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Final day of this challenge! I want to challenge myself on this one, so I tried to incorperate some tapping in there. I know I am very weak in that area, so I wanted to try and take this chance to practice that. All in all this challenge was fun to do! It allowed me to make stuff of my own, something I had been afraid of doing, so I enjoyed this challenge!
Avenged Sevenfold Drop c# solo medley
These are all of the drop c# songs I know for avengedsevenfold. I just learned scream 10 mins ago and others I haven’t played in a while sorry. Feedback is appreciated.
Day 5 of this challenge. Can't believe I'm almost finished with it. I didn't really have a set plan with this one, I just kinda winged it and tried to have fun with, but I managed to compelte this day regardless!
Taking another crack at Zeppelin. Fuckin' Jimmy Page. Lol.
Day 4 of this challenge! Probably my least favorite string, the accursed G-string. That said I tried to use my pinky more in this riff, trying to subconsciously incorperate my pinky into more works and train it up a bit. Had fun with this one actually!
One of, if not my absolute favorite song by Alesana. I’ve always loved this band and was fortunate enough to work for front man Shawn Milke’s record label for a number of years, as well as helping Alesana run their social media pages. They’ve never compromised their art for anyone and I’ll always admire that about them. Usually I try to post the best takes when adding something to the riff section but not today. Here’s my raw slightly messy cover of their stellar song “Lullaby of the Crucified” from my favorite album of theirs, “A Place Where the Sun Is Silent”. Enjoy friends “Sing a touching lullaby, and we’ll watch the angels cry”
A string - backing track pop rock A major I didn't notice it was A major, next one I'm going to try some other sounding scale. Probably Diminished, I haven't done the lesson yet so I guess it would be cool to reflect on how I did later on. I got to get back on track with my playing. Already late otherwise I would have put it pretty loud. I haven't watched it yet
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Full cover of Saucy by Polyphia off of the New Levels New Devils album. This one is super fun, definitely has some saucy passages (not a pun I swear). Enjoy!...
MIA solo | Few mistakes
I have redone my MIA solo. There are some mistakes. Feedback is appreciated.
Beast and the Harlot solo
First record for progression documentation. Feedback is appreciated!
50% speed, finally memorized the last part this week. I've been sick but starting to feel better the last part is still tricky. I'll post another video soon when I get the speed up maybe 20% more and I'll make it louder right now it's like 4 am
Day three of the one string challenge! I'm slowly getting better at recording myself, and not messing up quite as much. Still messed up a bit, but am slowly getting better!
An older video from a few months ago but one that I’m proud of :) A beautiful track that The Doors made their own with Jim’s spoken word poetry. I love Robby’s playing on this track and it’s been one of the songs I’ve been using to practice my vibrato more since there’s so much breathing room 😄
Day 2 of the one string challenge. I almost forgot to do this one as some personal shit happened, but I managed to do so nonetheless. I of course messed up some minor parts as again I was very nervous, but am still having fun doing this regardless!
Closing in on a year and a half of playing and having fun, really trying to work on keeping my fret hand closer to the board instead of flying away when I’m ...
So I thought I would take a crack at the one string challenge. I thought it would be a good chance to practice doing some riffs of my own. Now as always I got very nervous so I of course messed up on my own damn riff, but what can ya do. Also this may be of a lesser quality since this isnt edited and is taken off of my phone since my editing computer completely died on me, but I look forward to doing more of this challenge!

Radiant Eclipse

  • Iris Iris
This would normally be played on Beetlejuice but I'm not messing with the tuning. A little bit of the Radiant Eclipse intro.
✝️BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE - Waking The Demon✝️⚠️⚠️⚠️⬇️GEAR USED😃🤘🎸🎸Synyster Gates Autographed Guitar Satin Goldburst Custom S with Sustainiac and Schecte...

Random bullshit

  • Iris Iris
Here's some random bullshit for everyone. Random bullshit counts as practice right? Co-starring a very indifferent dog.