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Scream Solo Problem

Hey Everyone, so I'm getting better at this solo, I've just still gotta work on my accuracy. The main problem I'm having right now though is that when I play the 2nd string it sounds pretty weird almost like I'm tapping the fret. I think the issue might be that I'm fretting it too hard so it makes it sound like that. But what do you guys think? I'd love some advice on how to correct this. Thanks!
Sounding great so far! I'd try slowing it right down and fine tuning each individual pick stroke with a click - get your wrist used to moving almost robotically at a slow speed in time with your fretting hand - so the synchronisation is 100% 🤟 I'd also make sure you've got a light grip on your pick - a combination of those two things should help tighten it up 😊 hope this helps!
If you don't get the full sound it's usually either cause you are not hitting the fret properly and more the actual steel fret or that you are not 100% in synch and your picking hand is a tiny bit faster. So I second Chris here. Maybe make a short video where you play it slower so we can see if it sounds better then?
Still, sounding great already! Keep it up!

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