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Random bullshit

  • Iris Iris
Here's some random bullshit for everyone. Random bullshit counts as practice right? Co-starring a very indifferent dog.
Eye of the storm

Eye of the storm

Probably one of my favorite riffs from bfmv i think i'm gonna try to learn the song fully
Just a quick progress check, nothing overly special. I've spent the last 3 days working on learning the different positions of the C Major Scale, as well as working more on my connected Am pentatonic, and finally learning "Graze the Roof" from the Plants vs Zombies soundtrack ( - Track if anyone wants a reference). Things are messy, I'm working on tidying things up once I've got all positions down. After this though, not too sure what to move onto, as there's a lot of options. Caged? Other scales? Techniques? Fretboard learning? Not sure which would be most beneficial for me right now + what will keep me most motivated, so I'd love to hear your thoughts. Cheers all!

Trashed And Scattered

Check out my latest cover of A7X here !
Guitar Solo #1 Cover
Last, but not least... It did take like 8 days in the end, not 6, but anyway. What did I learn from this challenge? I would say, putting artificial restricitions like that made me appreciate more what luxury we have, being able to play multiple strings, haha. One thing that I will keep in mind: Improvise more often to just drum tracks, both rhythm and lead, without any guitar or bass already on the track. Having a strong rhythm as a foundation is actually more liberating than being stuck with a given chord progression. That being said, here is my last contribution to this challenge, gg. Might do this again some time.
After improvising yesterday on this backing track...The final melody hit my I tweaked if a bit and fooled around.

LiThiUM : Nirvana

My Cover to the song Lithium by Nirvana


song 6 and part 1 of a 2 part story. refer to comments for explantion.
Already failed the 6 days part, but oh well. Here is riff 5 on the B string, enjoy!

Troubadour by George Strait

  • Iris Iris
Yes. That's a DIY capo. I couldn't find my real one. I like to play along at speed sometimes as a benchmark to see how close I am to getting a song down. So there are a few mistakes.
This backing track has 2 Dominant 7th me butcher those Diminished scales run!

Double Neck A7X Riffs

  • A.C. A.C.
Shepherd of Fire & Nightmare main riffs utilizing both necks just for fun
My best recording of these 6 days xD
I freaking did it! I almost forgot, and I was about to get ready for bed but remembered I hadn't done the high E string yet. This isn't my favorite of the things I've played this week; the more I listen to it, the more it just sounds like a complicated 'Twinkle Twinkle Little Star', but at the same time it felt like the conclusion to something, so... fitting, I guess! Thank you for bringing this challenge back around, Dominik!! This was such a great exercise!
First time using the guitar plugged on PC, couldn't be any happier


song 5 on my next set of songs. This one stays on the blues side in a couple ways. explanation in comments.

New Guitar Day!

Finally I got a new guitar!