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Happy Birthday Syn Gates! - A beginner collab from your students!

Happy 40th Birthday @Syn Gates ! 🥳

I teamed up with my favorite beginners from this site: the amazingly talented @Aquamandy , @ari.mac and @redlipsofdeceit to make a cool beginner-level collab to celebrate this special date 🥰 Couldn't have asked for better people to join me on this mission and I had an absolute blast working with these badass ladies! 💪🏼 This project turned into something bigger as soon as they stepped in with their ideas and of course their talent 👩🏻‍🎤

We wanted to make something special for this day, and of course very metal 😜🤘🏼 So I made some arrangements and the results turned out far better than I could have imagined!

We want to wish you, Syn, all of the best from the bottom of our hearts! 🖤 Thank you for being one of our greatest inspirations and for providing this amazing community, a really wonderful space for so many talented musicians from all levels! WE LOVE YOU 💜

Cheers! 🥂
First of all, thank you girls! It was a blast working with you and I couldn't be happier 🥰 I'm so proud of the results, knowing how much each of us has worked for this and how the original idea got better and better when we combined our ideas. You all were the best people possible to collab I hope we can do this again in the future! 🤩💜🙌

And of course, happy birthday again @Syn Gates! I just want to thank you, without you and Papa Gates we wouldn't have this school and this collab would never be possible. Cheers to Synner, and may you have many many more years of health, wealth, love, music, and everything you ever wish in your life :syngates::rock-hand: :money-face:
That's fucking fantastic! You gals did an amazing job, I am blown away!!
On the next one, we will maybe need some bass, so be ready for it! 😉

😍 You ladies did a fucking phenomenal job !!! Love it ! 🌸 GIRL POWER 🌸 🤘🏻
Thank you so much! When girls get together, we achieve amazing things! They were all so supportive and encouraging; without them, I would never be able to accomplish this! And without this school, this would never be possible! 🤩
Thank you 💜💜

Thank you so much!! Also, forgot to mention that thanks to your masterclass I actually managed to record something decent enough for this, so double thank you!!!!
My pleasure, I am glad to see that I helped get you started with that! I am so looking forward to what comes next! :D
On the next one, we will maybe need some bass, so be ready for it! 😉
Ask my dog, she nails the bass as well naturally

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