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I know this may not be the normal vibe around here, but I thought I’d try something different! This is my cover of Playing God by Polyphia. Definitely a new milestone, feels like I had to totally relearn how to play. Hope people enjoy this! Lots of work went into this one 🤘🤘
Original instrumental music piece written by a friend and myself.Equipment:Marshall JVM 210HMarshall 1960 SlantArchetype Gojira PluginSchecter Synyster Custom S
I´ve been taking classes for almost two months now to help me access music school one day and I´m making some progress. This is an excercise my teacher told me to do to get more control over the modes (It´s the doric mode in this case). The thing is to play every doric mode folowing the circle of fourths(just the circle of fifhts but backwards because on a real situation music the most comon armonic movement is a fourth) over It´s seventh chord.
I’m learning a new setlist for a new band I’m in, featuring Kylo the cat. My first time playing guitar while in a band! I’m usually the drummer
Here's a playthrough of my very first original song "He'll Win". Check it out on available streaming platforms here: https://linktr.ee/m2muzic

New videsdgsdgo

I got to do it more but it's hard to record. It's not looped properly, adding the picture made it worse but like a jam track
Hail to the king Solo🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻
I hope you like it guys, I'm using my front camera of my new phone to record!

Hooch - Sum41

Recently I’ve gotten this solo stuck in my head so it has to be learned!
Sat down and wrote/recorded this today.


Had the idea to try using the same chords to make a song but start on different ones so it's different. Gadd9, C , Am , Dm The first two I had worked out so they connected well, the other combinations haven't tried much yet. It's some kind of alternate string skip picking. Was sitting low, couldn't get my feet to go and a bit hungry. Trying to look at the camera and mixing up how I'm playing it some.
An old video of mine, it was last year I did this cover. Truly an amazing solo by Syn!
Hey guys, this is my daily guitar warm up exercise. I do this before my daily lessons, this so good for our hands and fingers. Don't worry, it is not about speed, but it's about fingering and accuracy. If you jump playing in fast speed, you might get muted notes or skipping the notes. I made gp7 tabs and soundslice. Click the link below for guitarpro tabs, or click in youtube description for gp7 tabs or soundslice. I hope you like it. Thanks. Gdrive guitarpro : https://drive.google.com/drive/u/2/folders/1QYSsSRy9QPFqS3dARbVHleEE4e7avKJu Soundslice : https://www.soundslice.com/slices/dVhkc/

first song GUITAR SOLO

This is my first totally original composition that I've taken the time to record. Don't judge my recording skills lol... I'm not very technologically advanced. I really wanted a smooth transition from the riff-based song I had written to a more soulful and melodic guitar solo. So on a whim I decided to try a G major and a halftime feel following the build on an A chord, and it was way smoother than expected. The rest of the solo was mostly feel and just playing over some complex chord structures. If anyone can play it cleaner than I can please feel free lol!
Hi friends, this is my full guitar cover of The Hell Song. I took the track only with drums, bass and vocals and record all guitar part to it. Hope you enjoy!
I made another fanmade song, this one is in Lamb Of God's style. Enjoy guys!
Both the 1st and 2nd solo. So beautiful.

Critical Acclaim Solo Cover

Hey guys! Here's a cover of the Critical Acclaim guitar solo! Hope you'll like it!
Hi everyone I'm back with my first Ghost cover! It's October so I of course had to pick a spooky song, and boy was this one fun! Hope you enjoy and let me kn...
I did all the solos (Intro, Interlude, 1st Solo, 2nd Solo).
Still hanging around A minor pentatonics and last sunday I was practicing it with my grandpa. He is 72 years old. My grandpa gave me my first 3/4 acoustic guitar 2 years ago. I messed up a lot in this video. But I am much better now, I will post my latest progress soon.

Tension (Guitar Solo)

A beautiful solo
clean chords are so obvious when you mess them up :(