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Hi guys! Here’s a riff I made using the Archetype Gojira plug in by Neural DSP, enjoy!
Trying to learn how to layer stuff
Hi all! Been a wild couple of months but here is my band's newest track, hope you guys enjoy it and thank you very much for checking it out!
Hi, here’s a nasty riff from Rabea Massaad I’ve covered!


Riff idea in drop B
All of the original guitar parts have been removed and redone by me.
This is the new single of my band!! Hope you like it🔥🔥
Graduated level 5
Learned some Best Strum + scratch, Ballard Strum, Palm mute with bass strum, syncopated 16th notes.
Graduated Level 4
Learned mini f barred chords, and country G chords.
Gradated Level 3 in my guitar workshop
Learned some palm muting, bass strums, scratches, 16th notes, Ballard strum. Rhythmic Command
Warmness on the Soul Solo Cover
I just love this song & the solo. Tried to get as close as I could to the original tone. Hope u enjoy it Synners 🤟🏼 Hope Syn gets to watch this. Greetings to all of you from Argentina
I had so much fun learning this tune. I´ve been taking classes for six months now and I´m making a lot of progress. One day I´ll upload a video improvising so you can see my improovement. Enjoy the video :)
This is my lesson progress for my teacher, and got rejected by him. Lol😆 Still have to practice in the same speed, still not passed the test. I'll post my progress for this song.💪
Scratch Teaser

Scratch Teaser

ᕙ(𝕽𝖞𝖒𝖞𝖉𝖞)ᕗ (@xrymydy) on Instagram: "Follow if you like what you hear!!😈❤️‍🔥 Yes, I am very tired. Insomnia is no joke😅✨ #trapcore #beats #duet #rap #fyp #staysick #schecter #synner #metal #a7x Hoodie is from @staysickthreads 🔥🔥"
Hey guys! Here's my new single's guitar playthrough, let me know what you think of it!
St. James solo

St. James solo

My go on St. James solo. How’d I do Synners? Any critiques?

Pantera Jacket Storey

I hope this doesn't go against rules on posting . i just thought people her may find this interesting and possibly even help learn more about this Jacket . This video is aimed at hopefully finding out some more info and background to a Pantera jacket that i have had for around 20 years. Has an interesting sto...
Hey guys, this is my weekend jamming. We're having so much fun.🥳🥳