each of our journeys are incredible and important. It's beautiful that our journeys are different. It's easy to get caught in the comparison game and feel like we're competing with others, but we rise by lifting others. That's what the Synner community is about.

Y'all are rad and amazing, whether you are just beginning or taking your skills to places they've never been. Don't stop now.

SynTV Guidelines

The following is a set of rules and laws that need to be taken very seriously so we, you and I, don’t get into trouble or hurt anyone in the community. Follow these and everyone will grow and prosper.

Law breaking

We mean this literally. While you’re streaming, you need to follow any local, national, and international laws that apply to you and any content featuring, encouraging, offering, or asking for illegal activity isn’t allowed. This shouldn’t be a problem for us, we just gotta say it.

Self-Destructive Behavior

Any actions that could endanger your life or lead to physical harm are not allowed. We don’t make any exceptions for self destructive behavior performed as a stunt or gag, made as a joke, or meant to entertain, when the behavior could reasonably be expected to cause physical harm. We are a positive community full of positive role models, and we want our stream viewers to see that. That said, if you feel the need to harm yourself please contact an admin, who can provide you with resources to help.

Violence and Threats? Nah

Acts and threats of violence will be taken seriously and any activity like this could lead to an account suspension or removal from the community.

Bullying, Hate Content, and Harassment

We aren’t trolls, y’all. Bullying, hate content, and harassment are not allowed on SynTV. Any content or activity that promotes or encourages discrimination, bullying, harassment, or violence based on the following protected characteristics: race, ethnicity, color, caste, national origin, immigration status, religion, sex, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, serious medical condition, age, and veteran status are not allowed and anyone featuring this type of content could have their account suspended or removed.

Spamming and Promotional Content

Allowed! Just kidding. Posting large amounts of repetitive, unwanted messages or content reports and spreading misinformation are not allowed. We’re better than that, right? Self-promotion or promotion on behalf of someone else is not allowed without being an active member genuinely contributing to the community. It’s just not the place for it.

Explicit Content

Be cool. Nudity, pornography, and other sexual content are not allowed on our platform and any streams that include or link to this content may be removed.

Intellectual Property Rights

We’re all about respect, right? So respect other people’s copyrights, trademarks, and other legal rights by being mindful of what you stream.

If You See Something Questionable, Report It

Whether this is in stream or in chat, if you see something questionable let us know by clicking the “report” button. It won’t make you a narc, it’ll help keep things respectful and moving in the right direction.

Linking to Gambling Sites

Linking to a site that includes slots, roulette, or dice games, or sharing affiliate links or referral codes to these sites isn’t allowed on SynTV.

Becoming a SynTV Streamer

If you’d like to stream on SynTV, you can’t have any previous warning points or bans on your account. Any previous history of negative behavior will also be taken into consideration when giving channel approval. If you’d like to become a streamer, reach out to a staff member!

Scheduling a stream

Only one stream can be scheduled at at time to make sure that everyone has a fair chance at getting a stream of their own on the schedule. Streams must be scheduled with @alexj or @Radu-Cristian Perde.

Cancelling a stream

To avoid any inconsistency in the stream schedule, once a stream is scheduled it can only be cancelled for medical emergencies or extenuating circumstances.

Respect Everyone’s Privacy

Don’t reveal personal information about anyone without permission such as: name, location, or social media profiles.

If you’d like to talk to streamers, please reach out to them through the Synner community and not on their personal social media pages unless they give explicit permission. You may get blocked from their personal social media if you do.