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Here is my cover of the Bat Country solo! (with harmonies)
Guitar solo I wrote to a backing track on Youtube
Me playing through the song "Take Me There" off of my recently released solo EP. If you like what you hear, you can check out the rest of it at Thanks!
I' ve been practicing guitar around 3 years and half and it's a real challenge to progress. Here is a recapitulation about guitar cover and my top 10 to show the progress that I made during these years.
I actually made this for the Fermi Paradox Challenge. But I always had this idea, how to make a tribute to the guitar duo I love. So here it is.
Just showing what I've been working on for about 15 minutes. Love this song!
Howdy everyone! I decided to teach the African roots inspired acoustic riff from Childish Gambino's latest single: This Is america.
So its not my own composition, but i recently made a cover of the master piece of the master. Hope you will like it.
Just messing around over the chord changes to "Blue Bossa"
lots of dumb stuff and wrong notes here and there but overall a nice attempt
So today I had a nice afternoon playing some chess and listening to jazz. After that I played guitar and I really enjoyed it! 🙂
This is over the backing track chosen by Donnie. Apologies for too many wrong notes. Blues style playing is something I am still uncomfortable with and yet to discover. Any, just any sort of advice for improvement is welcome.
Just a cover of the amazing song Warmness on the Soul created by Avenged Sevenfold.
an improv over fermi paradox. this was REALLY difficult. I couldn't get the original solo out of my head, so anything i did was sounding like it. A lot of mistakes in there, so feedback welcome±
Dropped Tuning Csharp
A cover of the part right before the acoustic part of exist. It's not technically very demanding, but getting the timing right was a bit hard. I hope you like it 🙂
Hi guys, I just entered a guitar contest for which I had to write a solo over a backing track. I just wanted to share with you, hope you'll like it!
Just another improvisation
Another Pentatonic improvisation
From riff to chords to pentatonic
Just came up with this classic sounding lick so I decided to post it using the C major scale. I may develop this in the future into a full song.
Improv over seize the day as per sayonils challenge