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Whole Tone Scale Patterns - Lesson 100

Lesson by: Brian Haner Sr.

Lesson description

Whole Tone Patterns

Syn's tips

Some really cool stuff in this lesson!

I would definitely apply your 3 Note Per String licks that you've been amassing along your journey here at the school. That should keep you busy for quite sometime.

Play along to the backing tracks to really get your ear familiar with the very unique application of this very unique scale. For "ii V i" minor or "ii V I" major progressions(letters are lower case for minor and uppercase for Major), apply the Whole Tone Scale to the "V" chord to Alter it's sound to bring in some Tension before resolving to the "i/I" chord.

Go to the "Discussion Thread" below and post videos of issues you maybe having so we can hone in on the problem and fix it! I'd also love to see you guys playing around with this stuff as well as discussing your findings. Get involved and let's help each other!
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Brian Haner Sr.