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Progress Check 1 - C Maj Scales, Am Pentatonic, Song Progress

Just a quick progress check, nothing overly special. I've spent the last 3 days working on learning the different positions of the C Major Scale, as well as working more on my connected Am pentatonic, and finally learning "Graze the Roof" from the Plants vs Zombies soundtrack ( - Track if anyone wants a reference). Things are messy, I'm working on tidying things up once I've got all positions down.

After this though, not too sure what to move onto, as there's a lot of options. Caged? Other scales? Techniques? Fretboard learning? Not sure which would be most beneficial for me right now + what will keep me most motivated, so I'd love to hear your thoughts. Cheers all!
Maybe try the Caged? I didn't get really into that yet but everyone says it opens up another universe if you get it right 😂😁
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I would suggest spending a little time each day learning the the notes on the fretboard regardless of what else you are learning at the time.

You could also incorporate some technique practice into your scale practice, as an example play through the positions with alternate picking, starting with a downstroke then again starting with an upstroke. You could also practice your 3NPS scales using both alternate and economy picking.

Multi-task wherever you can👍

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