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G string only challenge

Somewhat improvised solo with only the G string over a backing track I threw together in like 10 minutes
Forty Muskets - Dirty Cruize

Forty Muskets - Dirty Cruize

From our live video :)


My own funk progression, I'm not good either
A string - backing track pop rock A major I didn't notice it was A major, next one I'm going to try some other sounding scale. Probably Diminished, I haven't done the lesson yet so I guess it would be cool to reflect on how I did later on. I got to get back on track with my playing. Already late otherwise I would have put it pretty loud. I haven't watched it yet

Random bullshit

  • Iris Iris
Here's some random bullshit for everyone. Random bullshit counts as practice right? Co-starring a very indifferent dog.
Last, but not least... It did take like 8 days in the end, not 6, but anyway. What did I learn from this challenge? I would say, putting artificial restricitions like that made me appreciate more what luxury we have, being able to play multiple strings, haha. One thing that I will keep in mind: Improvise more often to just drum tracks, both rhythm and lead, without any guitar or bass already on the track. Having a strong rhythm as a foundation is actually more liberating than being stuck with a given chord progression. That being said, here is my last contribution to this challenge, gg. Might do this again some time.
Already failed the 6 days part, but oh well. Here is riff 5 on the B string, enjoy!
My best recording of these 6 days xD
I freaking did it! I almost forgot, and I was about to get ready for bed but remembered I hadn't done the high E string yet. This isn't my favorite of the things I've played this week; the more I listen to it, the more it just sounds like a complicated 'Twinkle Twinkle Little Star', but at the same time it felt like the conclusion to something, so... fitting, I guess! Thank you for bringing this challenge back around, Dominik!! This was such a great exercise!
Got a little weird with this one but I liked the vibes. This month's album recommendations are gettin' to me in a good way I think, hahah.
Key of AM. Uses hybrid picking, minor progressive arpeggio scale, and scales runs. Has pop Spanish style
Day 4, the naughty G string. I have nothing particularly special for today, just a short idea. My tremolo picking definitely needs quite some work. :) Enjoy!
The tone was great (not) and that This Means War bend I swear wasnt on purpose but while I was playing it just appeared there and I couldnt do anything about it 😬😬
G string time! This was fun and challenging particularly because I managed to do some continuous alternate picking. :)
Keepin' it movin' with the high (for me, in drop d) D string!
Had zero time for guitar this weekend, so no video yesterday. So here is my third riff. I think it's noticable that I had trouble keeping the 6/8 rhythm at some points, but whatever. I thought the idea itself had some potential. :D Enjoy.
Quite boring but in my defense Im with a fuckin flu and really didnt want to play xD didnt want to miss the challenge as well so picked the guitar and recorded whatever my dead brain wanted xD
#OneStringChallenge Disclaimer: I am not good at tapping..