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Arpeggiated Triads Workout Day 1 - Lesson 50

Hey all. Lesson 50 inspired me to do a 10 day workout program focussing on triads of the major scale (for now: G Major). In the lesson, PG plays the arpeggiated triads of the chords within the key of G major staying in one position of the scale (a CAGED position, not 3NPS). The seven basic triads of the key are:

I: G
ii: Am
iii: Bm
V: D
vi: Em
vii°: F#dim

The workout idea is as follows:
Day 1 - All triads within first position, ascending backing track
Day 2 - All triads within first position, descending backing track
Day 3 - move to next position, repeat

The goal is a melodic exploration of the keyboard, not timing or speed... other exercises are for that. At least for now! After the ten days, the workout can continue in various directions: Start mixing between the positions, start including extensions like 7 chords, start exploring different keys... The overall goal lies in gaining a deeper melodic understanding of the keyboard.
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