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Ohne Dich Cover

So after taking another break due to mental health and family issues, I am back! And I figured I would come back with a song I have been listening too quite a bit recently, Ohne Dich, by Rammstein. I also wanted to challenge myself on the clean sections so I finger picked the clean sections, which was challenging as I suck at finger picking. Now I still cannot edit videos to save my life, so the video might be a bit choppy, and the audio might not be quite so good, but hey I tried. All in all this was extremely fun to do and was a ncie way to ease back into recording videos :)
Can’t use my hands and feet at the same time apparently but I’m happy with the progress I’ve made over the year.
This is my band 'Chris Greig & The Merchants' new single 'Wish You Were Here' It was written when we were all feeling lonely during Lockdown. Enjoy!
Improv over Django's castle
An arrangement of Django's Castle for solo guitar
Quick short The stage beginning of the solo 😁👍


improv over my jam tuned down a full step i think its mostly pentatonic started losing focus halfway if anyone has ideas i can add to my playing, thanks! right now i think i should try to work in arpeggios like get the right timing in the change probably start leaving my tremelo bar on as well so i can add some of that too learned the harmonic thing from last time, i should practice it more
Shepherd of Fire Solo

Shepherd of Fire Solo

I love this song, and I love the solo even more! I made this video with two of my favorite things: Guitar and Halloween!


i made another beat, it's 16 bars, really happy how the base turned out
I figured I'd learn through the fire and the flames. I very quickly realized that learning it note for not didn't interest me so much so there's quite a bunch of bluffing going on
My cover of the solo on Sleep Token's new album!

jam along

song: cults - always forever I did this jam along with this new song I found. I tried to think about motifs, staying around one area, getting the notes from the same scale even though it may be in the wrong key and some embellishments. It's mostly pentatonic patterns ( I think ) I may have tried to do some slight position changes with the Major scale and possibly tried to add in some blues scale notes. The Major scale patterns were I guess a kind of an outline for my note choices. I think I could have done better with making motifs and playing more with the song. Was my 3rd playthrough improv

Not Over Yet

Here is a demo of a song my band and I wrote. It is heavily inspired by Not Ready To Die by Avenged Sevenfold (my favourite song).
Clairvoyant Disease Solo
I made this a little while ago but never got around to posting it to here! All parts are played by me and there is no back track whatsoever!


I wrote this song about 6 months ago, had the chords and was practicing inside picking, that's how the first riff came to be. The second riff is the same chords but all down strokes and the bass and drums was trying to fill space. The lyrics I wrote in about 30 minutes, made myself write, I have a hard time keeping on subject and it was a challenge to myself trying to focus. It's about a travelling musician with a motorcycle, I tried not to use the same words and not use profanity and such so I think it's neutral overall. Some words I wanted to change hearing it back, I also messed up the recording and didn't redo it, the vocals shifted towards the right. Was hesitant to share, the vocals recorded a couple months ago so I wouldn' forget
Posting this in my media as well now that the contest is over to go back to this in the future and see if I'll progress. Also, I had fun and I'm proud I got to create something of mine so I want it in my medias 😂 Suggestions are always much appreciated!! Have a good day/night synners 💖

room 335

I learned some Larry Carlton, my mind went somewhere else on part of it so I sorta bluffed some bits 😅