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Student Lesson Practices

IMG 2166

Revisiting and practicing Sweep Pick Etude 1 Trying to get used to keeping my thumb over the guitar as to grip the neck better. This is kind of where I'm at
Finally after almost a month exercise this crazy speed. A lot of messed up notes.😆 Last month I took this for a week, then I get bored. Last week my mom told me to give it a try for a week. And here I am now, messed up a lot. Hard for muting strings in this crazy speed.
The RedBull kicked in so I used the moment... Sweep picking, tapping, legato... a small part from Jacky Vincent's Run, Don't Look Back, that one day hopefully I will play clean : D
It's me 4 days ago, my third day practicing this song. Still awful, sloppy, out of tune and tempo sometime. Mom made a bet with me, she will buy me new Avenger shoes if I can play Scream full song. LOL But now I have Hand Mouth Foot Disease (HMFD) blisters in all of my hands and feet. 😑 So not gonna play this song for few days until better. Took longer for the shoes I guess.😂
Alternate Picking II

Alternate Picking II

Kinda stopped practicing alternate picking and leads for like 5 months. Still my favourite alternate picking exercise and I’m working on getting it up to speed. Have an awesome day everyone!
Been trying to connect the chords the last few days and left some of the process. Towards the end I'd like to add a few more chords.. G shape, C shape, D shape, D minor shape. it's not on time


Used a Tick Tock pattern here. Didn't know what to play and was getting tired, I tried playing the notes as the bass but they didn't match well for some reason, could have spent more time on it. Made this and another sample track that's probably more Hip Hop, I'll share it in the comments. The beats on both I made splitting the drums, so on one I played just the kick and snare and did the hi-hats plus a cymbal on another.
Introduction to Sweep Picking 3rd day progress Sliding with arpeggios, the shapes aren't new to me as I've been working on those Going to try Syn's tips and also try to play them matching the backing track, following the progression ( try anyway ) Was having trouble getting the double down picking when sliding on the A string. That notation confuses me, do I hit it then Slide then hit it again and hammer on? \../, Almost forgot to mention I adjusted the way I play the A shape, before I was using my third finger for the bar

Sweep Picking IV

Syn Etudes / Sweep Picking IV / 115 bpm Eighth notes / Triads / Sixteenth notes Until December it needs to get cleaner, cleaner and cleaner... and faster... and hopefully to get my fingers run through the whole Etude. *insert Barney Stinson quote*

Pentatonic III

Syn Etudes / Pentatonic III / All Positions / 115 bpm We will see in December if there is any progress : D I left the mistakes in, just cut out some swearing : D


I got to practice them more and move them around finished the series this past week. Going to review them more cause I didn't get all the chords nor write anything down. Thanks everyone :D There's some mistakes

6 Magic Notes Ideas

180% speed, could have added and lessened things and maybe slowed it down some to be more articulate. Also try to keep my elbow in, I don't know what I was doing there.

Blues practice 2

Here's another example. Same backing track as my other video, trying to sound different...a bit clumsy sometimes too... I'm recording and listening to what I play a lot, trying to be aware of my weaker spots. I always tend to play too many notes, and this helps

Blues practice 1

It's been a while since I posted a video in the school. Life's been busy. I've been working on my blues improv. Basically I'm trying to come up with different ideas using the same backing track. I try to be mindful of my landing notes.
Practicing putting together the Seven Positions of a Major Scale lessons from synner.com. It was my first time recording any guitar practicing and I was anxious the entire time, but managed to get through both examples.
50% speed, finally memorized the last part this week. I've been sick but starting to feel better the last part is still tricky. I'll post another video soon when I get the speed up maybe 20% more and I'll make it louder right now it's like 4 am
Hey I'm sharing my achievement of the sweep picking lesson IV tell me what you think about it!

Lesson 23 Practice

  • Gemma G.S.
  • May 25, 2021
After studying the 'C' shape of the CAGED system a bit, I spent some time today trying to familiarize myself with playing the campfire chords with the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th fingers. :) It feels weird after playing them the 'regular' way for so long, but I'm getting more and more comfortable! Hopefully comfortable enough to play around with some arpeggio stuff soon. 🤘🏻
Seven positions of a major scale - Lesson 58
It's been ages since I shared something on here, so here is me trying to get back into the swing of things. Tips & tricks are always welcome :) (Also here to make @[5:@Jak Angelescu] proud and fill up the Student Lesson Practices category a bit :D)
Lesson 79 Sweep Picking 01 - the pinky roll on the low E and A is hard with stumpy fingers..Please excuse the constapated face..