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Pablo De Miguel

goose polyphia

Some months ago I uploaded some videos practicing some exercises and jazz improvisations meant to get me ready for music school acces exam, which I failed for second time in three years. I didn´t upload as many videos as I would like to because I was really burned out of playing guitar at that time which definetly affected me negatively on the exam (I think I just uploaded a couple of videos). I decided to sing up for a course that is meant to prepare people for music school acces exam so I just moved on to an other city so I can do classes. After I failed the exam I went to the doctor and turned out that I had tendinitis so I didn´t touch my guitar in all the summer which was a good chance to relax and to feel less burned out of playing. This is the first song I have learned since my wrist was fully recovered, hope you enjoi it and hope soon I can anounce I´ve been admitted in music school :)
Really sorry to hear things didn't go according to plan and that youwere injured but glad to see you back and doing better! I hope for you your next exam is the one!

Also, that performance is great! Good job, the technique is pretty clean man, I'm surprised you didn't get in!
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Probably after the prepare classes, I saw a video and it was something like they want to hear certain stuff on demand. I think it was play a classical pieace from 3 different era's, some scales and imitate sing basic melody

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