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Return to SGS Lesson 18: Palm Muting!

I'm returning to lesson 18 today to track my progress! Because a lot of you know I really had a struggle with that palm muting. So using Lesson 18 I'm just using a little exercise with open and palm muting. Definitely think it's improved a lot! Besides when I get nervous and overthink it. LOL!
I REALLY loved this! You definitely have improved a ton!! Your rhythm is pretty solid even without a metronome! Great job Rowan!🙌🙌
I have a friend who's learning guitar, and he was also struggling with palm muting and had asked me about it. I think a good tip is to keep your picking hand in place at the bridge of the guitar and learn to apply pressure to the strings to get them to mute, and eventually you'll even learn to do it subtly so you can get different levels of muting. Keeping your hand in place at the bridge is a good idea even if you're not muting, because you want as little movement as possible. Use your wrist to move your hand to strum rather than moving your entire arm. That will also save you time in the long run, and can add to your speed eventually.
That sounds like some super helpful advice! Thank you for sharing this here so me and more beginners can see! :love:

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