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Em and G Practice (again...second video of the night)

Sat down tonight with the Em and G lesson and really drilled it. But this time I focused on how my fingers were (besides sore, lol!) on the fret board. I know I have a long way to go but I feel like I made a small amount of progress tonight on not muting strings. CC always welcome and appreciated!
Definitely progress. A great way to check yourself for accidental muting is to do that down-stroke strum SUUUPER slow so it's like you're just picking each string separately, and listen for dead notes.

Good stuff!
That was one thing I really focused on last night was doing one note at at time (I edited that out or this video would've run close to 5 mins, lol!) and it definitely helped! I will keep doing that and adjusting as needed =)!
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Nice! For the chord change from Em to G try to play the Em with your index finger on the A string and middle finger on the D string. That way when you move from Em to G you only have to move your middle finger to the low E string and add the notes on the higher strings which makes the change a little easier
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