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3-1-3-1-1-3 Around The World in G minor

Syn's tips

I love this ATW because there’s a sweep at the end of it that sounds like you’re taking off into outer space, especially the modes where the interval from the G string to the B string is a 4th and on the way down from B to G is a 5th(The fifth mode of minor pentatonic has a major 3rd interval from the G to B string and a minor 6th from the B to the G when your descending). I used a lot of 4th/5th interval phrasing on The Stage to give certain passages an intergalactic feel to them.

I’m sure to most of you, this can be really confusing. It certainly was to me so I encourage you to ask questions. There’s a great chance that I’m not explaining it the right way for everybody. Not every teacher is perfect for everyone that’s why we created this community. I've noticed that a lot of beginners do much better at explaining things because of how important the right process is for growth so please, ask questions and help wherever you can because we are truly all in this together.

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