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In this lesson, we go over the “Ionian” scale – its scale construction and related chords.

Syn's tips

Great solo Papa Gates! I’d definitely recommend learning those licks and making em your own as much as you can!

The main thing here is to spend a lot of time jamming to the backing tracks located in the “content” menu of the lesson player. This is when you want to use the exercises you’ve learned more sparingly and really develop a sense of soloing in the moment or “improvising”.

Improvising is creating or “composing” a piece of music in your mind and playing it while doing so. In order to do this well, you need to develop your ear so you know how to play what you are hearing in your head instantaneously. Players with great ears and experience will compose their solos in real time more than they will play licks and exercises they already know.

Sounds crazy I know and trust me, I still struggle with this all the time. It’s always ok to default to licks and exercises when you need to, EVERY player in the world does this! My only point is that to truly improvise at a high level, your musical ear and hands should have a very strong relationship with one another and practicing these concepts is the only way to get there!
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