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In this lesson we show you how to change between three different pentatonic scales over their correlating chords.

Syn's tips

Now let's try to figure out how to switch between the three chord patterns, starting from EVERY position or "Shape" of CAGED.

Papa Gates shows you how to start the D chord in the "A" shape, the C chord in the "G" shape, and the G chord in the "D" shape so you can play in one spot or "general" position without having to chase chords around. Once you get that memorized, but don't wait until it's mastered, move to a different "general" position to play this chord progression in. I'll help you with one more and then you're on your own!

Start the D chord in the "G" shape and then ask yourself, "what CAGED shape of the C chord is in the same "general" position?". If you answered, the "E" shape, you'd be correct. Now what about the G chord? Yep, the "C" shape is right there!

Now it's your turn to pick a different "general" position to play the chord progression in.

This takes a LOT of work but if you start now you'll thank yourself later! You don't want to favor any position, the goal is to be equally comfortable with all of them. Having said that, I know that it is nearly impossible to not pick favorites, I certainly have mine;)

And last of all, HAVE FUN! Don't burn yourself out, this stuff takes years to get down and even more if you have to search for this information with no direction or guidance. Luckily it's all right here and you have this amazing community to turn to for help and support!

If you have any questions or comments, we are all hanging out in the "Discussion Thread" so come join us!
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