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William B.

Bat Country (chorus part)

Been working on this part some. Didn't get to do all the practice like how I wanted to today.
Still need to glance at the tab some for a couple parts.
Considering to try the solo eventually the tab says max 22 frets

my bad i keep getting the names mixed up
Good play, man. It's awesome. I want to learn that part too, but I've got so many homeworks and exams last weeks. Next week starting holiday, maybe I'll try that again.
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The chord before the F, the one before last then the riff repeats. I haven't seen a tutorial from them I think. I'll go look later, maybe I have.
Something with B bass I think, before the Fsus. Maybe. I dont know exactly. Math messing my head. LOL!😂
There are 2 tutorials actually. But only 1 that has PG's part. This one has the clean part.
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