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In this lesson we show you how to change between two different pentatonic scales over their correlating chords.

Syn's tips

So as much effort as we have been putting into shifting positions, we want to put into staying in the SAME position when chords and scales change. This will allow to never feel stuck in one position which happens to guitar players a lot because we naturally think in positions and usually have a favorite one thats easiest to play in.

Like any bad habit, it's best to identify them and work on breaking them as early in your development as possible or else they become second nature and engrained in your muscle memory. When that happens, bad habits are a million times harder to break and most guitar player like myself included, may choose to just "deal with it" than spend the months it takes to RE-learn something. I still have bad habits that I just "can't seem to find the time" to break and it truly makes certain aspects of my playing much more difficult than it needs to be and trust me.... I notice it!
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