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Ed Seith

Blues Audition

Doing the Blues for the Syn Gates school. This is the PRS Custom 24 with the pickup selector in #4 (Bridge humbucker and neck single/tapped) and a low-gain lead tone with more delay than I usually use. This is about the 10th take of just winging it, with the first 9 being iteratively finding a loose tapestry of things that "work" to my ear and filling around them improvisationally. @Aileé Guerra Aréizaga
I freaking love this ! I love the fact it’s a little dirty and not super clean distortion wise. Like, I could see myself in a Smokey bar , sipping some bourbon while listening to this ! It’s got its own vibe man ! ❤️
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Beautiful feel Ed! Loved the slow volume swell too! Great audition! Or should I say...Smmmokin'!
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Seriously tasty fucking slides. We have David Gilmour here
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