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Introduction to the 12 Bar Blues – Lesson 68

Lesson by: SynGates.com

Lesson description

In this lesson we go over the 12 bar blues and some variations.

Syn's tips

I really love this lesson, Papa Gates throws some really cool chords around that are equally important to advanced players as they are to the intermediate!

In addition to your blues scale, you can add in your mixolydian scales to all their respective chords. What I mean by this is that you can play A mixolydian over A dominant chords, D mixolydian for your D chords, and so on and so forth for any of the other dominant chords.
To follow the changes like this takes A LOT of practice but just go slow and take your time and try not to make it sound like your playing scales, you want to sound musical, not scientific.

The main thing is to have fun! Ironically, we call it the Blues, but it makes you feel anything BUT the Blues when your playing it. To me and a lot of players I know, the Blues is the most fun style of music to play because there’s enough substance there to challenge you, but it’s not nearly as difficult as Jazz.

You know the drill, show us what you got! I’m really excited to hear what you guys come up for this one so please upload your videos to the "Discussion Thread" section below so we can all enjoy them!
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