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Two Finger Tapping - Lesson 97

Lesson by: Brian Haner Sr.

Lesson description

Introduction to Two Finger Tapping

Syn's tips

A lot of great licks in this one so take your time with each one and apply them to all of your arps and scales. Honestly, the last two lessons won't do you any good if you don't fully concentrate on them for at least a month! Whaaaaat?!!! YES, a month... MINIMUM!

The problem you will have, amongst many if you don't take the proper time with this stuff, is that you'll get these licks down in a week but they will only be in one context. For example, you'll know the first lick in A min, the second lick for G maj, the third lick in A minor again, and NO other applications. To get ANY worth from these, you have to know them in a multitude of varieties and contexts.

I continuously struggle trying to find the right balance between learning new material, and being able to apply them no matter what the context is!

Now go Tap Dance in the "Discussion Thread" below so we can learn from you! A lot of material here so don't be shy, Go Ask Questions!
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Brian Haner Sr.