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Some cool guitar stuff

Some cool guitar stuff

Track I made in F#m for fun yesterday, most of what I do here comes from the seven guitar scale positions lesson.
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I learned joacho Stephan's arrangement of Nuages. Here my own rendition of his arrangement. I mess up somewhere towards the end but didn't feel like going again 😅
as always feel free to leave criticism and feedback. Felt like rolling off the gain for todays practice and learn some of the clean solos and parts ive always enjoyed
Hey! Sosyal medya adreslerimi aşağıdan takip edebilirsiniz!.Instagram : coverlarımla twitchte birlikte olalım!https://...


hey these are some arpeggios practice trying to keep my arm going its weak right now and slow, real sorry for the rant im embarrased but i needed to vent please excuse me i'll be okay again my left side got dmg like the right before took me a year to fix and got better with music, ive been drawing and trying to rhyme and just talk outloud some of its pretty cool and other stuff is offensive i got a big mouth people dont like that i understand just often get hasstled gonna try to sleep again havent been able nor take care of my self last few days, ill be k when i wake again. i had some cool stuff but didn't record it maybe tomorrow, my concussion makes me not able to think good so not listen or talk so good sorry missing everyones stuff just some stuff going on with me
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hey guys! Peter Aquino here, let me share with you this little Avenged Sevenfold cover, is a tribute for the Mexican Independence Day! Viva México 💕🇲🇽 I hope you really like it 🙏🏼
Hail to the king (intro cover)
Está es una versión muy mía del intro de hail to the king😅 , espero les guste
Sorry for the audio my phone and my guitar are old. Thanks

M.I.A practice

This’s is the most practicing I’ve ever put into a song. And also most proper! Using proper picking technique and such. I also love the buildup in this song right before the solo. I’ll try and post more progress Videos as I go 🤟🏻
Recorded Nov/Dec of 2020 in Olympia WAShout out to everyone who made this possible Cody for making it happen The Lounge and its inhabitantsWriting/mixing cre...
Jamming with A7X 2020 style. I’ve tried to add little play alongs like this to every days practice to improve timing and rhythm, but as you can tell still ha...


0:00-1:37 Inside1:37-3:23 Starting Now3:23-4:49 Subzero4:49-5:54 Dope5:54-7:36 Out at Night Version of instrumental mixes.... As always more coming suun


I decided to sing Belief which strangely isn't the easiest song to do so 😅
If nobody gonna free Britney, I'll just do it myself. PS: Realized the lick near end is very Scream-esque
180% speed, could have added and lessened things and maybe slowed it down some to be more articulate. Also try to keep my elbow in, I don't know what I was doing there.
My Song 50

My Song 50

I made this today, started with the drums then the piano part after I did the guitar and the bass last. Didn't have a plan just I wanted to write it in in the key of A. The drums and piano I tapped on my phone and played the bass and guitar. I'm really happy how it turned out, my hands were getting tired playing bass. What do you guys think? Maybe some ideas to add or things that could be done differently? Almost forgot are the bass notes okay as well?

Bernth - Dopamine

Intro guitar cover. A good tapping exercise that I had to practice. What do you think?👉🏼🎸


i tried to record with the amp and pedal today tried to edit the part out of the clip and missed a part, it's from one of my older ones. was messing and tried something new and tried to go with it
Trying to improve my pinch harmonic consistency.