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Holly Vin Gruinelle

original song intro

does anyone know what key signature this is?
Those are cool chords, I think some may fit in a progression I got recently with a Diminished chord. I'm guessing it's in the key of A but I don't know for sure. I hope you don't mind I experiment with these chords
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someone smart will know what scale this seems to be dancing around on, and probably identify the exact names of the chords shapes you are using but essentially you're playing with the d-minor scale, as far as I can tell it's mostly sitting in D minor with parts of a F major and a B flat.
Hello there.

Based on my analysis I believe the key to be D minor with a few variations,here's why:

Chords: Arpeggiated
Dsus2 - E/A - A aug - E/A - Dm - A aug - E/A - C aug - A#m

Chord progession seems to follow the numerals:
i - V - V(aug) - V - i - V(aug) - V - III(aug) - ii

i - suspended 2nd chord

V- you seemed to have substituted the dominant in this key from a minor to a major chord (E/A), used a lot in Spanish Flamenco progressions.

V(aug) - A augmented (a dissonant chord), usually resolves to the root of the scale that you're in.

III(aug) - C augmented (a dissonant chord)

ii - you seemed to have used A#m instead of Adim (diminished chord)

Interesting progression, that's my 2 cents anyways. Hope it helps.
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Thank you all so much for your input! Jimmy you have been very descriptive thank you I appreciate that more than you know! Forgettable thank you also! William, you are more than welcome to experiment with these chords! p
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