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1st minute of Can I Play with Madness Iron Maiden

My 1st video post here :) thanks @Ids Schiere for the challenge and @Jak Angelescu for bringing back the game. And @Alicia Willis for helping me post it 😅🦇🤟🏻
Yes this was my first time hearing and playing it, if I didn't do it right away and post it I would have gotten way too into my own head and never would have posted anything on here 😅 thank you! If you think so then I totally will!
It’s soooo easy to get stuck in your own head, but biting the bullet and posting up is the easiest way to get over that ! That’s the amazing thing about everyone here, we all want to see each other improve and get better! And from my own personal experience being able to look back and see the improvement you’ve had yourself is a big self motivator. Even if you don’t post it up for the world to see, record yourself practicing and look back on it every so often to see how far you’ve come !
Great start! As a long-time Maiden fan who taught myself to play with a Maiden songbook (before this album came out!), I'd love to hear a progress video later on!
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