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12:35 A.M. creations… will try and fill space between chords tomorrow using the A Natural Minor Scale and maybe C Major but for now, Sleep time.
Graduated From Level 2 Strums for near beginner.
Yeah, Pass level 2, Thought I was going to fail, especially switching half of a bar of C. Still tricky and will keep on practicing more. Burn like 2 hours, I was so frustrated but took a break then.
I started the Scream solo the other day, the other parts I haven't practiced in awhile and they are some of the that I know but not fully. Sweet Child Of Mine - GNR Seize The Day - A7X Scream - A7X Unholy Confessions - A7X Bat Country - A7X


got this this morning, it's based off anchoring. here focusing the G and B strings and double stops
Tears In The Rain - Joe Satriani
Still working on minor scales. This song is fully on harmonic minor family chord. We can use this song to memorize some chord shapes. My favourite part is the 6 inversions of dim7 chords before the last part of the song. They're basicly the same chord but has different roots and names. Next I will work on the dreamy melodic minor scale.

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What students are saying
My biggest takeaway is seeing the different angles the students take to approach the same concepts and the immense amount of support this community has to offer.
Hector Trejo
The school is full of great lessons that cater to all abilities and are explained and displayed in a very simple way. If you're ever stuck, you're only a message away from receiving advice!
Millie Imber
The best part is that you can practice at your own pace and select which lessons you would like to work on, even controlling the speed within the lesson to cater to you.
Rowan Morris
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