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Extended Arpeggios 2 - Lesson 114

Lesson by: Brian Haner Sr.

Lesson description

Extended Arpeggios Part 2

Syn's tips

For a couple of these Arpeggios, the Minor and Major 9 to be specific, you may have noticed that they have a 3-1-3 pattern built in which means that you can apply your Economy Picking technique to those. I always try to make anything that I'm learning Economy Picking friendly because it opens you up to so much more speed and fluidity. So any time you can build anything with 3 notes per string or 3-1-3 patterns, I would strongly suggest taking the time to do so.

Remember your Substitutions for these Arpeggios because a lot of the time they can color your playing so much more interestingly.

Try breaking out of these patterns once you are familiar with them across the fretboard. It is incredibly important to look at a Scale or an Arpeggio as a set of options. You can jump around and play any of the notes at any time, in any sequence. I highly suggest that you do so because it's very easy to get in the habit of playing them as you learned them, up and down from top to bottom, making it harder for you to start and end anywhere else along the line. What this means is that if you only practice these Arpeggios one way, you will never maximize their true capability and you will sound like you are only playing Arpeggios and Scales, not Music.

I'd love to check out all of the unique ways you apply and manipulate these Arpeggios so please head to the "Discussion Thread" below and upload videos of yourselves doing cool stuff with the material. Remember, these lessons are merely jumping off points and in order to become a great guitarist, you must spend many hours exploring these concepts and discussing them with your peers. Papa Gates and I are here for you as well and will be hanging out with you along the way.
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