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Lesson 40, again

Kind of blew myself away with how well this went today. Thanks again @Jak Angelescu for kicking my ass a little, I definitely needed it to point out the wrongs in my process and to set my head straight :)
Look how much better you are with this! Keep it up I'm super proud of you!
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The rate at which you are progressing is amazing ! Jak's pretty great about kicking folks in the ass lol. You're doing fucking great girl ! I'll add on and say that maybe you should loosen up your wrist on your strumming hand a bit. I used to be very tight with my strumming hand and it honestly made it that much harder for me, and at times painful. when I started just moving my wrist a bit more especially doing alt picking I found it way more comfortable. Kind of like the tick Tok pattern that PG talks about for strumming full chords, but just dialed down a bit to just your wrist if that makes sense.

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