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Lesson description

In this lesson we teach you how to construct chords.

Syn's tips

Papa Gates mentions “inversions” towards the end of the lesson. An inversion is a chord that doesn’t start on it’s “root” note. For example, if you are playing a C major chord but the lowest note in the register is an E, that would be an inversion because that’s the major 3rd of the chord, not the root.

There are a few different types of inversions. It all depends on which note you start on. If you start on the major or minor 3rd, it’s called a “first inversion”. If you start on the 5th of the chord, its called a “second inversion” and how about if you start on the 7th? Correct! It’s called a “third inversion”.

Don’t worry about applying this now, it’s just helpful to be aware of this for the future. However, for all of you that want to, please feel free to experiment with these as long as you don’t feel over whelmed or get frustrated!
And as usual, if you feel frantic or confused, hit us up in the "Discussion Thread" So we can help you out!
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