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Capabylyties (Full Album)

*(Click the 3 Lines on Top Right to view the Full Album)* This is an instrumental Trapcore Album I dropped today!!! Releasing a “vocalized” version in the future with friends, I hope all you Synners enjoy✨ And thank you Syn, for always being my #1 Inspiration. You keep me going, and I’ll always have love and respect for you❤️‍🔥 “Show everyone what you’re capable of” - My Close Friend, Ryan
Hey guys! Check out my Chapter Four cover!
Hope you enjoy it. Oh and I also meant to say today is my E Aeolian day. An idea for the future...I will probably do the modes correctly, Circle of Fifths and each day do a mode of the major scale with the note of the Circle of the week, but each day keep the root the same and changing the scale each day, over the drone of the note. Just an idea, but first I want to finish going through the circle.
Still messy and very slow. The second part of this song is similar with 1st seconds of syn's solo nobody. But then I don't know. LOL.
Felt like working on this today due to all of the news!!!!
Nobody by Avenged Sevenfold guitar cover
"After 7 Years of an eternal wait @[86416:@avengedsevenfold] is back with a banger of song called Nobody . Here’s a short snippet of it .Hope you guys like it
Attempt Level 6
Learned some slash chords, and Bass Runs. Super fun.
Years ago @[94024:@JakAngelescu] told me to work on my Vibrato...and theese are the results.
Jamming on my favorite guitar shop, finally I play on Syn custom, although it's not mine. It's way bigger than I thought. But I feel more handsome on it. LOL.
A Ray of Light - Return
Long time no see, Synners! I'm returning with a special song. HOWEVER, it comes with a challenge. I'm going to finish learning this song in a week and play it fully through. I know I can do it. And so can YOU. My challenge for each of YOU, is to learn a song within a week. It doesn't matter what level you are: beginner, intermediate, or expert. Whatever you consider yourself. Th catch is: if you make a mistake, leave it in. I'm not expecting perfect. I want raw and unedited. As always, I still have trouble with certain parts in this video, but they're left in to encourage others and show what I want.
Bohemian Rhapsody Solo Cover
Tried to get Brian's tone through my digital pedalboard Boss GT1m If you like it, leave it a ❤️ & share to all Queen's fans you know Follow me in insta: @fe.aguirre
This is not a cover, but anyone who likes Van Halen will love this edit.


took me a coulpe hours maybe gonna add more to it, and fix the end
Buried Alive Intro

Buried Alive Intro

I tried to get as closer as I could to the original studio tone. Think it's a good aproach but would like you to tell me how you find it👌🏻👌🏻
It took 4 months to finally get a hang of this beautiful solo! So much respect for A7X, Synner lessons and this community <3
All rights of this song belong to Avenged SevenfoldGEAR: Schecter Omen Extreme 6Fender Champion 100
Frank Sinatra once said this was one of the best love songs ever written and I couldn't agree more.
I found an old video from 2020 and here's why musicians didn't find the covid19 quarantine boring.
Hello guys, this a portuguese song I tried to do a version. Hope you like it :)

unholy confessions

trying to play the main riff in E standard, probably going to try this one tomorrow again with my guitar plugged in. going to try seize the day, like play it another way than how i can already
the first one in open position i figured out a few ago, so its more fluent, reminds some of a dr dre song too. a problem playing it is the hammer on from nowhere cancels the ring of the open string too early sometimes towards the end of it before the slide back. i already knew how the sound went from another tab but am able to move it around more now


did the first two chords by accident, turned the camera on, worked it out some. i dont know the chords names, was starting to practice a 4 note Dm arpeggio and mind wandered. tried to add it in