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In this lesson we go over the seventh scale position of the Major scale – 3 notes per string.

Syn's tips

Congrats everyone you’ve completed a serious amount of work here!!

I think you know by now what tips I’d suggest to you to apply but I really just want you to have fun! Play whatever you want to the backing tracks but Practice Not Thinking Too Hard even if that means you can only play one position or one part of a position, I don’t care! The goals are to have fun and see what you’ve committed to memory so far!

Upload videos of yourselves having fun with this stuff in the "Lesson Comments" section below. Bend the notes, make weird sounds, don’t worry about fucking up, I promise you that you will come across some of your most creative stuff this way. Music is about emotion so if all you are doing is math while you’re playing, there won’t be any heart and soul in it!

Now, I hate to get a touch serious here, but it’s time to discuss my ”No Mean People” policy. Those who decide to post mean and disparaging comments towards others will be kicked out of the community immediately. That doesn’t mean we can’t engage in spirited debate and be in strong disagreement with each other, quite the contrary in fact, that is something I look forward to the most! This is a place where all levels, philosophies, and styles are embraced and supported. I don’t care how good you may be now, we ALL struggled at one point or another but I believe in this one brilliant little fact with all of my heart.... There Is Something To Learn From EVERYONE!
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