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Are you eager to teach like Papa Gates and Synyster Gates? Post your tutorials here!

Left Hand Guitar Warm Up

First time doing a Tip/lesson video sorry if it was kinda rushed cuz I have no experience editing so lmk how you think I can make these better. Got a great right hand warm up on the way too for you and I hope this little trick helps you like it did for me
In this old secret video lesson, Syn teach his cool whammy bar trick he played at 'Live From Hollywood'
I analyzed the interlude of Save Me! I want to share my interpretation with the world and attempt to show the craftmanship in writing such a short yet perfect transition. (I posted a version of this earlier that was blocked in some countries so I re-edited it and cut some clips so everyone could watch)
Whaddup Folks! It certainly has been a while, but I am back, for now....Here is the link to the note randomizer I use :
Harmony analysis for Shadow of the day
This one is pretty spontaneous so it's a bit of a mess at times. Basically, it teaches the chords for blues for Ike and amuses the Harmony using Roman Numeral analysis. I also put a short tutorial for the head in there. If anyone has any questions I'll happily answer them
Noticed a couple people with questions on positions and keys.. etc. This video is aimed at them. Basically I'm talking about taking a chord. Finding the root note on a certain string and playing the minor and relative major arpeggio in that position. And how that has helped me identify correct voice changes between chords when improving. I'm literally playing the same position and scales over every chord now. Ask if you have questions. Sorry it's longer then I wanted.
Hello, this is my first video doing one of Syn´s tapping etudes i think it was like in 90% speed, I hope i will get better, i really like this exercises, they´re badass.
Hi guys! :) I really enjoy play this song and the school have been helping me to develop proper time to play both guitar parts. If someone want to learn any part of this song, just let me know. I hope this is fun to watch!
This should help get to know your guitar better. I guess you could pick specific notes to start and end on as well. You can also go back 'n' forth between sets of notes to make cool sounds. I might have missed things, this is a start. I used my picking arm to hold the guitar in place a bit, for balance. It's probably better to hold the previous fingers in place after switching to 2nd, 3rd or 4th. Should help with muting and stamina.

modes explanation

I've seen a bunch of questions about modes lately so I figured I'd make a little lesson/demonstration on it during my break

Roman Sky covered by Rex

Attempt at Roman Sky. Rare bootleg from their gig in Atlantis.
My Doing Time guitar cover with screen tabs! Hope you like it :D
Breaking down a solo #1

Breaking down a solo #1

Here's to quickly answer what it really means to learn a guitar solo, asides from playing slowly!
This is an in-depth lesson on how to find & remember all of the notes on your Guitar - the easiest way! The lesson also shows you how to apply the knowledge to Jam in any key. Enjoy!
As if you needed help with the lyrics for this epic song. This was for shits and giggles.
Here's a useful tip for getting your Pentatonic Scale all over the neck with the least effort!
In this lesson, we are going to discuss the CAGED system for major scales.
In this lesson, we discuss modal scales and how they function.
In this video, I am covering the solo section of afterlife. It was hard to master but I am really proud of my perofrmance.
In this lesson, we discuss basic chords and what chords are part of major and minor scales.
Second to last harmony analysis for a while. It's no one knows by Queens Of the Stone age. Marty schwarz has a pretty good tutorial on it in case anyone is interested in learning it.