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Show us your goods! Band, solo, duo, anything!
Start to a Original song Hopefully it gets you rocking It’s best listened to with headphones and a open mind 😃😃Thanks for having a listen and please let me...


Made this today and maybe tomorrow make it better some. It's like a jam track G, D, Eb, F# Soundcloud gives strange auto labels, it says deep house, electronic and one more.
Been a while cuz Uni has been absolutely killing us mentally but we managed to squeeze this one out! Hope you like it! Any feedback is more than welcome :D
Really wanted to see if I was capable of stripping it back and writing a song based off open chords. It has some nice progressions in there and I'm happy with how it turned out. Think vocals on this one will do it even more justice. Soon I hope.
new song 2022

new song 2022

This is a new song I'm in the process of writing. No vocals yet but l am looking for some feedback so far. Idk where to go with it and am looking for some inspiration.
@Liquid Tension Experiment Acid Rian Cover Intro of @JohnPetrucci


This is an original song I wrote in my band Noble Road


some ideas i had and did some practice with my phone app. edited some of the guitar parts out cause kind of got stuck. its a rough draft and maybe loud not sure
Thank you for the kind comments on our work so far. Tell me what you think of our new release!
Hi all, a while back my band dropped the 2nd tune we ever made. It's a little more hard rock. We didn't get around to fixing the core drum sound yet, however we have since changed drum plugin so the next one should be a lot better drum sound wise. Anyhow lemme know what you think & thanks for checking it out! p.s. We are still looking for a vocalist

Haunted Swamp

I wrote this mainly for the blues contest. I love and appreciate criticism and I only just wrote this today so still a lot of work to do!

Astral Kicks

My project for today, couldn't think of a name for it at first. Started recording stuff in layers, ended up with these and structured it some. The other stuff that didn't mesh well, I deleted and it was kind of like warming up to recording, cause suddenly this worked itself out. Didn't spend time improving the sound.
Hi guys! My band Soulcase made an acoustic version of our song 'The Attic'. I would like to hear your thoughts about it. Enjoy! :)
Terrence The Kid 4ever ft Sikeo
Stream Terrence The Kid 4ever ft Sikeo by WasteFumeOfficial on desktop and mobile. Play over 265 million tracks for free on SoundCloud.
Sinking Demo.mp4

Sinking Demo.mp4

Hey everyone, this is my first post ever. I don't typically sing in front of others, but I made this song and was wanting to eventually surprise my wife with it. She's been asking me to sing for her for a while now lol. Anyway, I'm using you guys as my testing grounds. Please help me with genuine feedback, what you like, dislike, or any tips you have for me. This is my demo version and I'm open to suggestions. Thanks!


Got this riff 2 days ago, played it with more feeling then cause was in the vibe. Today worked on it again some more and got some licks to go with it. Maybe not licks but some note lines. It's inside picking learned it from one of the lessons from PG, forgot which one. Been one of my favorite techniques since learning it. There's also outside picking which is the opposite. The shapes is the top 2 strings of a G or G minor shape all the way through, sliding it around. So hitting the A string with downstrokes and on the upstrokes the low E. The feeling is like skipping back 'n' forth. Didn't have the patience to make a shorter edit of the clip, it may get boring. Thanks!


messed up the other upload
It's a 1 minute original riff for Bogren Digital Riff Contest made by me.
Hey there I covered The Stage check it out!
Me playing the solo for my bands song Takeover. Its alittle rough because I haven't been playing as much as I should. Let me know what you think.
The Ratual Demo

The Ratual Demo

Stream The Ratual Demo by Sikeo - Oliver Sikes on desktop and mobile. Play over 265 million tracks for free on SoundCloud.
Imposter Syndrome 3/4/22

Imposter Syndrome 3/4/22

I know I haven't been active on the sight for a while, but I've never stopped practicing and writing music. Here's one of my demos. The guitar sound is different from my others which I recorded with my actual amp rather than going direct into my interface. Drums are all done on FL Studio mobile on my phone until I get a real drummer. I would greatly appreciate any feedback, and I'll share more of my demos if anyone is interested.
Hey all, i'm still quite new here but thought i'd drop the first demo by my band that we released not too long ago. We're still looking for a vocalist and a bass player so for now its all instrumental. Hope you enjoy and any feedback is massively appreciated!