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Thursday Jammy 2022

found drum loops on Youtube to record over, this one is pretty cool
Bat Country Solo Cover
Here is my cover of Bat Country, one of my favourite solos from CoE. The drugged out bends/taps/vibratos make me wanna step on a lego Have a nice day everbody!


This is an original song I wrote in my band Noble Road
Here’s a little acoustic cover I did of The Tragic Truth🤘
The RedBull kicked in so I used the moment... Sweep picking, tapping, legato... a small part from Jacky Vincent's Run, Don't Look Back, that one day hopefully I will play clean : D
Taking Out The Trash

Taking Out The Trash

Stream Taking Out The Trash by WasteFumeOfficial on desktop and mobile. Play over 265 million tracks for free on SoundCloud.
my 3rd attempt at a more professional video Audio recorded through wave pad and video edited with video pad Hope you all enjoy and thanks for looking Tyson
An attempt at the song Angels by Avenged Sevenfold I know it’s a bit disappointing but I focused mostly on learning the outro solo as it is a beast and couldn’t find many covers including it
It's me 4 days ago, my third day practicing this song. Still awful, sloppy, out of tune and tempo sometime. Mom made a bet with me, she will buy me new Avenger shoes if I can play Scream full song. LOL But now I have Hand Mouth Foot Disease (HMFD) blisters in all of my hands and feet. 😑 So not gonna play this song for few days until better. Took longer for the shoes I guess.😂
Thanks so much for looking Hope you all enjoyed my cover Please help support me and my channel I’d really appreciate itTyson


some ideas i had and did some practice with my phone app. edited some of the guitar parts out cause kind of got stuck. its a rough draft and maybe loud not sure
Better. Still meh. But better. I also have the heaviest foot in the world apparently lol sorry
So I was gonna upload Pt 2 of the Turtle Crusher song from my last vid but then Leeds Utd got a great result in their game last night and stayed up in the Premier League, so I had to record this on the new axe. No shame - It took 30+ attempts to get this video down LOL. And yes, it needs more work. Lemme know what you think! MOT!
Thank you for the kind comments on our work so far. Tell me what you think of our new release!
machine gun kelly bloody valentine guitar covermy first attempt at a studio quailty sounding videohope you all enjoy and please dont forget to like and subsc...
A homework from my teacher. Playing with some delays. This is some attempt to complete the song. A very looonngg song for me. Still missing some parts plus bit sloppy. Still working on the speed. Recorded straight from the phone.
Hey I just recreated the solo! Enjoy, much love <3