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Afterlife chorus

I was going to practice the intro solo from the other day again and figured this out as I was turning my amp on. I feel awkward talking to the camera.
Also tried playing the C chord as e3-a3-d2 but sounded off.
Another thing I did before was slide the C to the D on the A string and did the change here. It's still the same C but with the muted D string.

The 4th chord I think it's Bb5 and the other chord change thing I mentioned, I started thinking of another song but it's from another part of the song.
So I think the chords are F5,C5,D5,Bb5
They are called 5 chords/triads? Another name is Perfect 5ths cause 1 of the notes doubles up?
You are right the 4 chords are all played in perfect fifths F5,C5,D5,Bb5.
While all the 1st notes are doubled giving that stronger and driven feels.
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