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Beginners Corner

Feel pressured or nervous to put your beginning accomplishments up with those shredding out 32nd note sweeps? Firstly, you shouldn't. Secondly, this place is just for you! This is the BEGINNERS spot where you can feel comfortable posting your first riff, song, whatever!
The goal: strum while switching chords. This is VERY rough, but I wanted to put this out there and see how it sounds. CC is always welcome!!

Chord Review

I have some work to do, but challenged myself tonight to just play the chords. Don’t think too hard about it, just play. CC welcome as always!! I hope posting these videos where I practice and make plenty of mistakes encourages other beginners to share as well. This is a wonderful community here and I’ve always had great feedback! I’d like to challenge other beginners to post as well!

Help! Muted E String

Playing the D and Dm chords and high E is always muted. Any advice?

More Chord Practice

Working on chord transitions of what I’ve learned so far at the Syn Gates school. Beginner level, CC welcome!

Chord Practice Beginner

Practicing changing between chords while doing the tick-rock pattern. CC welcome!!
I feel my playing has changed drastically when I try this song and wanted to share.
Here is just a little update on my current process. Happy synner sunday!
SynGates School chord practice, beginner. Yay new guitar! CC welcome!!
From not knowing a single note to being able to play solos by my favorite guitarist, I’ve learned a lot these past two years thanks to the SGS! I never thought I’d be where I am today. I hope this video inspires someone to pick up the guitar or continue practicing. You can do it!
buried alive with the bedazzled guitar
I've been getting a lot of questions if the sparkly guitar is playable! It is very much so. I'm no where near Syn level yet so this is my stripped down version of buried alive. Thank you for listening!
‘Hail to the King’ solo (Drop D)
Just joined the app and wanted to share an old video of my 10th or so take. Can’t wait to share more!
Just some blues

Just some blues

Simple blues that I think I messed up. A7 D7 E7
It took forver to upload but here's your proof @[13676:@Radu-Cristian Perde] 😂😂😂😂😂
I'm back!! so I just recently started to work on this track. I wanted to post an early video to track my progress in the future. This is just the first half, at 90% speed. Lots of work to do!! I'm trying to work and get better at palm muting, string skipping and basically everything else 😂😂 Tips are very much appreciated as always ❤ Have a nice weekend Synners ✨✨

Messy Montage

Hey y’all ! It’s been quite some time since I uploaded anything here ! I’ll admit, I slacked off on practicing and learning for quite a few months. Which is okay ! We all have our moments where life is stressful and we get burned out. It’s SO important to take care of yourself mentally first before you try and press on. I have been trying to slowly get back into the swing of things even though at times I feel like I’m starting completely over (again, that’s OKAY !) So here’s a little montage of me getting back into the groove of things. Messy hair, pajamas and all 🤘🏻
Here’s my starting point on eyeless by slipknot! I used to be so embarrassed to show my progress on songs and I have no clue why. but seeing so many beginners post no problem got me inspired! The rest of this year and next year I decided I’m gonna be strong and show my weak moments and embarrassing moments. Im not gonna let anyone or thing affect me from now on! I stumbled on my words a bit but I decided to let it slide cuz this does not have to be prefect! I used to redo my videos over 10 times until I got my wording right haha Hope you all enjoy!! Much love!!
So here’s my long awaited bat country update!! I haven’t played guitar much since last video I posted on here cuz my anxiety and depression wasn’t great and I struggled getting over another experience with a bad guitar teacher and feeling like I’m not meant to play guitar. I felt like I should be honest with you all cuz there’s no need to hide your struggles we all have them :) and I wanna inspire others to keep going during tough times! After a long break I somehow managed to improve a ton after not touching this solo for months which honestly shocked me haha Also a huge thank you to @[4668:@Alicia Willis] for making me believe I should be playing guitar and that I can’t let little things hold be back!
Posting this in my media as well now that the contest is over to go back to this in the future and see if I'll progress. Also, I had fun and I'm proud I got to create something of mine so I want it in my medias 😂 Suggestions are always much appreciated!! Have a good day/night synners 💖

M.I.A practice

This’s is the most practicing I’ve ever put into a song. And also most proper! Using proper picking technique and such. I also love the buildup in this song right before the solo. I’ll try and post more progress Videos as I go 🤟🏻
Finally got the time to record something for here XD Green Day is one of my favorite bands, so I decided to try learning "Jesus Of Suburbia" (at least the first of the five parts lol). I still have trouble changing the chords but so far I'm having lots of fun playing it. Gotta keep practicing!
It's been quite some time since my last upload and activity on the forums, but I didn't forget the School! About a year and a half I started working on sweep picking, I recorded myself and posted the video here ( At this time, it was a very hard technique for me so I didn't really work on it. I decided to come back to it two or three month ago and I tried to practice more efficiently, training the two hands separately, with a metronome and while recording myself to hear what were my mistakes, and I improved till I could follow 100 BPM. Then I decided to make a second video today so I can track my progress, and maybe get feedback from you guys.
Learned the intro to roman Sky by ear by watching a7x play it at the Grammys. I start to trail of and play my own stuff once I get to the chords but it's been a while since I've uploaded anything so I thought I'd share this.
Been a while, $ynners! How are ya? I’m learning a new song and thought I would share. This took me about five minutes to learn so far. For the ones who followed me from the beginning, how’s my playing seem now? Can you guess it?
As the title say, this is the first time I managed to learn part of a song by ear and I'm really happy!! It's a little step in the right direction for me. I was messing around with my guitar and hit a note that really sounded like the first note of the Welcome to the Black Parade Intro..I checked what note I was playing (yeah, I have to properly learn my freatboard 😬) and indeed it was a G note (emo kids know!!), so I went from there and tried to get the whole intro by ear. I think I made it😭🖤 of course, suggestion and corrections are always welcome!