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Been a while cuz Uni has been absolutely killing us mentally but we managed to squeeze this one out! Hope you like it! Any feedback is more than welcome :D
One of my favorite acoustic pieces, been learning it over the last few weeks. Really happy with how it turned out!
Been working on this part some. Didn't get to do all the practice like how I wanted to today. Still need to glance at the tab some for a couple parts. Considering to try the solo eventually the tab says max 22 frets my bad i keep getting the names mixed up
Really wanted to see if I was capable of stripping it back and writing a song based off open chords. It has some nice progressions in there and I'm happy with how it turned out. Think vocals on this one will do it even more justice. Soon I hope.
Got a tad lost off in the middle but still a canny cover 😃thanks for having a look 👀
Still incredibly difficult to get right but hey it’s getting a lot better 😃thanks for having a look ❤️👍
new song 2022

new song 2022

This is a new song I'm in the process of writing. No vocals yet but l am looking for some feedback so far. Idk where to go with it and am looking for some inspiration.
😃😃😃absolutely class riff 😃😃👍
Happy Belated 17th Birthday to City of Evil!!
Just for fun and something a bit different 😂😃enjoy 😃😃
@Liquid Tension Experiment Acid Rian Cover Intro of @JohnPetrucci
This is my first video after the HFMD crisis. LOL..2 weeks ago, I had HFMD on my hands and feet. I'm better now and I have won the bet with my mom. I've nailed this song, so I got my new Avangers shoes.🥳
✝️AVENGED SEVENFOLD --- Hail To The King (FULL COVER)✝️⚠️⚠️⚠️⬇️GEAR USED😃🤘🎸🎸@Schecter Guitar Research Synyster Gates Autographed Guitar Satin Goldburst C...
Still a tricky one to get right 🤦‍♂️
😉 enjoy 😃🙏👍
Did these about a year ago First time I’ve played them in forever but definitely improving Thanks for having a look 😃😃👍
Super sexy riff 😃enjoy 😃