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Introduction to the Whole Tone Scale - Lesson 99

Lesson by: Brian Haner Sr.

Lesson description

Intro to the Whole Tone Scale

Syn's tips

This is a great scale that I use a lot for effect as it's a very novelty scale to my ears when used heavily. What I really love about this scale are the chords you can build off of it. Here are a few Extended Chords from the C Whole Tone Scale-

C 7#5, C 7b5, C 9#5, C 9b5, C b13b5

So obviously these are a pretty rare breed of chords, but if you aspire to Compose for the Orchestra and/Film, play Jazz and even Blues, you will come across these chords and the Whole Tone Scale sounds great over them.

Hopefully you guys can come up with some unique applications for this scale and if you do, please share videos of yourselves in the "Discussion Thread" below so we can check em out! If you have questions or comments, post em there as well!
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Brian Haner Sr.