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Bring Me To Life- Practice Audio

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I am working on building a setlist of songs that I can play anytime, this is the first on the list.
This is an audio I recorded during my practice, it's full of mistakes and embarrassing little bits but the point is to document my progress and slowly clean and polish my performances.
The current state on this song is: learned.
Next step is to work on the vocal performance.
Honestly, I loved it! Now I want to learn this too (the guitar, not the singing...I wish 😂😂😂)
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I noticed some bits where it sounds like the timing sounded like it messed up in the beginning but overall it sounds pretty great already! To me the singing already sounds pretty great and at the beginning I thought I was listening to the original 😅
Ailee posting a riff? What year is it??
But HOLY SHIT, you have an awesome voice! Especially for a practice session, this was fantastic!!
Seriously almost every part sounded spot on to me, you know besides some minor things. Only thing that I thought is that the chorus could use a little more bass? Like it could be sung a bit lower? What do you think?

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