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Lesson description

In this lesson we work on more complex fingerpicking patterns.

Syn's tips

So now you have a bunch of different patterns that you can either alternate or not depending on what theme you’re going for.

I really love at the end how PG demonstrated a very unique style of Fingerpicking that gives you a lot of movement.

Blackbird is an excellent example of a simple song with a lot of movement underneath to give it it’s own unique vibe that utilizes the basics of Counterpoint.

The music of Johann Sebastian Bach is the holy grail of Counterpoint which in a nutshell, means The Independent Movement of Different Musical Lines.

For example, in “Blackbird”, you have a bass line with a chord tone plucked together alternating back and forth with another single chord tone. This is a very basic example of Counterpoint but you can see how there is a touch of independence within this arrangement.

It’s ok if you don’t get this right away, it’s just a concept to explore at your leisure but is especially important if you want to delve further into classical music or composition. You can also ask questions in the "Discussion Thread" below for deeper answers and examples of this technique.
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