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Daily Practice Warmup - Sweet Child o' Mine (Related to first riff challenge)

Allright, so this was the first riff that I uploaded on this site ~ 4 months ago. By now, I'm using the intro, verse & chorus and the first two mini-soli as a daily warmup.

For me, the warmup is there to get relaxed and get in the mood to play, so any serious metronome exercises (riffs, scales, etc...) come AFTER the warmup and are not part of it! So thats why there is no metronome in the video. :P

I was inspired to actually film this by @Alicia Willis "First riff" challenge, so here is the link to my first filmed riff in my guitar journey for comparison:
Omgsh !! Dude this is phenomenal! And to think only a few months apart ! You’re changing your chords way more smoothly, freaking alternate picking, throwing in some palm muted and you really look way more relaxed ! This is so freaking exciting man ! Thanks for sharing with us !!!!!! 😃

THIS is exactly the kind of videos that motivate me personally and get me excited about others progress and I know others appreciate it as well !!!

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