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Lesson description

In this lesson we go over the sixth scale position of the Major scale – 3 notes per string.

Syn's tips

Let’s incorporate all of the techniques and concepts described in my previous tips for The 7 Positions of the Major Scale. You have, position shifts, superimposing arpeggios, “up groups of 3 and 4” exercises, string skipping, and more!

Play along to the metronome and backing tracks provided in the “content” menu of the lesson player at slow tempos first, increasing the tempo after you feel comfortable. It’s ok to push the tempo occasionally as Papa Gates said, ”It’s like lifting really heavy weights. Do it occasionally and it will make slower tempos even easier.”

As always, share your tips, tricks, and videos in the "Discussion Thread" section below and if you are having trouble, Please Ask For Help! That’s what we are all here for!
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